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Top 10 Must-know German Verbs to Describe Your Daily Routine


What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Maybe you brush your teeth, put on the coffee or check the news.

Whatever it is, could you describe it in German?

There are a ton of …

No Need to Be Nervous: German Separable Verbs and How They Work


Do you suffer from separation anxiety?

I’m not talking about anxiety related to leaving your family, but rather anxiety related to German separable verbs.

There are many wonderful things about the German language, but separable verbs cause lots of

2 Practical Formulas for Using the Future Tense in German


I will jog a mile today.

I will finally write that novel.

I will drop off my shirt at the dry cleaners and get the car serviced and deep clean the attic and…

We’ve all got our own ideas of …

How to Use the German Simple Past Tense, Plus Tips for Practicing It


So, how simple is the German simple past tense, anyway?

Until you’ve got a handle on its verb conjugations, it might seem a lot more complicated than its name lets on.

You might be doing some mental gymnastics to …

Perfectly Clear: How to Use German’s Present Perfect Tense


We all love to live in the present.

But when you’re a language learner, you’ve got to delve into the past from time to time!

That’s where the present perfect comes in handy.

We can keep one foot in the …

There’s No Time Like the Present to Learn the German Present Tense


Live in the moment.

The here and now.

Being a beginner German student can be a fun, memorable time in your life.

You’re enjoying your first German courses, having your first tentative conversations with natives and starting to dream

How to Hack German Grammar: 6 Learning Tricks


There are people who like to stop and smell the roses.

Then there are people who mow down the roses as they race to their destination.

While it’s great to be able to savor life and take things slow, in …