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The Guide to E-learning German for Any Language Level


How many hours do you spend online each day?

Really, that many?!

Okay, okay—it’s not just you. Most of us spend big chunks of our day online, whether it’s surfing social media sites or binging on funny videos. But …

Learn German Audio: 14 Incredible Audio Resources for All Your Language Goals


Hey, can you hear that?

The best German learning audio courses and resources are hiding right under your ears.

Listen closely to this amazing little secret: if you have internet access, headphones and a pen and paper, you already have …

5 Spooky German Horror Movies for Only the Bravest Language Learners


What are your biggest fears?

Flying? The dentist? Maybe spiders or heights?

I bet German grammar features quite highly on your list of nightmares too!

One of the best ways of dealing with your fears, though, is to tackle them …

4 of the Best YouTube Channels for Learning German


Hey, what are you up to? Wait—don’t tell me. Let me guess!

You’re watching another cat video?!

You do know that there’s a lot more to the internet than just cute cat videos, right?

As a matter of fact, …

Practicing German Online? Check Out These 6 Major Do’s and Don’ts


What’s in your bookmarks bar?

There’s something else you should add to your starred list of favorite websites, recipes, video tutorials and video game walkthroughs.

You’re overdue for bookmarking some good, solid German learning websites.

If you’re obsessed …

What’s Even Better Than a Corny Pick-up Line? 10 Amusing Pick-up Lines in German!


Each country may have its own language(s), but there’s certainly one language that’s universal and easy for everyone to learn: the language of love.

If you fancy dabbling into the world of German romance, it’s probably a good …

18 Bite-sized German Contractions for Making the Language Manageable


Want to cut the German language down to size?

You already know that even English can be a bit much sometimes.

So much so that we often feel the need to…alter it a bit.

Shorten it, in other …