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Up for the Challenge: 4 Intermediate Japanese Textbooks for Spirited Learners

intermediate japanese textbooks

Congratulations! You’ve climbed your way through elementary Japanese!

By now, you’ve mastered hiragana and katakana, and know some basic kanji as well.

And if your textbook of choice was “Genki,” you’ve bonded with some characters to whom you’ve recently …

The Complete Japanese Business Vocabulary Guide for Newbies

business japanese vocabulary

So, you’ve secured a position at a Japanese company. Congratulations!

You’ve also just been struck by a crippling fear that you’ll be completely unable to communicate or get along in your new work environment.

Panic is setting in.

Everything is …

17 Most Common Kanji for Deciphering Tokyo Train Maps

most common kanji

Even if you’ve never stepped foot in Japan, I bet you’ve heard of Harajuku.

Super-fashionable district of Tokyo…

Spawned a one-woman fad of sporting Japanese girls as accessories

But how many of you could pluck it out of