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10 Chinese Flashcard Apps That Provide a Workout for Your Brain


Do you work out?

Maybe you go to the gym with the aim to get swole (or at least stay fit).

Or maybe you jog around your block every morning for some light but effective cardio.


But do you

Learn with Flicks: 6 Chinese Dubbed Movies for Studying Mandarin Chinese in 2020


Who doesn’t love a good movie binge-watching session?

With streaming networks, it’s easier than ever to consume media from all over the world.

It’s no secret that watching films in Chinese can help learners improve their language skills. Watching a

Write by Hand: 5 Chinese Handwriting Input Programs That Are Total Game Changers


If you haven’t heard of Chinese handwriting input software, we’re about to blow your mind.

It’s easy to copy and paste 拼音 (pīn yīn) — Chinese romanization and 汉字 (hàn zì) — Chinese characters that you …

Learn Chinese with Videos: From Beginner to Advanced in 12 Hours and 20 Minutes


You might already know the benefits of a good language-learning video.

You may be aware that the visual experience can hold your attention very well and the audio can help you nail pronunciation and improve accent comprehension.

But knowing …

Build Your Chinese Muscles with These 5 Mandarin Online Tutorials

mandarin online tutorial

Online tutorials are the best, aren’t they?

You can learn everything from how to do your makeup to how to hang out with popular people to how to calculate pi by throwing frozen hotdogs, all with the help of …

Have You Heard? These 16 Resources Are Perfect for Chinese Listening Practice

chinese listening practice

When you’re studying Chinese, learning to listen can be a bumpy road.

When I first started learning Mandarin in high school, it amazed me how many roadblocks I hit when it came to listening.

I was a master at …

Learner’s List: The 10 Best Chinese Movies on Amazon Prime


Ah, the cinema!

Our relationship with films has changed quite a bit over the years.

Once upon a time, people needed to purchase a ticket and climb into seats at a movie theater to catch a new release.

Now, we