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18 of the Best Websites to Learn Japanese That Every Learner Should Try


Imagine your typical study session.

Are you nose-deep in textbooks?

Drowning in workbooks?

Working furiously to get your flashcards all neatly aligned, despite the fact that a couple of them are covered in awkward ink marks from where you …

12 Resources for Famous Japanese Short Stories to Suit Your Skill Level and Style

famous japanese short stories

I’ve got a question for you: When you study Japanese, do you sometimes find yourself wishing you were somewhere else?

Do you imagine yourself running through a field of flowers, jumping over airplanes or traveling through time?

If …

The 6 Best Translation Apps for Learning and Understanding Japanese


Let’s play a hypothetical game.

What would you do if you had something to say in Japanese, but didn’t know how to say it?

A. Cry.
B. Run away and hide.
C. Randomly belt out the lyrics to your

6 Diverse Jobs for Japanese Speakers with Different Career Interests

jobs for japanese speakers

So you’ve studied Japanese awhile, taken the JLPT and totally perfected your language skills.

You’re finally ready to put yourself to the test and snatch up your dream job in a Japanese-language office. Congratulations!

Well—that’s one way to …

Learn the Fun Way: How a Japanese 3DS Will Completely Boost Your Language Skills

fun way to learn japanese

Want to kiss study boredom goodbye—forever?

To never again feel like a flashcard-mumbling zombie or a textbook-regurgitating nerd while learning Japanese?

Then you’ll want to hear my secret. 

A secret that involves video games.

This learning hack will open you …