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5 Genuine German Vloggers Who Hold Your Ticket to Fluency


If you love YouTube, chances are you’ve watched vlogs and gotten acquainted with their creators, who are known as vloggers.

What exactly is a vlog anyway, and how can it be valuable for German learners?

I’m sure that …

5 Surprising Similarities Between German and English That’ll Help You Learn German Today

similarities between german and english

If English is your mother tongue, then that makes German your uncle tongue.

German-speakers, vice versa.

The relationship between English and German is all but ancient history—the two languages are long-lost linguistic siblings.

But when English speakers are learning …

5 Ways to Get Guts: How to Speak German with Confidence

how to speak german

Speaking a new language is always scary: will I make a mistake?

Will I mess up in front of these impeccable native speakers?

Have I actually offered to sacrifice a goat to the Norse Gods rather than offering …