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Hanzi Dictionaries: 9 Smart Options for Mandarin Learners


If you go to a Chinese-speaking country, you’ll see them everywhere.

Those characters. You know the ones.

One big aspect of Chinese that leaves potential learners (and those who have been learning Mandarin for quite some time) stumped is 汉字

10 Magical Chinese Web Series for Learning Mandarin


Non-English web series are becoming hugely popular around the world.

This is true even in primarily English-speaking countries.

Netflix has quite the variety of foreign films and series, and Asian media streaming websites like Crunchyroll now have millions of members …

Learn Chinese with WeChat: All About This Killer App


In a world where there’s an app for everything

…one brave piece of tech manages to be an app for everything.

微信 (wēi xìn), or “WeChat,” is a Chinese app that packs many features into the user experience, …

5 Intermediate Chinese Courses for Post-newbie Learners


If you’re reading this, that probably means you did it.

You fought long and hard through learning basic sentence structure, hanzi stroke order and the dreaded tones.

You’ve officially graduated from beginner learner to intermediate learner! Woo …

Looking for Chinese Christmas Cartoons? We Got You Covered!


It’s that time of year, readers!

Christmas is just around the corner.

You’re probably taking this holiday season to relax and maybe not go so hard on the Chinese studies.

After all, everybody needs a break and the holidays …

The Mobile Mandarin Life: How to Learn Chinese in the Car


We get it.

It’s tough making time for anything new.

Be that going to the gym regularly, picking up a new hobby, learning an instrument or learning a brand new language.

It’s quite easy to make excuses for not …

Aha! 13 Online Tools for a Revelatory Chinese Learning Plan


There’s a certain formula to “formal” learning.

You go to class, listen to the lecture, go home.

You practice reading, writing, speaking and listening for an hour or so.

Rinse and repeat.

Some Chinese learners might find this a bit …