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10 Gitaigo You Need to Add to Your Japanese Vocabulary, Stat


What’s your Japanese missing?

Gitaigo—擬態語 (ぎたいご)—power!

Of course, communicating in Japaneseor in any other languagerequires a variety of tools. Sometimes you need to be polite, sometimes you need to write, sometimes you need

The 5 Best Kanji Apps Made by Native Japanese Speakers for Native Japanese Speakers

best kanji apps

The big question on the typical Japanese learner’s mind is: Is it even possible to learn so many kanji?

The next question (and the main question for everyone else) is usually: Can learning kanji be fun?

The answers to …

Santa Claus Da Yo! 9 Christmas Carols in Japanese That’ll Knock Your Stockings Off

christmas carols in japanese

First things first, is there even such a thing as Christmas in Japan?

Well, Santa also comes to Japan (kind of).

But if by “Christmas” you mean the whole family gathered around the tree, hanging gold and red decorations while …

Japanese TV: The Couch Potato’s Guide to Japanese Learning

japanese tv

Have you ever channel-hopped around Japanese TV?

I’m imagining you ended up doing some nearly endless zapping—scared and perplexed by all those people screaming and waving their hands in the air while speaking a language that seems to have …