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Go with the Flow! 200+ of the Most Common German Nouns


What is the longest word you can think of?

Imagine a word that is 63 letters long. Yes, 63 individual letters.


That may seem longer than all of Germany’s beautiful rivers combined, but its meaning, “law delegating beef label

Prost! How to Order a Beer in German Like a Native


“Beer, please!”

You know you’d never say this at an actual pub.

So if you’re trying to order a beer in German, saying “Bier, bitte!” isn’t gonna cut it.

There are so many details you’d be missing. What kind of …

How to Learn German Grammar: 5 Critical Concepts to Master


When you hear the word “grammar,” you might get overwhelmed.

You might immediately think of the tons of rules (and exceptions) languages have.

You might even think that grammar is difficult or boring.

But guess what: Grammar is essential to

FYI: 70+ of the Most Useful German Abbreviations


The language you use may be smaller than you realize.

Whether you’re texting your BFF or expertly crafting your next tweet, abbreviations, or Abkürzungen in German, come in handy all the time.

Think about it.

When was the last …

3 Simple Uses of the German Word Zu, Plus When to Avoid It


They’re any Scrabble player’s secret weapon.

Those tiny, two-letter words.

Am… is… do… on…

I could keep going. There are quite a few words you can create in English with only two letters.

Same goes for German. Which ones can …

German Moods Snapshots: Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive


Are you sensitive to moods?

You know, like those created by intense people, cool art or striking German architecture?

Or are you just moody by nature?

If you’re learning German, you better be!

But it’s okay if you don’t …

14 German Sports Vocabulary Words for Cheering Along Like a Native


Der Basketball. Das Tennis. Der Ball.

Easy enough.

Basketball. Tennis. Ball.

Truly this is the low-hanging fruit of learning German.

When you got to the sports chapter in your German textbook, you probably cheered because so many of the …