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Sing Along! 5 Easy Japanese Songs That Are a Cinch to Learn


Have you started listening to Japanese music yet?

I hear it’s pretty helpful when you’re learning.

Not to mention, knowing a song’s lyrics by heart can be a nice morale boost.

Being able to sing along smoothly is …

4 Anime Shows to Get Beginners Totally Hooked on Japanese

anime for beginners

Have you ever wished you could watch anime without subtitles?

Have you daydreamed about being able to understand the nuances of every line of dialogue?

Given thought to learning Japanese from anime?

Wait, what? You can’t learn Japanese from …

4 Reasons Why “Erin’s Challenge!” Might Be the Best Website to Learn Japanese 2016-01-21 11-53-21

Did you know that in Japan there are websites and television programs made specifically for non-Japanese people?

Typically, they’re to help said people better learn the Japanese language and introduce them to different parts of the culture.

Or, in …

Welcome to the Japanese Tweet-o-sphere: 4 Tips That Make Twitter the Easiest Way to Learn Japanese

easiest way to learn japanese

Learning Japanese can be an uphill battle.

You’d like to creep closer to fluency every day.

You’d like to make more Japanese friends.

And, perhaps most important, you’d like to make sure you’re having fun while you’re learning