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14 Japanese Slang Phrases That Will Make You Sound Badass

sound like a cool kid with these badass japanese slang phrases

Do you find yourself stumbling over Japanese particles?

Then you probably spend way too much time agonizing over humble and polite form usage, too.

Man, c’mon—don’t you want to just let loose, relax and really have fun with …

5 Ways to Stop Running Away From Japanese Conversations

learn japanese conversation practice

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re sitting and enjoying a bowl of ramen, when some guy starts speaking to you in Japanese.

Nervous, you set down your bowl and break into a run.

It’s totally natural to

How to Level Up Your Japanese By Mastering the Particles Ga and Wa

wa and ga two most important japanese particles

Fed up with unclear explanations of Japanese grammar?

Too often we are taught to accept grammar rules blindly, without understanding how they work.

Invariably, someone will tell you that は (wa) is the topic marker and が (…

How to Teach Yourself Japanese: The Beginner’s Guide

teach-japanese quick review

Stuck in a rut with your Japanese?

Be honest, it’s all right. We’re about to get you unstuck and back on track.

The time has come for you to take charge of your own learning experience.

How awesome would it

8 Basic Japanese Phrases: A Survival Guide for the Newcomer

8-basic-japanese phrases survival guide newcomer

Traveling Japan without knowing Japanese is not for the faint of heart.

It is challenging to navigate Japan without at least knowing some basic survival phrases.

Street names are written in incomprehensible squiggles.

You don’t know the name of …