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Using ? for Everything? How to Pick the Right Measure Words in Any Chinese Sentence


Could you get through a day without counting?

Probably not.

I’m guessing you want to know exactly how many dollars are in your bank account. Or how many minutes you have left in the workday. Or how many eggs …

4 Friendly Chinese Chatbots for Mandarin Learning Convos


Chatbots have been a trend for as long as this old writer can recall.

Remember in the early 2000s when everyone was using Cleverbot to kill some time?

Ever tried thinking of the most obscure character or concept in existence …

How to Stream Chinese TV Online: 5 Rad Resources


Streaming television is all the rage now, isn’t it?

Who even has a cable account anymore?

With websites like Netflix and Hulu around, people can tune in to their favorite shows with nothing more than a laptop and a WiFi …

Learner’s List: The 10 Best Chinese Movies on Amazon Prime


Ah, the cinema!

Our relationship with films has changed quite a bit over the years.

Once upon a time, people needed to purchase a ticket and climb into seats at a movie theater to catch a new release.

Now, we

The Business-ready Guide: How to Write an Email in Chinese


Remember when they said the ol’ email would be obsolete soon?

Remember when everyone thought social media would eat the original communication service of the internet and render it useless?

Yeah, right.

If you’re an online freelancer or someone who …

How to Talk to (or About) Family and Friends in Chinese


Friends. Food. Feelings. Identities. Weather. Family.

Maybe you’re someone who believes labels are too restrictive.

That’s totally understandable and okay.

Lots of labels can be unnecessary and limiting!

But on a practical level, language irrevocably revolves around labeling just about

6 Chat Platforms for Chinese Learners You Might Not Think Of


Chat rooms have been around since the dawn of the internet and they have yet to go out of style.

Why would they, though?

Chat rooms are a fantastic way to communicate with many people all at the same time, …