52 Ways to Say “Beautiful” and “You’re Beautiful” in German

There are so many things we can describe as beautiful in the world. 

So high time you added some German adjectives to your vocabulary to talk about die Schönheit (beauty)!

In this post, we’ll go over 28 different ways to say “beautiful” in German along with 24 ways to say “You’re beautiful.”

With these new words and phrases, you’ll be able to compliment and appreciate beauty like a native speaker!


How to Say “Beautiful” in German



The most basic word for “beautiful” in German is schön:

Der Park ist im Frühling schön. (The park is beautiful in spring.)

This word could also be translated as just “pretty” or “cute,” and we often use the next word to describe true beauty. Schön is definitely a positive word, but it’s not over the top so you can use it in a variety of situations. 

Remember that when the adjective comes before the noun it modifies, you must adjust its ending according to the gender, number and case of the noun. For example:

Das ist eine schöne Blume. That's a beautiful flower.
Sie trägt ein schönes Kleid. She's wearing a beautiful dress.
Er hat einen schönen Garten. He has a beautiful garden.
Es war ein schöner Tag. It was a beautiful day.

We also use schön to mean “nice,” “well” and “fine,” among other things.


Wunderschön is a stronger version of the word schön. We could also translate it as “gorgeous” or “wonderfully beautiful.”

Die Aussicht ist wunderschön. (The view is beautiful.)

This word usually carries more emotion than just schön. We use it with romantic partners, to express gratitude for a present we really like and in other situations that call for something stronger than schön.

If you really want to compliment someone, wunderschön is the way to go. It also gains an ending when placed before the noun it describes:

Das sind wunderschöne Ringe. Those are beautiful rings.
Sie hat ein wunderschönes Lächeln. She has a wonderful smile.
Er hat mir wunderschönen Schmuck geschenkt. He gave me beautiful jewelry.
Es war ein wunderschöner Sonnenuntergang. It was a beautiful sunset.

Here’s another example (click on the video thumbnail to watch the clip with FluentU’s interactive subtitles):

Die Altstadt ist zu jeder Jahreszeit wunderschön.

The old town is beautiful in every season.

More German Words for “Beautiful”


If you want to go beyond schön and wunderschön to speak even more descriptively, you can add some additional adjectives to your vocabulary.

I’ve compiled a list of 26 other ways to describe beautiful or pleasing people, places and things:

atemberaubend breathtaking Die Aussicht von diesem Berggipfel ist atemberaubend. (The view from this mountain peak is breathtaking.)
ansehnlich handsome (for males) / good-looking Er ist ein sehr ansehnlicher Mann.
(He's a very handsome man.)
gutaussehend handsome / good-looking Mein Freund ist nicht nur klug, sondern auch sehr gutaussehend. (My boyfriend is not only smart but also very good-looking.)
attraktiv attractive Ihre Ausstrahlung macht sie sehr attraktiv. (Her charisma makes her very attractive.)
bezaubernd bewitching Ihr Lächeln ist einfach bezaubernd. (Her smile is simply bewitching.)
edel noble Das Schloss hat eine edle Atmosphäre. (The castle has a noble atmosphere.)
elegant smart / elegant Sie trägt immer elegante Kleider. (She always wears elegant dresses.)
entzückend delightful Die kleinen Kätzchen sind entzückend. (The little kittens are delightful.)
vorzüglich exquisite Das Essen in diesem Restaurant ist vorzüglich. (The food in this restaurant is exquisite.)
glamourös glamorous Die Filmstars sahen auf dem roten Teppich glamourös aus. (The movie stars looked glamorous on the red carpet.)
herrlich splendid Das Feuerwerk am Silvesterabend war einfach herrlich. (The fireworks on New Year's Eve were simply splendid.)
hübsch pretty / cute / nice Das kleine Mädchen in seinem bunten Kleid sieht sehr hübsch aus. (The little girl in her colorful dress looks very pretty.)
niedlich cute Die Kinder tragen niedliche Kostüme zum Halloween-Fest. (The children wear cute costumes for the Halloween party.)
süß sweet Das Baby sieht so süß aus, wenn es schläft. (The baby looks so sweet when it's sleeping.)
lieblich sweet / lovely Die Blumenwiese hat einen lieblichen Duft. (The flower meadow has a sweet, lovely fragrance.)
prächtig magnificent / gorgeous Der Palast hat eine prächtige Architektur. (The palace has magnificent architecture.)
reizend charming Seine Erzählungen über die Reisen waren immer reizend. (His stories about travels were always charming.)
schick stylish Sie war immer schick gekleidet. (She was always stylishly dressed.)
strahlend radiant Die Sonne schien, und ihr Lächeln war strahlend. (The sun was shining, and her smile was radiant.)
zauberhaft enchanting Der Märchenwald hat eine zauberhafte Atmosphäre. (The fairy-tale forest has an enchanting atmosphere.)
zierlich graceful Ihre Bewegungen auf der Bühne waren zierlich und elegant. (Her movements on stage were graceful and elegant.)
bildschön strikingly beautiful / picture-perfect Sie sah bei ihrer Hochzeit bildschön aus. (She looked radiantly beautiful on her wedding day.)
unglaublich incredible Sie hat eine unglaubliche Geschichte erzählt. (She told an incredible story.)
blendend stunning / dazzling Sie sah in ihrem Abendkleid blendend aus. (She looked stunning in her evening gown.)
hinreißend ravishing / gorgeous / adorable Das Model sah bei der Modenschau einfach hinreißend aus. (The model looked simply ravishing at the fashion show.)
kostbar precious Die antiken Juwelen in diesem Museum sind äußerst kostbar. (The ancient jewels in this museum are extremely precious.)

