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20 Weird French Words You Won’t Believe Exist!


They say that Innuit have hundreds of words for snow.

Other languages have words for concepts we’ve never even thought of.

Linguists remain at odds as to whether the language we speak influences how we think or vice versa.

However …

How to Learn French Faster with French Audiobooks


Reading and audio are a match made in French language heaven.

And audiobooks are their love children. 

If you’re like a lot of French learners, you might not think audiobooks have anything to do with you.

Your favorite way to …

12 Free French E-books You Can’t Afford to Miss


The best things in life are free.

That’s never been more the case for French bookworms.

Thanks to the popularity of e-readers and digital conversion projects, there’s a ton of French books in the public domain that you can …

5 Advanced French Books to Challenge and Sharpen Your Reading Skills


Looking for a French reading adventure?

Well, let’s pack up and get moving!

Grammar? Check.

Vocabulary? Check.

Basic familiarity with French? You got it!

As your French becomes more advanced, you’ll acquire the tools and provisions necessary to …

How to Learn French Vocabulary Faster by Moving Beyond Flashcards

learn french vocabulary moving beyond flashcards, step by step

Tired of your French flashcard routine?

Want to take things to the next level?

Flashcards are a good method to build your vocabulary. If you’ve been using them to learn French, you’re already seeing the benefits of regular drilling.…

How to Speak French Now: 25 Essential Phrases for Beginners


Want to start conversing in French right away?

French conversation begins with knowing what to listen for and what to say in response.

There are plenty of language courses that will teach you how to deal with specific situations, like …

7 Surprising Ways to Practice French Online with Immersion

practice french immersion online

Having a lazy French study day?

All you want to do is sit around in your pajamas and browse the Internet.

That stack of flashcards is just going to sit there collecting dust.

The French conversation program you picked …