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Japanese Lessons from the Crypt: 13 Scary Stories That Teach Language and Culture

japanese scary stories

If you met Japan’s Slit-Mouthed Woman in a dark Tokyo alley, would you know what to do?

This ghost gives you no choice: Learn the correct Japanese answer to her odd question or die.

Japanese mythology is full of things

Spooktacular Japanese Words and Phrases for Talking About Halloween in Japan

japanese halloween

Japan knows its way around a spine-tingling ghost story, but it always seems to let down Halloween fanatics from abroad.

You know, the ones who die for costumes, fake blood, mini candy bars, ghost stories and haunted houses.

Well, …

Japanese Cheat Sheet for Travelers: Essential Vocab and Phrases to Use in Japan

japanese for travelers

Many of us have luggage checklists when we travel, but what about a language checklist?

Travel is always an adventure, but making it a positive language learning experience as you navigate and use your new language skills requires planning, …