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The Ultimate, Song-filled Guide to Learn French with Music


It’s hard to talk about the music you love.

How do you even describe that giddy feeling you get when you discover a new favorite artist?

Or the joy you experience when you realize you’re about to play a …

How to Learn French Reading Without Getting Lost


Some people claim to read a book a day.

Others insist anyone who says they read that much is lying.

And some of us just wish everyone would stop arguing and shut up so we can get back to our

How to Learn Beginner French in 19 Videos


Think of something you love to do.

An activity you enjoy on a daily or weekly basis.

Maybe you have a favorite brunch place where you meet friends for waffles, coffee and the latest gossip.

Maybe you’re in the

A Spoonful of Advanced French Expressions for Your Vocabulary


French words are like ingredients for the French language.

But at the advanced level, simply learning more French words isn’t enough.

It’s time to get ambitious with your vocabulary.

Think about it like moving on from the basics of

A Guided Tour to Successful Français: “Why French Is Easy” by Benny Lewis


Ever gone to a foreign place without knowing anything about it beforehand?

If so, I commend you.

But I don’t envy you.

As cool and intrepid as it might seem to swoop into an unknown town with no knowledge of …

9 French Christmas Movies You Don’t Want to Miss

french christmas movies

Maybe it’s the bracing winter air.

Maybe it’s all those colorful decorations.

Or maybe you’ve had one too many gingerbread men.

Whether you love Christmas or dread it, you have to admit that this time of year just feels …

12 Addictive Sites for Enjoying Easy French Reading Online

easy french reading

Who says advanced French readers should have all the fun?

As a beginner to the language, you might think you’re stuck with certain designated reading material.

You’ve been dutifully reading books at your level, but you’d like to get …