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Japan Study Abroad: 10 Tips to Prepare and Experience a Stress-free Trip


Studying abroad in Japan can be an amazing, life-changing experience.

But it can also be daunting. How do you get ready? What steps do you need to take? Did you pack everything you will need!?

You can keep questions like …

6 Places to Find Japanese Tutors Online for Custom Classes


It can be hard to figure out what you do not know.

It is even harder when you are learning a new language.

Did you pronounce that word right? Did you ask for directions to the bathroom correctly? Are you …

Anime for Japanese Learners: 6 Sites to Watch Authentic Shows with Subtitles


Learning Japanese with anime sounds a little bit crazy.

I mean, you’re watching TV.

It seems way too easy to be studying!

But if you’re leaving TV and movies out of your learning regimen, you’re actually missing out.…

The Smart Saver’s Guide to Learning Japanese with MOOCs


DIY is the thing right now.

IKEA hacks. Brew-your-own-beer kits. At-home Japanese learning.

It’s everywhere!

But if you’ve ever tried to put together a trendy hanging bookshelf that immediately fell apart, you know that a little structure and direction can …

Bookmark These 4 Free Japanese E-book Sites and You’ll Always Have a Book by Your Side


There are two feelings that can make almost any human being happy.

The first is curling up with a cup of tea and a good book on a cozy weekend afternoon.

The second is getting free stuff.

Want to combine …

Is It Hot in Here, Or Is It Just This Post About Japanese Pick-up Lines?


You’ve met someone.

You get butterflies in your stomach when you see them, and you just can’t seem to keep that smile off of your face.

You’re in love!

Maybe you’ve met while gaming with them, or you’ve bonded …

8 Audio Resources for an Earful of Japanese Learning


Want to get your audio on?

Ready to hear real Japanese in conversation?

Looking for some gripping Japanese audiobooks?

Just need to hear a word pronounced correctly?

Come one, come all! We’ve got Japanese leaning audio resources for …