How to Say “You’re Beautiful” in German


If you have a special someone who speaks German or you just want to compliment a German speaker on their appearance, there are many ways to do it.

The most straightforward way is to say “You’re beautiful” or “You look beautiful” using one of the two adjectives we learned at the beginning of this post:

Du bist schön. (You’re beautiful.)

Du siehst schön aus. (You look beautiful.)

In both of these sentences, you can replace schön with wunderschön to add more emphasis to your compliment. Note that these are in the informal singular form using du

Here are some more ways you can make someone feel good about their appearance: 

Du bist sehr hübsch. You're really pretty.
Du siehst zauberhaft aus. You look enchanting.
Du bist bezaubernd. You're charming.
Du strahlst Schönheit aus. You radiate beauty.
Du bist hinreißend. You're stunning.
Du bist entzückend. You're delightful.
Du bist umwerfend. You're breathtaking.
Deine Schönheit ist atemberaubend. Your beauty is breathtaking.
Du bist eine schöne Frau. You're a beautiful woman.
Du bist ein schöner Mann. You're a handsome man.
Du bist eine wunderschöne Person. You're a beautiful person.
Du bist schön wie ein Engel. You're beautiful like an angel.
Du bist eine Augenweide. You're a sight for sore eyes.
Du siehst bezaubernd aus. You look enchanting.
Du bist bildschön. You're stunningly beautiful.
Du strahlst Eleganz aus. You radiate elegance.
Du bist entzückend. You're charming.
Du bist herrlich anzusehen. You're wonderfully attractive.
Du siehst blendend aus. You look dazzling.
Du bist eine Schönheit. You're a beauty.
Du bist begehrenswert. You're desirable.
Du bist eine wahre Perle. You're a true pearl.

While German isn’t exactly known as being a romantic language, I find that my German friends never mind a nice compliment! 

How to Practice Saying “Beautiful” in German

With all the different endings for adjectives, it can be a challenge to learn how to say words like “beautiful” in German. To get more practice, you can consume authentic German content like movies and TV shows.

I also find that using flashcards is a simple, effective way to memorize new vocabulary, and having a good flashcard app on your phone makes it easy to practice during those gaps of free time during your day, like when you’re on the bus or waiting for a doctor’s appointment. 

For more learner support, you can use a language program like FluentU which utilizes interactive subtitles.

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With all the German words and phrases we’ve just gone over, you can easily add some beauty to your conversations. 

For even more vocabulary on the theme of beauty, check out these 100+ beautiful German words next!

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