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The 22 Best Chinese Movies on Amazon Prime to Watch in June 2024

Chinese movies are not only incredibly exciting, entertaining, funny and thrilling to watch, they can also be excellent learning tools if you’re learning Chinese.

But you need great Chinese movies to watch, so you don’t get bored, right?

Read on for 22 of the best Chinese movies available on Amazon Prime in 2024. With a diverse variety of genres, from romance to action films, you’re sure to find some options that will interest you! 


1. 重庆森林 (Chóngqìng Sēnlín) — Chungking Express

Year Released: 1994

Genre: Crime/Comedy/Drama

This film unfolds in two interconnected stories set in Hong Kong’s bustling Chungking Mansions. It delves into themes of loneliness, love and fate as it follows two police officers and their chance encounters with enigmatic women. Director Wong Kar-wai’s distinctive visual style and evocative storytelling create an intimate and dreamlike atmosphere, making this film a beloved classic of Hong Kong cinema.

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2. 卧虎藏龙 (Wòhǔ Cánglóng) — Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Year Released: 2000

Genre: Drama/Wuxia

Directed by Ang Lee, this film is set in ancient China during the Qing dynasty. It tells the story of two skilled warriors who are in possession of a stolen, legendary sword known as the Green Destiny. They embark on a quest to retrieve the sword and bring its thief to justice. Along the way, they encounter love, betrayal and formidable adversaries in a world of breathtaking martial arts and supernatural abilities.

The film won several awards, including four Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film, Best Art Direction, Best Original Score and Best Cinematography.

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3. 大象席地而坐 (Dàxiàng Xídì Érzù)An Elephant Sitting Still

Year Released: 2018

Genre: Drama

This film is set in a small industrial town in northern China and follows the interconnected lives of four characters: a high school student who faces bullying, a school teacher, a retired worker and a young woman dealing with a complicated love life. Each character is searching for a sense of meaning and escape from their difficult circumstances. The film explores themes of despair, alienation and the quest for connection and meaning in a harsh world.

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4. 功夫 (Gōngfū) — Kung Fu Hustle

Year Released: 2004

Genre: Action/Comedy

Stephen Chow directed and stars in this film, which is set in a fictionalized 1940s Shanghai. The plot follows a bumbling and aspiring gangster named Sing. He aspires to join the notorious Axe Gang, but a series of events lead him to a rundown apartment complex, where he inadvertently gets involved in a conflict between the local residents, who happen to be skilled martial artists. Sing soon discovers his own latent kung fu abilities and must confront powerful foes.

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5. 少年的你 (Shàonián de Nǐ) — Better Days

Year Released: 2019

Genre: Drama/Crime

This film revolves around the story of Chen Nian, a high school student who becomes the target of bullying in a highly competitive and stressful educational environment. She forms an unexpected bond with a street thug named Xiao Bei. Together, they face the challenges of adolescence, bullying and societal pressures while navigating the complexities of their lives.

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6. 十面埋伏 (Shímiàn máifú) House of Flying Daggers

Year Released: 2004

Genre: Action/Drama/Wuxia

Set during the Tang Dynasty, this film follows two imperial officers who recruit a blind dancer suspected of being part of the rebel House of Flying Daggers. As they escort her to the group’s secret headquarters, a web of love, betrayal and breathtaking martial arts unfolds. The film is a visually stunning and emotionally charged epic, blending action and romance against the backdrop of ancient China’s lush landscapes and vibrant colors.

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7. 别告诉她 (Bié Gàosù Tā) — The Farewell

Year Released: 2019

Genre: Comedy/Drama

“The Farewell” follows a young Chinese-American woman (played by Awkwafina) who returns to China with her family under the pretext of a fake wedding to bid farewell to their beloved matriarch who’s terminally ill but doesn’t know it. The film explores the clash between East and West, tradition and modernity, while offering a touching and humorous portrayal of family, identity and cultural differences. 

This film has dialogue in both English and Chinese. 

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8. 金陵十三钗 (Jīnlíng Shísān Chāi) — The Flowers of War

Year Released: 2011

Genre: Historical Drama/War

This film is set during the Nanking Massacre in 1937, during the Second Sino-Japanese War. It follows the experiences of a group of Chinese women, including a courtesan named Yu Mo, who take refuge in a Catholic cathedral to escape the atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers. A mortician, played by Christian Bale, becomes involved in protecting the women. The film explores themes of survival, sacrifice and human resilience in the face of wartime brutality.

