10 Disney Movies in Chinese That Should Be Part of Your World

Here’s a fun little language learning secret.

You can actually learn Chinese by watching some of your favorite Disney movies.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to learn Chinese with dubbed movies—Disney movies, to be exact!

In this post, we’ll explore 10 Disney movies in Chinese and learn useful vocabulary words you’ll need to know before watching each one.


So, Why Disney Movies?

  • Anyone can have fun watching Disney movies regardless of their age. If you have children, you can learn Chinese together with Disney movies, animated films and other kid-appropriate Chinese videos.
  • They’re great for learners who have already seen them, making it easy to follow along (and relive nostalgic moments).
  • You can learn words on various topics ranging from animals to emotions to places around the world.
  • You can easily watch the movies several times, as repetition is the key to having words stick.
  • There are many tips available online to help you learn Chinese with movies effectively.
  • They let you easily learn correct pronunciations, as Disney characters are less likely to slur words or speak as fast as more advanced films (you can also use this website to help you).
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1. “玩具总动员 (Wán Jù Zǒng Dòng Yuán) — Toy Story

The “Toy Story” trilogy is a worldwide box office success and is one of Pixar’s best-selling movie franchises to date, so, naturally, there are Chinese dubs for all three “Toy Story” movies.

Andy lives in a world where toys can come to life and go on adventures. Most of their escapades are led by Woody, a pull-string cowboy toy and Andy’s favorite.

But life soon changes for Woody after Andy receives a new toy for his birthday: action figure space cadet Buzz Lightyear. Buzz quickly becomes Andy’s new favorite, leaving Woody feeling left out and jealous.

In a sporadic turn of events, Woody and Buzz Lightyear find themselves in a challenging situation that forces them to get along to return home to Andy before moving day.

Here’s the famously heartwarming intro song for the movie (in Mandarin Chinese)—”You’ve Got a Friend in Me”:

Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

Toy — 玩具 (wán jù)
Story — 故事 ( shì)
Cowboy — 牛仔 (niú zǎi)
Birthday — 生日 (shēng rì)
Party — 聚会 (jù huì) or  (huì)
Birthday Party — 生日会 (shēng rì huì)
Action Figure — 玩偶 (wán ‘ǒu)
(Outer) Space — 太空 (tài kōng)
Cadet — 入伍生 (rù wǔ shēng) or 见习生 (jiàn xí shēng)
Favorite — 最喜爱 (zuì ài) or 喜爱 ( ài)
Friend — 朋友 (péng you)
Room — 房间 (fáng jiān) or (fáng)
Pizza — 比萨 ( sà)
Planet — 星球 (xīng qiú)
Pizza Planet — 比萨星球 ( xīng qiú)
Moving Day — 动天 (Dòng Tiān)

2. “小美人鱼” (Xiǎo Měi Rén Yú) — The Little Mermaid

“The Little Mermaid” is based on a Danish fairy tale about Ariel, a sixteen-year-old mermaid princess who’s tired of life under the sea and wishes to be on land with humans, despite it being forbidden.

After rescuing a young human named Prince Eric from drowning, Ariel falls in love with him and makes a deal with Ursula the Sea Witch to become human for three days and hopefully reunite with Eric.

Unfortunately, receiving the benefits of this “spell” also means she has to forfeit her voice to the sea witch.

The only way to break the spell? Receiving true love’s first kiss before her days as a human are up.

Try watching this awesome musical number from the movie in Mandarin Chinese—”Part of Your World”:

Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

Little —  (xiǎo)
Mermaid — 美人鱼 (měi rén yú)
Human; Person; People —  (rén)
Sea — (hǎi)
Sea Witch — 海巫婆 (hăi wū pó)
Spell — (zhòu)
True Love — 真生的爱情 (zhēn zhèng de ài qíng)
Kiss —  (wěn)
Land — 土地 ( dì)
World — 世界 (shì jiè)
Prince — 王子 (wáng zǐ)
Marriage/Wedding — (hūn)

3. “木兰” (Mù Lán) — Mulan

This Disney movie is based on the ancient Chinese legend Hua Mulan (花木兰huā mù lán).

