8 Best Italian Translator Apps

You never know when you’ll need a translator app.

Maybe you’re finally on that dream trip to Italy and discover you don’t speak as much Italian as you thought. Or you’re learning online and just want to check how to say words and phrases as they pop into your head.

Either way, an Italian translator app can really come in handy.

Let’s check out the eight best Italian translator apps, which we’ve fully reviewed here so you don’t have to.


1. Italian English Dictionary

iOS | Android

Italian English Dictionary App logo

The Italian English Dictionary app, available for Apple devices, boasts an extensive range of features. With over 278,000 entries, it surpasses many translation apps in content. It guarantees assistance in translating between Italian and English in various scenarios. Notably, it includes audio files for correct pronunciation, aiding learners in spoken communication and language studies.

Moreover, the app presents vital Italian phrases categorized into 18 groups. This feature proves invaluable for on-the-go practice, offering accessible and organized language revisions. Noteworthy is the inclusion of a verb conjugator tool, facilitating the usage of Italian verbs in all tenses. This comprehensive app is an excellent tool for learning and improving Italian language skills.

2. iTranslate

iOS | Android


iTranslate is ideal for Italian learners, though the app actually covers 90 languages, helping out non-English speakers, too. You can translate between Italian and your preferred language, useful for bilingual learners. It supports simultaneous Italian and another language study.

It enables both typing and voice-based translation through voice recognition. Offline functionality ensures translations without internet. Beyond literal translations, the app provides synonyms for precision and Italian verb conjugations, aiding tense accuracy.

3. WordReference

iOS | Android


WordReference, accessible on Google Play Store and Apple devices, is a great resource for language learners. Despite its multilingual range, Italian translation remains robust. While lacking audio, it compensates with comprehensive dictionary features.

The app presents written pronunciation guides for Italian translations. Its dictionary provides multiple definitions, idiomatic and phrasal meanings for each translation. Literal and figurative interpretations enrich learning.

The verb conjugation tool covers every Italian verb and tense. Moreover, dictionary entries link to WordReference forums for additional insights. WordReference offers unmatched dictionary, conjugation and forum resources, making it a prime asset for language learners.

4. Google Translate

iOS | Android

Google Translate app logo

Google Translate proves an invaluable aid for Italian language exploration. Available as a web tool and mobile app, its versatility is impressive. Its Italian translation accuracy is generally solid, making it useful for quick reference or comprehension assistance.

The app handles a wide range of contexts, from everyday conversations to more technical content. While idiomatic expressions can sometimes pose a challenge, the app’s extensive vocabulary and phrase offerings help bridge this gap. The voice input feature supports pronunciation practice.

Real-time camera translation is a standout feature, aiding with signs, menus, and printed text. However, relying solely on machine translation for complex tasks or formal documents may require caution. Despite its occasional limitations, Google Translate remains an accessible and powerful tool for Italian language learners and enthusiasts.

5. SayHi Translate

iOS | Android

SayHi Translator app logo

SayHi Translate stands out as a remarkable Italian translation app, fostering seamless cross-lingual communication. With its user-friendly interface, it serves as an excellent tool for travelers, language learners and global interactions.

The app’s Italian translation accuracy is impressive, providing instant conversions of spoken language. It covers a wide array of contexts, from casual conversations to more formal interactions. The real-time translation feature enables dynamic communication between speakers of different languages.

SayHi Translate’s simplicity enhances its usability, while its voice recognition technology ensures accurate pronunciation. Although it excels in general translations, intricate nuances and idiomatic expressions might occasionally be challenging.

6. Papago

iOS | Android

Papago app logo

Papago is an exceptional Italian translation app that caters to diverse language needs. Its intuitive design and extensive language support make it an essential tool for global communication and language enthusiasts.

The app’s Italian translation accuracy is praiseworthy, encompassing various conversational contexts and vocabulary. Its real-time translation feature allows fluid interaction between languages, catering to both travelers and language learners.

Papago’s standout feature lies in its ability to translate text from images, an invaluable asset for translating signs, menus, and printed materials. While its general proficiency is commendable, users might encounter occasional challenges with complex sentences and idiomatic expressions.

Overall, Papago shines as a versatile language companion, bridging linguistic gaps with precision and ease. Its multifaceted capabilities make it a must-have for those seeking reliable Italian translation solutions.

7. Reverso

iOS | Android

Reverso app logo

Reverso is a powerful Italian translation app, and it’s very smartly designed. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it an invaluable companion for both language learners and seasoned speakers.

The app’s Italian translation accuracy is commendable, offering precise conversions across diverse contexts. It excels in providing idiomatic expressions and nuanced meanings, enhancing language comprehension.

Reverso’s standout feature lies in its context-based translation, allowing users to understand words in their proper linguistic environment. The app’s extensive database covers multiple languages, enriching its vocabulary range and utility.

While its general proficiency is praiseworthy, occasional discrepancies might occur with more complex sentences. Overall, Reverso’s meticulous attention to detail and focus on contextual understanding make it an indispensable tool for those seeking comprehensive Italian translation capabilities.

8. Dictionary Linguee

iOS | Android

Linguee app logo

Dictionary Linguee is an exceptional Italian translation app that prioritizes context and accuracy. With its unique approach, it provides users with real-world examples, enabling a deeper understanding of language nuances.

The app’s Italian translation accuracy is commendable, offering a vast collection of sentences and phrases from authentic sources. This sets it apart as a valuable resource for language learners and professionals seeking precise translations.

Dictionary Linguee’s contextual focus enhances its usability, allowing users to grasp the meaning and usage of words within sentences. Its intuitive interface and offline access ensure convenience and seamless usage.

While its strength lies in contextual translations, it may occasionally lack the breadth of certain specialized terms. Overall, Dictionary Linguee’s commitment to authentic usage and meaningful translations makes it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to master Italian language intricacies.


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