The 17 Best K-dramas on Hulu in June 2024

Hulu has a bunch of Korean dramas that are uniquely riveting and entertaining. For those of you interested in learning Korean, they can also be fantastic learning material.

Here’s my list of the best and latest K-dramas you can catch on the streaming platform.


1. Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun (2023)

The fantastical land of Arth is rife with conflict, and leadership is in a constant state of question. One man seeks to reinvigorate his tribe and lead a rebellion against the ruthless king who has positioned himself as the single, eminent ruler.

I was immediately curious about this series, since I’ve never seen an “ancient fantasy” K-drama before. “Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun” is actually a sequel to its 2019 predecessor, so I recommend you watch that first before going into this one (Note: the first season doesn’t seem to be available on Hulu at the moment).

I think fans of series like “Game of Thrones” would find plenty to like about this series, whether it’s the fantastic character designs, gripping battle scenes or the moody political undertones.

2. Big Mouth (2022)

Park Chang-ho is a mediocre lawyer, teasingly known as “Big Mouth” for his chatty nature.

His world is turned upside down when he becomes involved in a murder case and he’s suddenly believed to be an infamous grifter known as “Big Mouse.” To protect his family’s well-being, he explores a web of corruption and conspiracy among the social elite.

As serious as the plot sounds, there are actually plenty of comedic moments that can lighten the gritty tone. The action scenes are also a thrill to watch. If you like some mirth with your mystery, I recommend this show.

3. Call It Love (2023)

Finding out that her deceased father had a secret mistress was bad enough, but when Sim Woo-joo gets kicked out of her own home by said mistress, she has all the motives to get revenge. But her spiteful plans become wayward when she begins to develop feelings for the mistress’s son.

I’m not the biggest fan of melodrama, but “Call It Love” has a sincerity to it that makes the scenes of angst worthwhile and the tender moments truly heartwarming. Plus, the aesthetics and cinematography are quite impressive for a romance series.

4. Big Bet (2022)

After leaving his home country of Korea, Cha Mu-sik becomes a successful casino tycoon in the Philippines. However, when he’s wrongly accused of murder and hounded by the police, Cha Mu-sik must figure out the best odds to keep himself alive.

The story is actually inspired by a real Korean native who ran a casino ring in the Philippines. That already caught my attention, but it was the stellar acting (you can’t go wrong with the eminent Choi Min-sik, who played the lead in “Oldboy”) and intense plot that made me stay for the whole ride.

5. Connect (2022)

Ha Dong-soo lives an ordinary and stable life, until he’s kidnapped by an underground organ trafficker and has one of his eyes removed.

But he gains a new type of vision: he now has the ability to “connect” to the sight of the one who took his eye. As luck would have it, the eye now belongs to a bloodthirsty serial killer, and Dong-soo is set on stopping him in his murderous tracks.

The show is twisted and grotesque, but not to the point that it’s hard to watch. I was fascinated by “Connect” and how starkly it stood out from most other K-dramas, in terms of storyline, themes and atmosphere. If you enjoy elements of the supernatural and body-based horror, then this series can be the pick for you.

6. Doctor Lawyer (2022)

After being wrongly accused of malpractice, gifted surgeon Han Yi-han loses his medical license. However, he regains his footing by becoming a lawyer specializing in medical legalities. Together with a prosecutor, he works to protect the rights and dignity of his clients.

It seems like doctors working double time as medical lawyers would be a more common occurrence, but “Doctor Lawyer” depicts how the stark line can be drawn between both professions. There’s plenty of grim suspense that can intrigue anyone, whether you’re interested or not in the worlds of medicine and law.

7. Dr. Romantic (2016)

Renowned surgeon Kim Sabu disappears from the spotlight when he suddenly leaves his high-profile position in a large hospital.

Now known as Teacher Kim, or “Dr. Romantic,” he works in a small humble hospital near the coast. He lends a guiding hand to two young doctors-in-training, teaching them the importance of empathy and care in the medical field.

This is another medical-based show (with three seasons!), but with a very different tone. “Dr. Romantic” depicts a great cast of characters and their respective growths. Don’t be fooled by the gentle-sounding plot summary though—the series actually pays a startling amount of realistic detail to surgical scenes, which can be uncomfortable for some.

8. If You Wish Upon Me (2022)

Yun Gyeo-rye has been a lifelong criminal and troublemaker. As punishment for one of his latest misdeeds, he’s ordered to perform volunteer community service at a hospice. There, he joins a special group known as Team Genie, whose members are committed to carrying out the final wishes of dying patients.

I consider myself to be a pretty rare crier, but this series had me dabbing my eyes more than once. The show is very bittersweet—it’s not afraid to show the finality of death, but the sadness is always interlaced with linings of hope and gratitude. Get your tissues ready for this one.

9. Kiss Sixth Sense (2022)

When Hong Ye-sul kisses someone, she can get a glimpse into their future. But when she accidentally kisses her unfriendly boss, she’s shocked to see a snippet of his future that features her in it. What’s worse, both seem to be in a rather compromising state. What exactly is meant by this disturbing vision?

