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Surprise! 45 Everyday Phrases Your Japanese Book Didn’t Teach You

everyday japanese phrases


Out of nowhere comes a twist you’d never have predicted—not in a million years.

Have you ever been completely surprised by the ending to a book chapter, TV episode or movie?

The same thing can happen to …

A Fun Intro to Japanese Aesthetics: 7 Key Words to Beautify Your Vocabulary

japanese aesthetics

Ever heard someone squeal 可愛い!(かわいい!) and turned around to see something not even remotely “cute”?

If you spend some time in Japan, there’s a good chance this might happen.

A situation like this can be confusing, simply because of …

8 Freaking Complicated Kanji That Are Weirdly Fun to Learn

most complicated kanji

When you’ve just started learning kanji, they pretty much all look complicated.

Then you’ll find that some kanji are simple and friendly enough, while others look like terrifying, vicious, thousand-toothed beasts.

How can you decipher those extra complex kanji,