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Snap, Flash, Study: 8 Steps to Learn Japanese with Pictures

learn japanese with pictures

Look to your left. Pick something you see. (If you’re next to a wall, that works.)

Can you name what you see in Japanese?

If so, great! Look to your right. Pick something else. Can you name that? What …

Picture Perfect Learning: 6 Japanese Flashcards Apps That’ll Make You Smile

japanese flashcards app

Does your wrist hurt from writing out countless flashcards for Japanese words?

Do you sometimes end up reviewing stuff you already know, just because you made a flashcard for it?

There’s a better way.

No matter what it is you …

Special Effects: Extracting Spectacular Vocabulary from Japanese Drama Series

japanese drama series

When’s the last time you watched a Japanese television drama?

Okay, now when’s the last time you learned some useful, interesting vocabulary from watching a Japanese television drama?

If your answer to either of those questions was “Never,” you can’t …