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Learn German with Radio: 10 of Germany’s Best Radio Stations

learn german with radio

“Video killed the radio sta-”

Wait, what? Do you really think radio is dead? Hardly!

Radio is alive and kicking, my friends, especially for us German learners!

The vibrant format of radio can be a fantastic tool for improving your

11 Tips to Breaking Through and Finally Becoming Fluent in German

Lots of half-hearted learners drop German faster than they picked it up.

But not you.

Oh no, you’re going the distance with German.

But how to arrive at that elusive end goal of fluency?

Everyone learns differently, but hard work, …

10 Best Magazines for Learning German

10 best magazines for learning german

Trying to master German by reading textbooks, newspapers and classic German literature?

German is not quite so black and white.

Magazines add a colorful splash to anyone’s language learning experience.

Skeptical about adding magazines to the German reading …

8 Great Twitter Accounts for Improving Your German

8 great twitter accounts for improving german

If you’re going to get fluent in German, you’re going to need more than textbooks.

You’re no stranger to fun methods for learning German: you’re already listening to German music, downloading language learning apps to your smartphone and watching

Learn German with Music: 10 Songs with Hidden German Grammar Lessons

learn German with music 10 songs

It’s test time in German class, but your mind is a total blank.

How are you supposed to remember all those convoluted rules in your textbook?

Try a new tactic and learn the lyrics of these awesome songs.

The human …