56 Beautiful Korean Words

Korean is a beautiful language—just listen to the cadence and flow of your favorite K-Pop lyrics.

Keep on reading to find out how to say “beautiful” in Korean, learn some unique Korean words that don’t exist as single words in the English language and discover some gorgeous words categorized by theme


How to Say “Beautiful” in Korean

Before we move on to words that are beautiful, first we need to learn how to describe them. Here are all the different ways to say “beautiful” in Korean, for many different situations and various degrees of beauty.

미남 minamDescribes a beautiful man
미녀 minyeoDescribes a beautiful woman
아름다움 areumdawumBeauty
시대를 초월한 아름다움 miumbatji anneuntimelessly beauty
아름다운 areumdaunBeautiful
예쁜 yeppeunPretty
고운 gounElegant
세련된 seryeondoenSophisticated
화려한 hwaryeohanBright and splendid, visually impressive
빛나는 binnaneunShining
우아한 uahanGraceful
눈부신 nunbusinDazzling or blindingly beautiful
아찔한 ajjilhanBreathtaking
정열적인 jeongyeoljeoginPassionately beautiful
꽃다운 kkotdaunAs beautiful as a flower
돋보이는 dotboineunStanding out in terms of beauty
황홀한 hwangholhanEnchantingly beautiful
화려한 hwaryeohanSplendid
근사한 geunsahanExquisite
눈에 띄는 nune ttuineunEye-catching
미모가 넘치는 mimoga neomchineunOverflowing with beauty (used to compliment someone's looks)
무척이나 아름다운 mucheogina areumdaunExtremely beautiful
세상 모든 게 다 아름다워

Everything in (the) world is beautiful
옛날에 마음씨 착하고 예쁜 콩쥐라는 여자아이가 살았어요.

(A) long time ago, (there) lived (a) kind-hearted, pretty girl (whose name) was Kongjui.

Beautiful Korean Words

Let’s move on to some of my favorite Korean words, which either have beautiful meanings or sound pleasing… or often both!

Nature Words

푸른 pureunBlue or green, representing the colors of nature
봄날 bomnalSpring day
물맑은 mulmareunClear water
푸릇푸릇 pureutpureutFresh and lively, like new growth
새소리 saesoriBirdsong
솔숲 solsupPine forest
일몰 ilmolSunset
꽃잎 kkotipFlower petal
별똥별 byeolttongbyeolShooting star
빗소리 bitsoriSound of rain
산림욕 sanrimyokForest bathing


행복 haengbokHappiness
기쁨 gippeumJoy
그리움 geuriumLonging
다정다감 dajeongdakamAffability
평화로움 pyeonghwaroumSerenity
사랑 sarangLove
위로 wiroComfort
고마움 gomaoumGratitude
감사 gamsaThankfulness
희망 himangHope
영감 yeongamInspiration
설렘 seollemExcitement or a fluttering feeling
축복 chukbokBlessing
감동적인 gamdongjeoginDeeply moved
신비로운 sinbirounMysterious

Untranslatable Korean Words

Some Korean words don’t exist in English, but really should. I mean, why don’t we have a word to describe that fluttery feeling of experiencing something touching or moving?

Korean does, though, along with a number of other beautiful words that can’t be easily translated. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • 품격 (pumgyeok) — Used to describe a person’s character, dignity, grace or nobility. It can also refer to the style or elegance of something, like a place or object.
  • (jeong) — A deep emotional connection that goes beyond mere affection and signifies a strong emotional bond and sense of connection.
  • 눈치 (nunchi) — The ability to understand someone’s feelings or mood without them expressing it directly, similar in meaning to “emotional intelligence” in English.
  • 매력 (maeryeok) — A combination of charm, appeal and attractiveness.
  • 심쿵 (simkung) — The fluttery feeling or rapid heartbeat experienced in response to something touching or moving.
  • 꿈틀꿈틀 (kkumteulkkumteul) — The feeling of something continuously twisting or turning in a cute and charming way. Think of a worm wiggling on the ground or a feeling of nervousness making you fidget!
  • 찰떡 (chaldeok) — A perfect match or pairing, often used to describe people who complement each other well.
  • 햇살 가득 (haessal gadeuk) — Describes a scene or place filled with abundant sunlight, creating a warm and cheerful atmosphere.

The best way to find more beautiful Korean words is to use authentic Korean content and media to learn. For instance, you can find many new vocabulary words in context through the FluentU program.


What a beautiful end to a list of beautiful Korean words!

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