This is another bilingual film with dialogue in both Mandarin and English.

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9. 独自等待 (Dú Zì Děng Dài) — Waiting Alone

Year Released: 2004

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Drama

This award-winning film revolves around Chen Wen, a young, introspective Beijing urbanite who’s navigating the complexities of modern life. With his quirky friends and some awkward encounters and chance meetings, the film beautifully captures the challenges of finding love and purpose in a bustling city. “Waiting Alone” offers a heartfelt exploration of urban solitude, friendship and the pursuit of happiness in contemporary China.

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10. 地球最後的夜晚 (Dìqiú Zuìhòu de Yèwǎn)Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Year Released: 2018

Genre: Drama/Mystery

“Long Day’s Journey Into Night” is a visually striking and enigmatic film that follows the life of Luo Hongwu, a man who returns to his hometown in search of a lost love. As he delves into the past, he becomes immersed in memories, dreams and a mysterious journey that takes him through a labyrinthine world of secrets and surreal experiences. The film is known for its non-linear narrative structure, dreamlike sequences and breathtaking cinematography.

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11. 归来 (Guī Lái) — Coming Home

Year Released: 2014

Genre: Drama/Romance

This film is set against the backdrop of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The story follows the life of a married couple, Lu Yanshi and Feng Wanyu, who are separated when Lu is sent to a labor camp during the political turmoil. After many years, Lu escapes and returns home, hoping to reunite with his wife and daughter. However, he discovers that his wife suffers from amnesia and doesn’t recognize him. 

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12. 影 (Ying) — Shadow

Year Released: 2014

Genre: Wuxia/Action/Drama

Set in the Three Kingdoms period, this film tells the story of a powerful military commander who employs a “shadow,” a look-alike double, to stand in for him in political and martial conflicts. The film explores themes of power, deception and honor through visually striking, choreographed battles and intricate palace intrigues. “Shadow” is a mesmerizing blend of artistry and action, showcasing director Zhang Yimou’s masterful storytelling and unique visual style.

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13. 流浪地球2 (Liúlàng Dìqiú 2)   — The Wandering Earth 2

Year: 2023

Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure

This film serves as the prequel to the 2019 hit film “The Wandering Earth” (available on Netflix). It’s set in a future where the Earth faces a perilous journey out of the solar system to escape a dying sun. The United Earth Government embarks on a project to build massive nuclear fusion engines. However, the project faces challenges, including a terrorist attack and personal sacrifices, as humanity strives to ensure its survival in an ever-encroaching solar crisis.

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14. 毒戰 (Du zhan) — Drug War

Year Released: 2012

Genre: Action/Crime/Drama

This film tells a gripping story of a drug manufacturing operation’s dismantling by a tenacious narcotics officer (played by Sun Honglei) who captures a drug lord (played by Louis Koo). To avoid the death penalty, the drug lord cooperates with the police in a high-stakes undercover mission to infiltrate a powerful drug cartel. The movie is a thrilling cat-and-mouse game filled with tension, violence and moral ambiguity, showcasing the dark underbelly of the drug trade in China.

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15. 新少林寺 (Xīn Shàolín Sì) — Shaolin

Year Released: 2011

Genre: Action/Drama/Martial Arts

Set in early 20th-century China, this film follows the transformation of a ruthless warlord who seeks refuge in a Shaolin temple after a betrayal. Amidst political upheaval, the warlord encounters Shaolin monks, including Jackie Chan’s character, who teaches him martial arts and compassion. As he undergoes a spiritual awakening, he joins forces with the monks to confront his past and defend the temple against external threats. 

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16. 八佰 (Bā bǎi) — The Eight Hundred

Year Released: 2020

Genre: War/Drama

This war epic is set during the Second Sino-Japanese War. The film follows the true story of a group of Chinese soldiers and their last stand at the Sihang Warehouse in Shanghai in 1937. Surrounded by Japanese forces, these soldiers valiantly defended the warehouse against overwhelming odds. The film depicts their courage, sacrifice and determination in the face of adversity, highlighting the resilience of the Chinese people during a critical period in history.

