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The Ultimate Guide to Gracefully Gliding Through French Semi-vowels


When two or more French vowels go walking, which one does the talking?

And when they do the talking, what do these vowels say?

If they’re semi-vowels, they’ll say something that sounds suspiciously like a consonant.

In fact, some …

12 French Synonyms for Aussi to Avoid Repetition


Do you ever feel like you’re repeating yourself?

Day in, day out.

Same old, same old.

Wash, rinse, repeat: Aussi, tout aussi, aussi que, d’aussi, et aussi, aussi bon, aussi bien…

Are you sensing a pattern here?

…Sure, aussi is

Beat Test Fright: Pass Your French Oral Exam with These 5 Fundamental Skills


You stare at the class syllabus in shock.

Sweat beads on your forehead. Your palms become moist. You start to shake.

You feel seasick, even though you’re on dry land.

You frantically flip through the weekly calendar on your smartphone’s …

It’s Imperative! Practice French Commands with 6 Interactive Activities


Wishful thinking doesn’t get you anywhere. Facts and statements only go so far.

So how can you get anything done?

You need some French commands in your tool-belt.

The French imperative can really make things happen.

But if all you …

Not Your French Prof’s Dictionary: 9 French Slang Dictionaries to Talk Like a Native


Today, we’re keeping it casual.

We’re not going to get uptight. We’re not going to get bent out of shape. We’re just going to simmer down, hang loose and chill out.

We might even chillax—you never know.

Want the …

Sing it! Learn French with 7 Sublime Songs


Your kindergarten teacher used one to teach you the alphabet.

Fräulein Maria used one to teach the von Trapp children musical notes.

Schoolhouse Rock used one to show kids how a bill becomes a law.

Chemistry students …

Start Your Keyboards: 5 Resources for French Typing Practice


Welcome to the Typosaur Zoo at the FluentU Institute of Modern Communications!

We’re proud to feature one of the most extensive keyboard collections in the world.

One of you had a question?—Yes, you read the sign correctly: Please Do Touch