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Japanese Reading Practice: Cozy Up with These Fun Resources for Beginners!


Do you remember the moment you decided to learn Japanese?

I’ve always been a fan of Japanese media, but I began and abandoned learning the language on and off for years.

I didn’t get serious until I wanted to read …

Agree to Disagree: How to Say Yes and No in Japanese


Think about the last time you agreed or disagreed with someone.

Without much thought, you may have given a non-verbal answer, such as giving a thumbs-up or shaking your head in disapproval. You may have even given a one-word answer …

How to Learn Japanese with Anki: 5 Tips for Personalized Flashcard Learning

anki japanese

Flip, flip, flip…

That’s the sound of your Japanese skills improving, one flashcard at a time.

Flashcards are a fantastic way to learn new vocabulary words, memorize complicated kanji and even remember grammar constructions.

And if you take your flashcards …

Beyond Watashi: A Quick Guide to Saying “I” in Japanese


Who are Atashi, Boku and Ore? Did I forget these characters’ names?

That’s what I thought when I first started watching subtitled anime. I felt lost. Characters were using a variety of terms to refer to themselves …

95+ Easy Japanese Words and Phrases to Rock Any Situation

easy japanese phrases to rock any situation

Hey you!

Yeah, you.

Do you want to start speaking Japanese right this second?

Are you heading to Japan soon, desperately searching out useful phrases that you can use ASAP?

Maybe you’re on a quest to learn the secret …