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Brain Power: How to Speak German Fluently with 8 Brainy Strategies


Dying to know how to speak German fluently?

You just need to get to know your brain.

Once you know your brain inside and out, you’ll be able to study and practice the right way.

Then, and only …

62 Delicious Words to Master German Food Vocabulary


Eating is about much more than simple nourishment.

Anyone who’s gobbled a smoky, spicy wurst (sausage) straight from a Berlin food stand knows.

It’s about comfort, flavor, traditions and culture.

It’s something that connects us to friends, family or the …

The Art of Persuasion: 24 Expressive German Essay Phrases to Make Your Point


We need to talk about your German essays.

Do they lack that certain flair?

Are you struggling to find the right words to express yourself the way you’d like to?

Are you feeling like you just aren’t getting …

26 Austrian German Phrases and Slang for Speaking Like a Local


Sometimes we Austrians tease our German friends by asking them to say Oachkatzlschwoaf

And then burst out laughing at their attempts to pronounce it.

This word means “squirrel tail” and Germans would call it Eichkätzchenschwanz.

Austrians have their …

Helpful German Words and Phrases That Make You Sound Superpolite


Navigating the world of etiquette is difficult enough in our own native language.

Our parents’ and teachers’ voices ring in our heads, “Shake hands!” “Always look a person in the eye!” “Smile!”

Little did we know, this is a set …

Live the German Life and Study German in Germany!


What are the advantages of studying a foreign language in a country where it’s spoken every day?

The key is that you don’t just study it, you also get to practice it in real-life situations. You gain an insight …