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Korean From Zero! Review: What KFZ Can Do for You


It seems like everything Korean is a hot commodity right now.

K-pop is huge.

We’re seeing more and more Korean characters in movies and television.

Korean cuisine is working its way into mainstream American, Canadian and other English-language cultures.…

Sing up a Storm with These 12 K-pop Karaoke Resources

karaoke kpop




Girls’ Generation.

If you’re a fan of Korean music, just the names of these famous K-pop groups probably get your heart racing and your toes tapping.

You may even find yourself singing along while …

Learn Korean on YouTube with These 11 Enchanting Channels


Did you know there’s something better to watch on YouTube than cats making hilarious faces?

No, really.

It’s pretty amazing: YouTube has entire languages just waiting for you to learn! How amazing is that?

Wait, you mean you’re learning Korean

The 7 Best Korean Movies on Netflix to Level Up Your Korean in 2021

korean movies netflix

Learning Korean?

Have a Netflix account?

You’re in luck! Netflix has a fantastic selection of Korean movies at the moment that will propel your online Korean studies to new heights.

Using Netflix to improve your Korean is …