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Earn College Credits in German Online! 4 Flexible Programs for Any Type of Student


How do you picture the “college experience?”

Maybe it’s groups of friends lounging on a lawn. Or frantic students cramming a study guide in the cafeteria. Or crowds around a keg in a dirty apartment.

But that’s just one type …

Play Your Way to Fluency with 10 Addictive German Computer Games


Wait, how’d that happen?

You were reaching out for your German notebook…

But you wound up clicking through a game on your laptop while reclining on the couch.

We get it.

No matter how much you love the language, it …

6 Intensive German Courses You Can Take in Germany


Learning is a never-ending journey.

But many of us think that just because learning is long that it must be slow.

Well, the good news is that doesn’t have to be the case.

Whatever stage you’re at in your

Need Quality German Notes? 5 Online Resources That Cover It All


Picture this.

You’ve just started on your homework. You come to a question and you stop.

Yup, you’re stumped.

You can’t remember what your teacher said about this. Your textbook is a blur. You put your pencil down, defeated.

And …

The 26 Best Reading Resources to Learn German


You can’t just read anything and expect your German to improve.

The nutrition facts on your cereal boxes? Too boring.

Goethe’s complete scientific treatises? Probably too hard, for now.

You’ve got to find that perfect blend of German vocabulary, …

How to Learn German on Skype: 9 Sites That Make It Easy


Can you imagine learning German from someone who lives in Hamburg without buying a plane ticket?

How about getting true insights into die deutsche Kultur (the German culture) from your couch?

Sound cool?

Then you’re in the right place.…

Can You Really Learn German Online? 7 Sites That Make It Possible for Beginners and Up


There’s a saying in German: “Aller Anfang ist schwer.” (“All beginnings are hard.”)

But there’s another one, too: “Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst.” (“To begin is easy, to persist is an art.”)

Talk about a contradiction!