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Want to Become Fluent in Japanese? 6 Stones You Can’t Leave Unturned

how to become fluent in japanese

Japanese fluency demands around 2,200 hours of study time—that’s six years if you study for an hour a day.

There’s no way around it. You need to make Japanese a daily habit.

Otherwise, you won’t be prepared when someone drops …

Japanese Animated Movies: 20 Masterpieces Learners Will Love


Do you love watching movies as much as I do?

It’s one of the best ways to relax after a long day and get sucked into another world.

Japanese books, video games and films are well-known for extravagant world …

50+ Useful Words and Phrases for Daily Life in Japan


You’ve studied hiragana and katakana.

You’ve drilled those tricky grammar rules.

But what if you just want to ask for your check at a restaurant, or get that cute person’s attention at the bar?

Sometimes when we’re studying …

9 Famous Japanese Singers and Groups for Light-speed Learning


How many times a day do you hear music when you’re out and about in Japan?

Convenience store jingles.

The chime before the train door slides shut.

Restaurant music.

Music is a huge part of Japanese life and culture.

This …

14 Reputable Japanese Courses You Can Take Online


So you’ve decided that you want to learn Japanese. Brilliant! You may have just changed your life forever!

The only problem is that if you’re a massive introvert like me, the notion of going out and actually talking to

6 Times When Male and Female Gendered Language Is Used in Japanese


My boss was chatting to one of our Japanese coworkers, when suddenly our coworker started laughing.

“I’m sorry,” she spluttered. “But your Japanese is so girly.”

I had to smother a laugh. My boss is a heavyset, six-foot-two British …

32 Cool Japanese Loanwords We All Use in English


I wrote a haiku about shamisen music while cuddled up in my futon eating teriyaki chicken.

Japanese words are everywhere in the English language, and being able to identify them enlightens you to a base knowledge of Japanese that you …