“Mulan” tells the story of the eponymous heroine who wants to make her father proud by secretly taking his place in a war against the Huns, disguised as a man.

But Mulan soon discovers that being a man is much harder than she thought.

For starters, check out this Mandarin Chinese rendition of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” Then try this Bonus Live Action Video—it has Jackie Chan singing!

Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

China — 中国 (Zhōng Guó)
Dragon —  (lóng)
Guardian — 卫士 (wèi shì)
Warrior — 战士 (zhàn shì)
To Train — (liàn)
Ancestor — 祖先 (zǔ xiān)
Honor — 荣誉 (róng yù)
Man —  (rén)
Heart — 心脏 (xīn zàng) or (xīn)
Luck — 幸运 (xìng yùn) or (yùn)

Because “Mulan” focuses on Chinese people, most, if not all, of the characters’ names are in Chinese. Here are their names as well as their meanings:

Mulan — Magnolia
Mu — wood
Lan — orchid
Hua — flower
Ping — pot
Hua Ping — flower pot
Mushu — a Chinese dish of stir-fried vegetables, egg, and usually meat or fish all wrapped together in a thin pancake
Li Shang — to soar
Li — plum (surname) beautiful (first name)
Yao — high, eminent, or lofty
Ling — peace, serenity, tranquility
Chien-Po — gold, metal, wealth, treasure, respectable, honorable
Chi Fu — to bully
Xiao Di — Little Brother

4. “入迷” (Rù Mí) — Enchanted

Disney’s “Enchanted” both honors and parodies old Disney animated classics with clever references to its previous works.

In a fictional world called Andalasia, Princess Giselle is banished by an evil queen to Manhattan. Luckily, she’s taken in by a divorce lawyer named Robert who realizes that she has no clue how to survive in the real world.

After getting to know each other, Giselle and Robert fall in love, much to the delight of Robert’s young daughter.

But conflict arises after Prince Edward from Andalasia comes to rescue her from the queen, who now wants her dead.

Sample the magic of this movie by watching the “Happy Working Song” in Mandarin Chinese. It’s bound to win your heart!

Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

Enchanted — 心醉 (xīn zuì) or 入迷 (rù mí)
Fairy Tale — 神话 (shén huà) or 童话故事 (tóng huà gù shì)
Chipmunk — 栗鼠 (lì shǔ) or 花栗鼠 (huā lì shǔ)
Princess — 公主 (gōng zhǔ)
Portal — 门户 (mén hù) or 正门 (zhèng mén)
New York City — 纽约市 (Niǔ Yuē Shì)
Times Square — 时代广场 (shí dài guǎng chǎng)
Henchman — 家臣 (jiā chén) or 跟重者 (gēn zōng zhě)
Work — 工作 (gōng zuò)
Song — 歌曲 ( qǔ) or (gē)
Fiancé — 未婚夫 (wèi hūn fū)
Fiancée — 未婚妻 (wèi hūn qī)
Divorce — 离婚 (lí hūn)
Lawyer — 律师 ( shī)

5. “美女和野兽” (Měi Nǚ hé Yě Shòu) — Beauty and the Beast

“Beauty and the Beast” is a charming love story about a beautiful woman named Belle and a mysterious, cold-hearted Beast, who lives alone in his castle with only his servants to keep him company.

However, he wasn’t always a beast. After refusing to let an enchantress take shelter in his castle one night, she cursed him into this form, then turned all of his servants into kitchen utensils and appliances.

Belle is a young woman who’s a book-lover and proud nonconformist. She seeks adventure but is shunned by all in her village except for her father, inventor Maurice.

When Maurice is held prisoner by The Beast for unknowingly trespassing in his castle, Belle goes to rescue him and offer herself in her father’s place. The two slowly start to fall in love as Belle begins to bring him out of his shell.

Take a quick break to warm your heart by watching the Mandarin Chinese version of “Tale As Old As Time.”

Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

Beauty — 没人 (měi rén) or (zī)
Beast — 野兽 ( shòu)
Bibliophile — 藏书家 (cáng shū jiā)
Curse — (zhòu)
Castle — 城堡 (chéng bǎo)
Servant — 仆人 ( rén) or (pú)
Candlestick — 烛台 (zhú tái)
Clock — 时钟 (shí zhōng)
Teapot — 茶壶 (chá hú)
Teacup — 茶碗 (chá wǎn)
Stove — (lú)

6. “101斑点狗” (101 Bān Diǎn Gǒu) — 101 Dalmations

Set in London, England, “101 Dalmatians” begins with a glimpse inside the lives of a songwriter named Roger Ratcliffe and his Dalmatian companion, Pongo, both tired of being bachelors.

One day, Pongo decides to play matchmaker by introducing Roger to a woman named Anita and her female Dalmatian, Perdita.

Soon enough, both pairs fall in love. Roger and Anita marry, while Pongo and Perdita become mates and have a litter of fifteen puppies.

Life is swell for the family until Anita’s former schoolmate, famous fashion designer Cruella de Vil, decides that she wants to purchase the puppies to use their fur as material for her fur coats.

You can hear all about her wickedness in the Mandarin Chinese version of the song “Cruella De Vil.”

Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

101 — 一百零一 (yī bǎi líng yī)
London — 伦敦 (Lún Dūn)
England — 英国 (Yīng Guó)
Animal — 动物 (dòng wù)
Dog — (gǒu)
Mate — 伴侣 (bàn lǚ) or 配偶 (pèi ‘ǒu)
Dalmatian — 斑点狗 (bān diǎn gǒu)
Litter — (tāi) or (wō)
Fifteen — 十五 (shí wǔ)
Puppy — 小狗 (xiǎo gǒu)
Bark — 狗吠 (gǒu fèi)
Fur or Fur Coat — (qiú)

7. “白雪公主和七个小矮人” (Bái Xuě Gōng Zhǔ hé Qī Gè Xiǎo Ǎi Rén) — Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was the first ever feature-length film belonging to Walt Disney Animated Classics. It also features the first official Disney Princess: Snow White.

The movie is about an evil queen who is jealous of her beautiful stepdaughter, Snow White. Inspired by this jealousy, the queen schemes to secretly have Snow White murdered.

Little does the wicked woman know that Snow White is still alive and well, living in a cottage with seven silly little men known as the seven dwarfs.

When the Queen discovers this, she attempts to kill her once again by poisoning Snow White with a poison apple.

Get a taste of the charm with the Mandarin Chinese version of the infamous “Heigh Ho” song:

Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

Snow —  (xuě)
White — (bái)
Seven — (qī)
Dwarfs — 矮人 (ǎi rén) or 矮子 (ǎi zǐ)
Cottage — 小屋 (xiǎo wū) or 茅屋 (máo wū)
Evil — 邪恶 (xié è)
Queen — 女王 ( wáng)
Magic — 魔术 ( shù)
Mirror — 镜子 (jìng zi) or (jìng)
Poison —  (dú)
Apple — 苹果 (píng guǒ)

Here are the names of the Seven Dwarfs. (You can find their names in other languages on this website.)

Doc — Wàn Shì Tōng
Grumpy — Ài Shēng Qì
Sleepy — Kē Shuì Chóng
Bashful — Hài Xiū Guǐ
Happy — Kāi Xīn Guǒ
Sneezy — Pēn Tì Jīng
Dopey — Hú Tú Dàn

8. “海底总动员” (Hǎi Dǐ Zǒng Dòng Yuán) — Finding Nemo

After a young clownfish named Nemo is kidnapped while on a school trip, his father, Marlin, goes on a long journey to find and rescue him.

To reach his son, he’ll have to escape from sharks and anglerfish, navigate his way through gigantic jellyfish herds, ride the ocean currents with sea turtles, learn to speak whale, and even hitch a ride inside of a pelican’s mouth.

Luckily, he bumps into a forgetful but gregarious new friend who helps him through these challenges.

