Learn Italian Words with 7 Free Apps Perfect for On-the-go Word Acquisition

Frank Sinatra had a pointSome of the best things in life are free!

Free Italian language-learning apps fall into that category. They’re very valuable resources for language learners.

Use a free Italian word app to increase your vocabulary, and make powering up vocabulary skills effortless, mobile and fun.


The Benefits of (Free) Italian Vocabulary Apps

Language apps are designed for fast learning. Think about it: They give instant information, which is as fast as it gets!

Apps put knowledge in the palm of your hand. What’s not to love? They’re generally formatted in a clear, uncomplicated manner that makes them very user-friendly.

What’s so great about word-learning apps, in particular? Here are just a few awesome things about them:

  • They allow you to make your own vocabulary lists: Many word apps let you customize word lists, which makes it simple to tailor an Italian program to any learner’s specific needs.
  • They provide a convenient way to practice: Repetition is key to learning a new language. Word apps are perfect for targeting this facet of learning: just bring those words up on the app until they’re mastered. Then, move on to new words!
  • They can improve listening comprehension: With the audio feature turned on, word apps provide excellent listening practice.
  • They’re also great for speaking practice: Language learners can—and should!—repeat new words after hearing them. A sweet bonus is that most audio on Italian word apps is provided by native Italian speakers so modeling pronunciation after authentic content is a win-win situation.
  • You might also pick up idioms with Italian words apps: Many word apps show common uses of individual words, giving you insight into how they’re really used. Learn to sound like a local without even leaving the country!

Study Vocabulary with Flashcards and Games

These apps teach you new words one by one through games, flashcards, videos and even sleep learning.

Learn Italian Words Free

(iOS | Android)


This one’s a vocabulary-lover’s dream app. There are 10,000 words up for grabs here!

The app displays flashcards that feature Italian words and phrases and their English translations. Words are categorized by difficulty level and theme, and include important terms you’ll need to know for specialized topics like business Italian, travel basics and even dating.

There’s also a pretty unique feature: the app offers a sleep-learning function so users can keep learning even as they catch a few Z’s.

Best of all, everything’s available offline.

Use the words you lean here to help with writing practice. You might be surprised by how broadening your vocabulary affects your writing skills!

Learn Italian—5,000 Phrases

(iOS | Android)


With more than 5,000 phrases on this app, there’s plenty of potential to build an enormous Italian vocabulary.

It features phonetic transcriptions which eliminate any uncertainty about pronunciation. Audio recordings model pronunciation and provide opportunities to repeat words until you sound like a native.

No internet connection is needed to use this app so learning truly goes anywhere—and is available anytime.

Learn Italian showcases common vocabulary, presenting it in typical, everyday situations. You can choose to study by level or select one of the 20 topics and 145 subtopics. Learn the words thoroughly with 11 fun game modes.

Repetition reinforces learning, so use the review lessons provided on this app to help solidify word acquisition. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

6,000 Words—Learn Italian Language for Free

(iOS | Android)


Brought to you by the same creators that made the previous app, this version features 6,000 words (instead of phrases) and is even more user-friendly.

With this app, you build vocabulary using fun games that go from easy to difficult (depending on your skill level).

Words are pronounced by native speakers so the potential to mimic authentic pronunciation—always a good feature!—is possible.

The app’s designed for kids but any beginning learner would benefit from using it. It’s a fast way to build a core vocabulary—while having fun.

Innovative 101 Learn Languages

(iOS | Android)


Innovative 101 is a fabulous app for anyone who’s looking to build a powerful Italian vocabulary.

This isn’t a free app and access to all of the features varies according to the membership level. However, free users do get access to plenty of features, like weekly audio and video lessons, vocabulary lessons (via email) and offline learning. You also get a free trial to try out all the features for seven days.

Some levels do offer a flashcard feature that brings new words to learners in a familiar and fun way!

The app caters to every level of learner, from absolute beginner to advanced, so the words presented are consistent with a learner’s abilities. As your skills increase, the vocabulary becomes more difficult.

Line-by-line audio of words and phrases almost guarantees successful student pronunciation of unfamiliar words. Use the words to build a vocabulary list that grows as your language skills increase!

Learn Words from a Native Speaker

These apps allow you to learn new words “in the wild”—from native Italian speakers.

By talking with real Italian speakers, you’ll be getting exposed to the words—including idioms, interesting slang and everyday phrases—to propel you toward fluency.

There are a couple of ways to get the full benefit of learning Italian words with these apps.

To begin with, choose conversational partners who are at the same level as or higher than you in Italian. In other words, choose partners whose skills are compatible with your own. This’ll ensure that you’re able to communicate but also means there’s a good chance of picking up vocabulary words that may be new to you.

Take notes! When your language partner uses a new word, phrase or bit of idiomatic language that interests you, jot it down. And don’t forget to ask questions. You could ask, for example, “When do you use that phrase?” or “Does that word have more than one meaning?”

You can also ask teachers and partners to share expressions or uncommon words to enhance an existing core vocabulary.


(iOS | Android)


Italki is used primarily to connect language learners across the globe. The app makes it possible to schedule a lesson with professional teachers or converse with language partners anytime, anywhere.

Booking a lesson has a price but many other features are free.

You can practice your newly learned words by sharing them using the “notebook” feature, which allows users to show their writing to others for feedback. You can also get direct help from the community: If you have any questions about using a particular word, just ask!


(iOS | Android)


Speaky is a language exchange app that makes it possible to partner up with Italian learners across the globe.

That means you can look for someone who lives in Italy, maybe even in the specific region you’re interested in. This’ll give you a chance to hear the accent but also find out local slang and expressions.

You can chat by text, giving you a chance to practice your vocab and discover new ones through your partner. There’s also a text correction feature so you can be sure your spelling game is on-point.


(iOS | Android)


Busuu makes learning Italian words a snap by allowing you to get feedback from native speakers.

There are a number of ways to use the app—through interesting lessons, chat, a cool translator, practice that’s reviewed by native speakers and more—but it’s also perfect for word acquisition.

The app has a translator feature which is great for compiling detailed vocabulary lists.

The app allows users to record words and phrases then ask native speakers whether they’re pronouncing correctly. This feature is also a super way to hear and learn new words from other language learners as well as native Italian speakers!

Again, whenever you hear a new-to-you word or phrase, add it to your word list. It’s an excellent way to increase vocabulary while getting some listening practice in.

Use the chat feature to pick up idioms and slang. Find some native Italian speakers to increase conversational vocabulary in just a few chat sessions!

Apps That Offer a Free Trial 

While free apps can help you get off on the right foot, paid apps often offer things that you won’t find anywhere else. So if you’re looking to invest in your learning and take the next step with your learning, these apps include a free trial or free lessons to try them out:

  • Lingvist: This app is a great resource to learn new words quickly. It takes the most common 4,000-5,000 words and teaches you through spaced repetition quizzes that test all of your language skills. It also gives you an estimate of how many words you know in Italian through tests and quizzes.
  • FluentU: You can learn vocabulary in context with this app through authentic Italian videos with interactive captions. You can also use customized quizzes to learn new words or add words to your flashcard decks for review later. There’s also a contextual video dictionary available to find the correct definitions of any word you come across.


Most of us don’t leave home without our phones. An Italian word app—or two!—installed on your phone means that you can take your Italian language program with you wherever you go.

A free download can translate into a big investment.

Learn at your speed, on your time schedule (the apps fill in any downtime you might have!) and in a totally convenient way. Gain a huge vocabulary—for free. And have fun doing it!

Good luck!

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