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Learn German Through Shadowing: Super Resources to Get Fluent Faster

german shadowing

Can you “stick it” with your German?

Gymnasts use this term to describe what happens after they perform their stunts. You execute your routine, you land and then you raise your hands in victory.

In order to “stick …

Get MOOCing! The Top 8 Resources to Learn German Free Online

learn german free online

What’s the best way to learn German free online?

Why, you have to get MOOCing, of course!

“MOOCing?” you ask. “Is that some sort of slang German expression to mean get moving?”

No, dear reader, I mean that …

6 Must-have German Grammar Books for Incredible, Unplugged Learning


Turn off your iPads, put down your cellphone, close your laptop

No, wait!

Before you do that, first order one of these amazing German grammar books.

That’s right. We said books.

Not the latest app, or the newest website.…

6 German “Word of the Day” Resources to Get Your Daily Serving of German


When I lived in Germany, I had a daily routine.

In the morning I’d learn a German word of the day on my phone over my bowl of müsli.

Then, I’d spend the day rolling the word around in my …

Doing Your Reps: 14 German Grammar Exercises to Build German Language Muscle

german grammar exercises

Quick question: is it leg, arm or chest day?

That was a trick question.

We’re not weightlifting today. Instead, we’re strengthening our German grammar skills!

In fact, a German regimen without grammar exercises is like reading about weight-lifting and then

Learn German for Beginners: Resources, Courses and Tips for Mastering the Language

german for beginners

So, you’ve decided to learn German? Congratulations!

A wonderful world awaits, full of fascinating articles, amazing documentaries, stupendous literature and just plain interesting people.

It’s possible, even probable, that you have some stereotypes about the German language. Perhaps you …

German Grammar Checkers: 6 Online Tools to Build Your Writing Confidence in 2020

german grammar check

You know the feeling…

You’ve just sent off an email in German. Or submitted a paper to your German professor. Or sent your translated resume to a hiring manager.

You’re communicating in another language, and you’re on top …