Meanwhile, Nemo ends up in a dentist office’s fish tank where he befriends the other fish tank inhabitants who are planning their escape to the ocean.

Here’s a short clip from Finding Nemo in Mandarin Chinese:

Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

Fish —  (yú)
Sea Turtle — 海龟 (hăi guī)
Coral Reef — 珊瑚礁 (shān hú jiāo)
School — 学校 (xué xiào)
Shark — 鲨鱼 (shā yú) or (shā)
Whale — 鲸鱼 (jīng yú) or (jīng)
Jellyfish — 水母 (shuǐ mǔ) or  (zhé)
Shrimp — (xiā)
Starfish (or Sea Star) — 海星 (hǎi xīng)
Sydney — 悉尼 (xī ní)
Australia — 澳大利亚 (ào yà)
Boat —  (chuán)
Dentist — 牙科医生 (yá kē yī shēng)
Fish Tank — 养鱼缸 (yǎng yú gāng) or 鱼缸 (yú gāng)

9. “狮子王” (Shī Zi Wáng) — The Lion King

“The Lion King” tells the tale of a lion cub named Simba who is chased out of his homeland after his father’s death.

Fortunately, he’s saved by a meerkat named Timon and a warthog named Pumbaa, who quickly become his guardians and best friends.

Time passes and Simba, now an adult, continues to enjoy his peaceful life with his pals until his old friend Nala tells him that his home is in ruins thanks to his Uncle Scar.

She tells him he must return because he’s the rightful king. Now it’s up to Simba to face his past, remember who he is and confront his ruthless uncle to take back the throne.

You already know it and love it—watch the song “Hakuna Matata” in Mandarin Chinese to start learning!

Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

Lion — 狮子 (shī zi)
King — 国王 (guó wáng) or (wáng)
Circle of Life — 生活圈子 (shēng huó quān zi)
Circle — 圈子 (quān zi) or (quān)
Life — 生活 (shēng huó)
Pride — 自豪感 (zì háo gǎn)
Rock — 岩石 (yán shí) or (shí)
Lion Cub — 小狮子 (xiǎo shī zi)
Scar — 疤痕 ( hén)
Stampede — 挤踏 (jǐ tà)
Cub — 幼兽 (yòu shòu)
Meerkat — 狐獴 (hú měng)
Warthog — 疣猪 (yóu zhū)
Hyena — 鬣狗 (liè gǒu)

10. “狐狸与猎狗” (Hú Lí yǔ Liè Gǒu) — The Fox and the Hound

When an orphaned fox named Tod is taken in by a widow, he encounters a hound named Copper and they quickly become best friends, despite foxes and hunting hounds being natural enemies.

Their sacred bond is tested when they both become full grown, as Tod is released into the wild and is blamed for the injury of Chief, an old hunting dog and a comrade of Copper’s.

It’s a very touching story with a satisfying ending relatable to children and adults alike.

To feel the friendship, watch this short clip from the movie in Mandarin:

Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

Fox — 狐狸 (hú li) or (hú)
Widow — 寡妇 (guǎ fù)
To Adopt (child or animal) — 认养 (rèn yǎng)
Hound — 猎犬 (liè quǎn)
Woodpecker — 啄木鸟 (zhuó niǎo)
To Play —  (wán)
Best Friend — 最真诚的朋友 (zuì zhēn chéng de péng you)
Hunt — 狩猎 (shòu liè)
Owl — 猫头鹰 (māo tóu yīng)
Wild — 维尔德 (wèi ěr dé)
Forest — 森林 (sēn lín)
Woods — 树林 (shù lín)
Tree —  (shù)
(Animal) Den — 兽穴 (shòu xué)
Gun —  (qiāng)
Waterfall — 瀑布 ( bù)


There you have it. The ultimate Chinese Disney movies list, jam-packed with vocabulary words!

Of course, plenty of other Disney movies are not mentioned on this list, so if your favorite isn’t here, be sure to check online to see if there’s a Chinese Dub for it.

Besides watching Disney movies, you can also teach yourself Mandarin creatively, like watching certain movies on Netflix. There are so many options

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