Based on a popular webtoon, “Kiss Sixth Sense” is a fun and lighthearted comedic romp that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This makes it a good pick for viewers who want more casual content. I’m sure it’s a hit for romance fans since it tackles a lot of the favorite tropes that make you gush.

10. The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

A mermaid from the Joseon dynasty era gets teleported to modern day civilization. When she encounters a cunning conman, the connection between them feels deep and instinctual. But what kind of ties do they have exactly, when they don’t even belong in the same time period?

The story is based on an old Korean folktale featuring a mermaid and fisherman. Normally, I tend to avoid shows that involve time travel (they can get so confusing!), but “The Legend of the Blue Sea” is an easy, enjoyable watch.

It carries a consistent playful and warm mood all throughout. Of course, the highlight will be the lively and often comedic interactions between the lead characters.

11. May It Please the Court (2023)

Noh Chak-hee is a bloodhound of a lawyer: diligent, steely and relentless. But after being arrested, she loses her high-profile job to become a more low-ranking public defender.

The transition is even more frustrating because her co-worker, public defender Jwa Si-baek, gets on her nerves. However, when the two are tasked to deal with a murder case, they must learn how to work together to duly honor the law and truth.

The series is based on a book by an actual Korean public defender, so there are bits and pieces of authentic casework in the courtroom scenes. As someone who watches real court trials for fun (don’t ask), I was engrossed in those moments and found the overall plot quite engrossing. It also helps that the relationship between the two leads is witty and refreshing.

12. Moving (2023)

A trio of high school students inherit superhuman abilities from their parents. The teens’ normal lives take a turn for the bizarre and dangerous as they all find themselves targets of mysterious organizations.

The show is based on the webtoon of the same name. I think “Moving” is a fantastic title because the series really is kinetic, in more ways than one. It’s packed with meaningful character development and spectacular action, with a surprising amount of space left for slower-paced emotional segments.

13. The First Responders (2022)

The police, the firefighters and the paramedics: the three groups that are present in any emergency scenario. This show follows the unique perspectives of three individuals, one from each division, as they work to save lives.

I personally know folks involved in emergency care, so I went into “The First Responders” with a few expectations. It’s definitely not high-spirited in tone, and realism was often forgone for dramatic action, but it was certainly entertaining and dynamic.

I specifically relished just how organically the main three characters interacted with each other—you certainly won’t get bored when they’re on screen, and I could only hope that real-life emergency responders could always work so fluidly together.

14. Revenge of Others (2022)

Ok Chan-mi’s twin brother dies at his high school, supposedly by suicide. However, Chan-mi is confident that there’s much more to the story. She transfers to her brother’s school and seeks the truth of his death, becoming especially interested in a certain student who acts as an avenger for victims of bullying.

“Revenge of Others” is catered to teens, but that didn’t stop old me from enjoying the intense school-based drama. I love mysteries, and I especially love mysteries that dish out the sweet taste of justice.

This show isn’t just satisfying to watch—it also sheds light on social realities and unflinchingly depicts the very prominent issue of societal pressure and bullying in Korea.

15. Revenant (2023)

Gu San-yeong is just your average hard-working woman…that is, until she becomes possessed by an evil spirit and starts encountering misfortune.

She catches the eye of Yeom Hye-sang, a folklore professor who can also see ghosts and demons. Together, the two work to investigate a series of strange deaths in their locale.

Ghosts, demons, folklore: three things that made me sign up for this show immediately, and I wasn’t disappointed by what I got. “Revenant” is genuinely eerie and has a great knack for horror, but it’s not just about thrills and chills. It comes with its own set of twists that any viewer, not just horror fans, can appreciate.

16. Vigilante (2023)

Diligent police academy student Kim Ji-yong hides a dark secret: when not being an upstanding cadet, he works as a mysterious vigilante, hunting down criminals on his own terms. His rogue actions are closely followed by a police investigation unit determined to strike him down.

Another show based on a webtoon, “Vigilante” has a dark, punishing storyline that will keep you on the edge of your visual and mental toes. The fast-paced series is a brain stimulator, providing viewers with sense-satisfying entertainment while also pondering provocative questions about the philosophy of justice.

17. The Worst of Evil (2023)

Countryside police officer Park Jun-mo is tired of being compared to his wife, a top agent working in Seoul. He attempts to prove his worth by becoming an undercover cop to investigate an extensive international drug operation. However, his illustrious wife is also on the job to take down the involved cartels.

I expected a show about a couple-in-crime doling out handcuffs and warrants to criminals. What I got was something far more complex, impactful and even questionable. I don’t want to spoil any more about it, but I can guarantee that it’s a thrilling, violent journey that is sure to keep you alert and fascinated throughout.


Don’t wait to take advantage of your Hulu subscription (or the streaming platform’s free trial!).

If you want to learn some Korean while you’re at it, you can also check out the program FluentU where you’ll find many K-drama clips with interactive subtitles.

Snuggle into your couch, get comfy, and load up these shows pronto before they’re removed from the catalog. I guarantee you’ll find a good number of favorites within this list!

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