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Mind Your Manners! The Polite Learner’s Guide to Japanese Keigo

japanese keigo

If you have studied Japanese for just one day, then you know there’s a polite way and a colloquial way to say almost everything.

You know how to use plain form and polite form verbs depending on the situation.

But …

Prepare Yourself: Choose One of These 3 Best JLPT Textbooks and Get Started Studying!

jlpt textbooks

Last year, only 42% of people who took the JLPT passed it.

Will you be prepared this year? Maybe you’re waiting until next year?

The numbers sound a little intimidating, but you can ensure your JLPT success if you …

Cool City, Cooler Language: 8 Key Characteristics of Kyoto Dialect to Give Your Japanese a Twist

kyoto dialect

Are you planning a trip to Kyoto and want to speak just like the locals—or at least understand them?

Or do you want to understand a favorite drama that’s set in Kyoto?

Perhaps you finally have the basics mastered and …

A Simple Way to Perfect Your Japanese Accent

japanese accent

Do you just sound too darn foreign?

Japanese pronunciation is deceptively simple.

So much so that it’s often neglected and forgotten—until it’s too late.

You’ve mastered all the necessary survival phrases in Japanese.

You figured out how to