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Shades of Meaning: 70+ Japanese Color Words and Phrases


Do you ever feel your Japanese is like the first part of that old Claritin ad before the actor takes the antihistamine, the blurriness peels away from the screen and everything is more vivid and colorful?

Or maybe, when you …

The 12 Best Blogs in Japanese About Travel, Food, Culture and Lifestyle


Sugar, spice and everything nice.

That’s what Japanese lifestyle blogs are made of.

Well, that plus mouthwatering food photography, street fashion inspiration, recipes for lovely culinary creations, offbeat home decorations, cool gadgets and DIY everything.

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Ready for Takeoff? 129 Japanese Travel Phrases to Study on Your Flight to Tokyo


Japan is a gorgeous country inhabited by helpful and friendly people.

But if you don’t know Japanese, you might want to learn some before you visit it.

On my first visit to Japan, I’d been studying the language for …

19 Fun and Bizarre Japanese Idioms to Try On for Size


The cat’s out of the bag.

I spilled the beans.

And now here I am with my foot in my mouth.

And it tastes like…foot.

Once upon a time, while tutoring a fellow high school student in Japanese …

150 Delicious Japanese Vocabulary Words About Food and Cooking


I was 17 when I started baking, and 21 when I started baking successfully. 

Until then, I was just setting off smoke alarms.

The first two times I attempted croissants, I set off the smoke detector and filled the …

It’s Imperative That You Learn These 10 Ways to Form Japanese Commands


“Don’t touch my mustache!” I just had it waxed.

Sorry, was I too blunt? Let me try again: “Don’t touch my mustache, jerk.”

Or, perhaps something more polite is in order: “Please, sir, kindly refrain from touching my …

Sound Solutions to 3 Common Problems We All Have with Advanced Japanese Sentences

mad hatter

You’re now a member of the Advanced Learners Club. Welcome.

We’re all mad as hatters here.

Mostly because we were told there would be an open bar, and yet here we are paying $8 for a bottle of beer.

But …