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The 5 Best Amazon Prime Movies for Streaming to German Fluency


Ugh, there is nothing on!

Remember the old days of channel surfing?

Before streaming services, you just had to hope there was something interesting on TV—or plan your life around the TV Guide.

Thankfully, those days are gone.

Now …

6 YouTubers You Should Be Watching Right Now: German Language Tutorials for Everyone


Has anyone ever told you that YouTube is a waste of time or that it’s unproductive?

Well, with all due respect, they’re wrong.

YouTube is more than a website to upload videos, it’s a platform for creators, entrepreneurs and even …

5 Festive German Christmas Poems to Get in the Holiday Spirit


We’ve got a little treat for your Christmas stocking this year.

Something short, sweet and sure to boost your German skills: festive German Christmas poems!

Both the U.S. and Germany have their own set of Christmas songs and hymns—in fact, …

6 Winning Resources for German Exercises Online


Have you ever seen a marathon with no finish line?

You might cross one without knowing it if you’re learning German without tracking your level.

Slow and steady certainly wins the race, but if you’re not aware of your goals …

How to Be More German: The German Way of Life and Its Particularities


Wish you could become German?

Well, since you’re reading a blog about German language and culture, there’s a good chance that you at least want to learn to speak German.

But there’s also definitely something to be said …

The Bücherwurm’s Guide to Learning German: 4 Classic Kindle Books


People transforming into cockroaches. Deals with demons. Serial killers with morbid perfume collections.

Wouldn’t you like to learn German through all these juicy stories?

Luckily for any Bücherwurm (bookworm) out there, you can learn the language with compelling German classics—…

YouTube’s 10 Best Cartoons for Advanced German Language Learners


“Bugs Bunny…auf Deutsch (in German)? Really?”

That was the response I had to a fellow expat and friend who sought to share some tips with me.

She had long ago mastered the German language and was explaining what helped …