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5 Wildly Popular Chinese Talk Shows to Learn Conversational Mandarin


Just about every ’90s kid can remember this type of glorious sick day:

Home from school, lying in bed, lazily watching talk show hosts chat about basically everything.

News, celebrity gossip, books, dubious lifestyle advice, you name it.

Shows like …

A Whiz Kid in the Making! 4 Fun Ways for Kids to Learn Chinese


How often do you help your child with their homework?

Do you find yourself struggling sometimes?

Do they seem to figure things out before you do?

Isn’t it great being shown up by children?

Don’t feel too bad about it. …

Learn Chinese with Songs: 10 Awesome Tracks for Memorizing Mandarin


Music is the language of the soul.

You can listen to a song in an unfamiliar language and still feel its vibrancy.

It can also be a tool.

When my father came to the United States from Italy forty years …

Skype's the Limit! 5 Resources for Skype Chinese Lessons to Expand Your Horizons


Ten years ago, I embarked on my journey to learn Mandarin Chinese in high school.

I had a very high-energy 老师 (lǎo shī) — teacher that made learning this seemingly impossible language actually pretty fun and interesting.

Going to her …

Mind Your Mandarin Manners: 6 Different Ways to Say Thank You in Chinese


Think of a time where you were really grateful for something.

Did a beloved friend give you a really heartfelt gift?

Has a coworker covered your shift on a Saturday?

Chances are you can definitely think of a time …

7 Dream Jobs Requiring Chinese Language Skills


Having your dream job isn’t just a flighty wish.

It can become an absolute reality.

Do you want to travel abroad?

Do you want to find a job where you can use the skills you’ve worked so hard to hone—speaking …

How to Type in Chinese: Tips for Speedy Chatting on Any Device


How many times have you checked Facebook, Twitter or Instagram today?

If you’re like most people, then the answer is probably a lot.

Who can blame us? Social media is a fun and easy way to see what our …