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Case Closed: The Ultimate Guide to German Cases and How to Learn Them

german cases

“It was Professor Plum, in the billiard room, with the candlestick!”

Do you remember playing Clue?

The name of the game was figuring out whodunnit, but it was fun just to move around the board and take those secret passageways. …

Prost! Seasons in German: The Vocabulary, Culture and Climates You Need to Know

seasons in german

Pepper, chili powder, Italian herbs, tamarind, salt and ginger.

Do you know what these seasonings have in common?

You can use them all year round! And just like the seasons we all experience, they come and go in our …

German for Nurses: An Hour of Study a Day Keeps the German Blues Away!

german for nurses

A stethoscope and a white coat do not a doctor make.

And fluency in German isn’t just about knowing how to say “Danke” or “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

In fact, there’s much more that goes into specializing in medicine—and mastering the

The SOS to Saying “Yes” in German: 20 Different Ways to Agree

yes in german

Everyone likes a go-getter. And the benefits of saying “yes” are well documented.

Saying “yes” leads to more opportunities, more rich experiences and more surprises in life. It’s exciting to find out what’s behind the next door and be involved …

Amusing Gemüse: How to Say 30+ Vegetables in German

vegetables in german

Do you have Tomaten auf dem Augen (tomatoes on your eyes) when it comes to your German food vocabulary?

In other words, are you wearing the proverbial “rose-tinted glasses” (or in this case, Tomaten) when it comes to your …

“You’re a Stinky Boot!”: 17 Creative German Insults with Hilarious Translations

german insults

Let’s be honest: learning insults is one of our secret first priorities when starting a new language.

And it’s no surprise why. As offensive as they’re meant to be, insults can be awfully funny when translated literally. Sometimes you …

The Ultimate Guide to Months in German: Tips, Vocabulary and More!

months in german

Think about the last conversation you had in German.

I’m sure somewhere in that conversation, you or the other person named at least one thing you did that day. Or maybe you talked about something you love doing. Or something …