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17. 红海行动 (Hónghǎi Xíngdòng)Operation Red Sea

Year Released: 2018

Genre: Action/War

This action-packed war film is loosely based on real-life events involving the evacuation of Chinese citizens from the port city of Aden in Yemen during a civil war. The film follows the elite special forces unit of the People’s Liberation Army Navy as they embark on a dangerous mission to rescue Chinese and foreign nationals from a war-torn zone. The film is known for its intense action sequences, patriotic themes and portrayal of modern naval warfare.

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18. 生死劫 (Shēng Sǐ Jié) — Stolen Life

Year Released: 2005

Genre: Drama

This film delves into the life of Yan’ni (played by acclaimed Chinese actress Zhou Xun), a bright and ambitious young woman who’s accepted into a college and leaves her hostile and unhealthy family life behind. Her future becomes uncertain when she meets a delivery boy, Muyu, and becomes pregnant. It’s soon revealed that Muyu is weaving an intricate web of deception that will ultimately result in the loss of her child. 

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19. 江城夏日 (Jiāng Chéng Xià Rì) — Luxury Car

Year Released: 2006

Genre: Action/Drama

This film follows a father’s journey from the countryside to the city of Wuhan to find his estranged son at his dying wife’s request. In Wuhan, he meets his daughter who works as an escort in a karaoke bar. She introduces him to a policeman willing to assist in the search. It gradually becomes evident that there’s a connection between the criminal organization operating the karaoke bar and the mystery surrounding the son’s disappearance.

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20. 功夫之王 (Gong Fu Zhi Wang) — The Forbidden Kingdom

Year Released: 2008

Genre: Wuxia/Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Michael Angarano plays a modern-day teenager who’s transported to ancient China. He joins forces with legendary martial artists, portrayed by Jet Li and Jackie Chan, on a quest to return a stolen magical staff and free the imprisoned Monkey King. The film offers a captivating blend of martial arts, fantasy and humor, making it an entertaining cross-cultural adventure that pays homage to classic Chinese cinema while appealing to a global audience.

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21. 美人鱼 (Měirényú) — The Mermaid

Year Released: 2016

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy

“The Mermaid” revolves around a wealthy businessman, Liu Xuan, who’s involved in a development project that threatens the environment of a mermaid sanctuary. To stop him, a beautiful mermaid named Shan enlists the help of a quirky team of mermaids who can transform into humans. Shan’s mission is to seduce Liu Xuan, but she unexpectedly falls in love with him. The film combines elements of romance, comedy and environmental themes.

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22. 刺杀小说家 (Cìshā Xiǎoshuō Jiā) — A Writer’s Odyssey

Year Released: 2021

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy

This film follows a father who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue his daughter after she’s abducted by a mysterious organization. The plot intertwines with the story of a writer who’s crafting a novel that mirrors the events of the real world, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. As the two worlds collide, characters from the novel come to life, and the writer must confront his own creation to save the girl.

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How Watching Movies Can Improve Your Chinese

If you’re learning Chinese, watching movies can be a great way to improve your language skills. Here are just a few ways it can help:

  • Watching movies will improve your listening skills and fluency. We say it time after time in the language learning world: Practice makes perfect and listening is a huge part of practicing for ultimate fluency. Watching some engaging films in Mandarin can definitely help you with listening in Chinese.
  • Reading subtitles will improve your reading skills. Many of the films on our list have Chinese subtitles. These are really handy when it comes to matching verbally spoken Mandarin with its appropriate Chinese characters. Many professional transcribers use this method to improve their skills.
  • You can add some entertainment to your study time. Too much coursework and memorization can burn the learner out. Whether or not you’re in school now, we all know how much rote learning can wear you down, right? Watching Mandarin films is a great way to fit in some leisure and learning time, no homework required.

If all those reasons sound compelling to you, but you’re not sure if you’re ready for a full-length Chinese movie, a program like FluentU can help. Here, you can find subtitled and learning-tool-enhanced videos and clips, including many that come from movies and TV shows.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

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With so much variety in this list of the best Chinese movies on Amazon Prime, you’ll definitely find something from a genre you like that you’ll get sucked into.

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