Looking for French Quizzes? 6 French Sites That Are in the Quiz Biz

Ready, set, test!

Testing oneself in any language is essential to track progress.

If you are an independent French learner, as many are these days, it is important to continue to include weekly, bi-monthly or quarterly modes of self-assessment to keep your French on track.

When people hear the word test, quiz or assessment they get a bit turned off.

Traditionally, tests and quizzes have been highly structured education tools set to rank and label students, but education is changing and evolving these days. Today, there is an abundance of online quizzes and even local, in-person tests you can take to help you become a smarter learner.

Testing your French is in no way meant to intimidate or rank you, but rather serves as an important learning tool, as well as a reminder of how far you have come and how much is left to go in your linguistic progress!

When you are starting out as a beginner, it is important to set solid study habits, and testing is a language tool you should adopt on your first day of studying! If you are an upper-intermediate or advanced learner, you will find that through testing yourself your language gaps will tend to surface, helping you to focus your attention and time effectively!

Keeping all these points in mind, let’s explore the top three reasons to test yourself regularly in French!

3 Reasons to Quiz Yourself on Your French Knowledge

1. It keeps you motivated.

Sometimes we get discouraged, especially when learning online, because we feel no immediate gratification from peers or professors for our work. It is essential you create this motivation and gratification for yourself!

Doing an online or in-person test provides a results-based method to keep you motivated. You can congratulate yourself on your triumphs, and keep striving for something when you perform less wonderfully than you had hoped.

2. It highlights weak areas.

At any level—but particularly at the intermediate level where the language curve is stretching out of its comfort zone—it is very important to stay aware of your weak areas in French. Perhaps it is grammar that has got you down, or maybe you need to work on certain vocabulary or verb tenses.

Whatever the case, a test or quiz will highlight in red where you need to direct your attention when studying. It also ensures that you do not simply stick to exercises you are comfortable with during study time and instead branch into challenging areas, where the real tough learning takes place.

3. It provides consistency.

Test yourself weekly or bi-monthly and track your results to provide consistency and a results-based approach to your learning. Flunked the grammar section on your first quiz? Well after a week of review, see how you do on the grammar section on a second quiz the week after.

Consistency is a key to success in any element of your language learning. Whether it be speaking, writing or oral comprehension, you need to be specific and consistent on your method and approach. To get the best results with testing at any level, try doing a new test or quiz at the end of each week, for a total of four monthly.

Setting time to do quizzes and tests, whether online or in person, ensures that you develop solid study habits in French.

Convinced that you need to start quizzing yourself? Thought so!

The sites below are fantastic because not only do they have French quizzes and tests designed for all levels of learning, but they also provide free learning tools and information to help you get even better.

Be a Quiz Whiz! 6 Online Resources for Fun, Friendly French Quizzes

About Education: French

About is an excellent online French language platform that provides grammar lessons, french oral activities and listening activities. In addition, there is a section dedicated solely to French Tests and Quizzes, where you can access over 270 Beginner to Advanced general quizzes but also more elaborate proficiency tests.

Both quizzes and tests are quite elaborate and challenging, comprised of 40-60 questions with focus on grammar, verb tenses and use of the subjunctive with common French verbs. There are also specialized quizzes in subcategories such as indefinite french tenses, gender tests and word order tests.

Ready for a fun challenge? Try the Confusing French Pairs Quiz or the Daily French Pop Quiz!


Access 491—that’s right, 491—free French quizzes on ProProfs, covering any French topic that your heart (or brain) desires. You will find tools to assess your knowledge of French grammar, demonstratives, indefinite articles and more. There is even a quiz on the French Revolution!

Being a translator, one of my favorites is this intermediate quiz with English sentences with multiple choice translations in French and vice versa. It is tricky and a great exercise for beginners transitioning to intermediate level materials!

Transparent Language

This is simply one comprehensive French proficiency test with 30 grammar questions, 15 vocabulary and 10 reading comprehensions for intermediate learners.

If you happen to be learning any other foreign language, including Spanish, German or Chinese, you can also check out their general Language Proficiency Test page to access free proficiency tests in all your foreign languages.

Ecole De Trois Ponts

Check out the three free quizzes available on the Ecole de Trois Ponts website. This is a good place to start out when trying to figure out your level as there are beginner, intermediate and advanced placement tests.

The site also hosts great linguistic and cultural resources related to French idioms, proverbs, art and cinema!


This is the Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française (Official Diploma in French Language).

Proud of your progress in French? Need to show your employer or school program proof of your skills? Sign up for a DELF test to get official certification of your French level. Tests are available from beginner A1 to C2 expert levels.

Follow the steps below to find your level and the corresponding proficiency test, so you can sign up for official testing.

1. Take a look at this chart and read over the descriptions for each level.

2. Click on the level which describes you best to get examination descriptions.

3. Take a sample test here.

4. Find your approved examination center in the USA and get DELF certified!

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So, are you up to the challenge?

Get on board! Put your French to test with the awesome sites mentioned above and you will be feeling more confident in no time!

Also, don’t forget to record your results somewhere, so that you can look back and see how far you have come.

À la prochaine les amis ! (Until next time, friends)!

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