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Learn Mandarin by the (Comic) Book: 7 Places to Read Chinese Manhua Online

read chinese manhua online

Comic book nerds unite!

Love reading comic books? Love studying Chinese?

There’s a way to combine your two passions: Read Chinese manhua online!

Chinese 漫画 (màn huà) — manhua are Mandarin-language comic books that are heavily …

Spread the News! Here Are 6 Chinese News Apps for Android


Your Twitter feed.

The morning paper on your doorstep.

Televisions in the doctor’s office waiting room.

The news is everywhere you look!

It isn’t surprising—the news is important. People want to know what’s happening in the world, …

Tone Your Mandarin Muscles: 6 Resources for Learning Chinese Tones with Audio

chinese tones audio

Chinese tones. The enemy of the native English speaker.

Most students are unaware that Chinese is a tonal language prior to the first time they enter a Chinese classroom or crack open a Chinese textbook.

Who knew that four or …

5 Pinyin Practice Games to Jumpstart Your Mandarin Speaking Skills


If you’re a native English speaker, you’re enjoying a luxury.

Not only do many non-English speakers say that learning English is incredibly difficult, but native English speakers also don’t have to deal with tones.

If you’re an English speaker …

Have a Barrel of Laughs When You Watch These 5 Chinese Sitcoms


Just about each and every one of us grew up with a favorite sitcom.

Sitcoms are token markers of our eras.

The 80s kids loved “Family Ties.” 90s kids loved “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” We all got addicted to …

7 Apps for Enjoying and Learning from Chinese Music


Music is in the air.

And it’s here to teach you Chinese!

We may not generally think of listening to music as a tangible and effective way to learn a new language.

But while supplementing music-listening with a course or

Tapping Tips: 4 Steps to Nailing Chinese Typing Practice


Every Chinese learner wants to connect with native speakers.

So at some point, we download Weibo, make an account, customize a cute profile and then…

We’re left clueless about how to type in Chinese.

Or maybe a learner …