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10 Awesome Resources with Chinese Video for Kids

I’ve scoured the internet for the best Chinese videos for kids, and the options are bright, colorful, brimming with positive energy and loaded with catchy songs.

Here are my 10 favorite resources that learners of any age can benefit from.


1. Mandarin for Kidz

Based in Australia, Mandarin for Kidz has provided leading immersion Chinese language programs for over 12 years to children—offering effective and innovative courses for beginners to advanced learners on their ever-growing YouTube channel.

According to the creator’s channel page, free online Mandarin courses are also offered on their website, which might be useful to further language learning.

Learn Your Colors by Basho,” is a simple, yet catchy Chinese song about colors (yán sè), uploaded by Mandarin for Kidz. This song uses a basic repetition method that helps kids memorize the colors easily.

All in all, Mandarin for Kidz is an educational and entertaining resource for your kids.

2. Sesame Street

We’ve all watched Sesame Street programs at one time or another in our lives. Teaching children since 1969, their YouTube channel—with nearly 23 million subscribers—offers fun, educational lessons with all your favorite Sesame Street characters as teachers.

Fun, Fun Elmo—A Mandarin Language Learning Program,” is the first video in the YouTube mini-series created by Sesame Street to teach children the fundamentals of the Mandarin language in an imaginative way.

With funny, educational skits, plenty of songs and stunning animations throughout the video, kids can learn about various things in Chinese from tones to numbers to colors.

And, kids will have a blast watching Elmo and his friends explore Sesame Street while learning about the world around them and singing along with his tunes. 

3. LittleLives Inc.

The LittleLives Inc. YouTube channel features a host of learning videos about math, science, language, art and more! Their animated series “Twinkle Trails,” is a popular favorite amongst their young learners.

The channel teaches several other languages as well. You might find additional language videos on other topics that interest you if you have children. 

If you want your child to learn how to count then check out the video, “Twinkle Trails Episode 22 – Chinese Number Lanterns (Musical version).”

The video focuses on counting lanterns in Chinese from one to ten by showing the actual number, its pinyin (with tones), its character, and its physical amount (in flowers).

4. qoop TV

Created by Cambridge English Online Ltd., goop TV offers a host of fun online video courses for children.

Learn Chinese in 3 easy steps: Animals – dòngwù – 动物 English – Pinyin – Chinese Characters is one of many YouTube videos by qoop TV that teaches kids how to say animal names in Mandarin Chinese.

With video flashcards, Picture-Pinyin matching games, and Pinyin-Chinese character matching games, this resource creates a fun learning experience for your kids.

5. YoYo Chinese

With over 1,000 online video lessons available on their YouTube channel, YoYo Chinese offers both comprehensive and structured, real-life scenarios with native Chinese dialogue for both children and adults.

If you’re an adult interested in learning Chinese Mandarin, then consider watching some of the other videos on their YouTube channel as well.

In the video, “Basic Chinese Greetings – Beginner Conversational Mandarin,” viewers will learn how to greet someone in Chinese, along with a few other helpful phrases.

6. Mulberry House Academy

Mulberry House Academy is a Mandarin immersion school with an informative YouTube channel full of free video learning material.

Videos include storytelling, music, rhymes, poems and cartoons, and are all geared toward successfully helping children with Mandarin speaking, reading and writing—while immersing them in the Mandarin culture.

For instance, Chinese learners can enjoy Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” in Chinese. The video is captioned in Chinese characters, pinyin and English, so it’s easy to read along.

7. 親子共讀故事館 (Parent-child Reading Story Library)

This channel focuses on storytelling for children whose first language is Mandarin. Videos feature picture books read aloud in Chinese. You may even be familiar with some of the books!

For instance, beginning students might enjoy the video “我愛聽故事 – 好餓的毛毛蟲”(wǒ ài tīng gùshi – hǎo è de máomao chóng) or in English, “I Love to Listen to Stories – The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

8. Muzzy BBC

chinese videos for students

While Muzzy BBC is not a YouTube channel, it is a website with a host of Chinese language learning resources for kids.

Muzzy BBC offers videos—including fun, animated stories—that are captioned in English, so if you don’t immediately recognize all the words, you can quickly see their meanings.

Muzzy covers around 1,200 phrases and concepts and offers worksheets, flashcards and 24 sing-along songs—giving beginning students a strong start on their path to full proficiency.

9. DinoLingo

chinese videos for students

DinoLingo is another learning resource intended for kids. 

Available online as a subscription and as an app on iOS and Android, DinoLingo offers games, books, worksheets, flashcards and of course, videos! The videos also feature animated songs.

10. PandaTree

chinese videos for studentsLike many other beginner resources, PandaTree is intended for children but can also be used by adults.

Their videos cover vocabulary, pronunciation, tongue twisters and even some songs. Plus, you can access videos for free!

In addition to videos, PandaTree also offers games, stories and one-on-one lessons, so you can still learn with PandaTree even if you don’t feel like watching a video.


And that’s our list of 10 Chinese language resources for kids.

You could also try out some Chinese songs for kids too! 


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