Get Wordy! The Top 8 English Vocabulary Android Apps

There are lots of English vocabulary Android apps that are specifically designed to teach you new words. You can use them whenever you have a spare minute in your day.

That means you’ll dramatically increase your vocabulary without adding any extra lessons to your schedule.

Not sure which app to start with? I’ll show you the eight most reliable and helpful Android apps to increase your English vocabulary fast.


Why Download an English Vocabulary Android App?

  • Many of these apps have enormous dictionary banks of vocabulary words, so you’ll constantly have new words to learn. Whether you’re a beginner learner, an intermediate learner or an advanced learner, most of these apps are worth having on hand for their vocabulary banks alone.
  • These apps are designed to help you memorize, comprehend and pronounce English vocabulary words. In other words, these apps aren’t just English dictionaries.

You’ll get a full understanding of how to use new words correctly in different situations.

  • Since you can take vocabulary apps anywhere on your Android device, you can practice your English vocabulary on-the-go, on your own time. When you’re on the bus or on a work break, you can easily learn a couple of new words with these apps on hand.

Get Wordy! The Top 8 English Vocabulary Android Apps

VocApp English Flashcards


Flashcards are still popular for a reason—they really do work at teaching vocabulary words!

This little flashcard tool from VocApp is perfect for English learners at any level. You can select your preferred difficulty within the app.

This flashcard vocabulary app is unique in that it uses more complex elements to teach you every aspect of a vocabulary word, from the pronunciation to example sentences to definitions.

You can even create your own flashcards in the app for a more customized experience.


This program teaches new vocabulary by showing you videos. No, really—as you watch videos like movie trailers, commercials and vlogs, you’ll naturally learn new words.

But you’re not doing it alone, because FluentU has added learning tools to each video, turning videos into mini-lessons. Before you start watching, look through the key word list to become familiar with the type of vocabulary to expect in the video. You can also read the transcript to warm up and practice your reading skills.

When you’re watching the video, you might find words you don’t know. No need to reach for a dictionary: All you need to do is click on the word. This will pause the video and show you a flashcard with everything you need to know about the word. You’ll see a definition, example sentences and other videos where the word can be heard. All of this has audio, as well, so you can hear the correct pronunciation of the vocabulary.

You can add any word you want to a word list. When you’re ready, you can come back to your flashcards and review them. FluentU will show you questions about the words based on how well you know them, and let you answer by clicking, typing or speaking your response.

English Vocabulary Builder


This vocabulary builder app is a must-have for English learners of any level.

The interface is simple and it’s very user-friendly. Select a word theme (such as “Important Words” or “Antonyms”) and take the test to see how well you know that particular word set. Afterward, you can review the words that you incorrectly defined and save them to a custom list to study later.

It’s really a simple app, but sometimes simple is good! All levels of learners can use this handy vocabulary builder, but beginners will benefit the most from the vocabulary words provided.

Test Your English Vocabulary


If you’re preparing for an English proficiency test and want to get caught up on more complex English vocabulary words, this is the perfect app to use.

Search through thousands of words that you’ll need for English proficiency exams that are popular around the globe. Test your knowledge of these words by matching them with their definitions or vice-versa. You can also play word games for a little bit of entertainment.

This app is also handy because it allows you to define English words in your mother tongue, so beginners can really benefit from this one.

TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards


While this is yet another English flashcard vocabulary app, it’s perfect for any English learner who’s currently cramming for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) in order to enroll in an English-speaking university.

The TOEFL is a big deal for students who want to study abroad in English-speaking countries and this app can be a real lifesaver during the study process. You can access hundreds of vocabulary words that’ve been selected by a professional TOEFL tutor and quiz yourself on their meaning through digital flashcards.

It’s simple, accurate and perfect for intermediate and advanced learners.

Fortitude Vocabulary Builder


Don’t want to use up your data plan? Don’t worry, this vocabulary app from Fortitude works offline.

This app boasts a vocabulary bank of over 1,400 words, complete with accurate and simple definitions, plenty of real-world examples and crystal clear audio pronunciation. There are pictures to help you understand and remember the words, so even absolute beginners can use this app to power through vocabulary words in English.

You can select beginner, intermediate or advanced and get live updates on how well you’re doing at each level.

If you love a simple and clean design and also want something that can teach you vocabulary offline, this app is for you.

English Vocabulary by Picture


Are you a visual learner? Lots of people are! You can definitely learn English vocabulary words through pictures and this app from oCoder proves it.

With this app, you can access thousands of vocabulary words divided into 100 topics. Each word is accompanied by a clear image and audio clip. You can browse different words and use the test function to quiz yourself.

This app also has a translation feature that allows you to look up and translate English words into your mother language. If you’re not used to Latin lettering, you can also test your typing skills for different vocabulary words. This app really is packed with a lot of features that all levels of learners can enjoy.

Galvanize Test Prep Ultimate Vocabulary Builder


This app is one of the most popular English vocabulary apps in the Google Play store, and for good reason. Not only is it great for learning English words, but the design and game-like functions also make it a bit addictive.

For every word you correctly define, you earn points. With these points you can unlock more words as you improve your fluency. The challenge aspect is really fun!

If you’re studying for the GRE—the test that graduate school candidates take in North America—you’re also in luck. This app teaches you the small nuances and details of different English words, which is necessary to pass the GRE.

This app would best suit intermediate and advanced learners, but beginners who want a challenge can certainly try it out.


You don’t have to settle for mulling over an English dictionary in order to improve your vocabulary bank. These English vocabulary Android apps really are perfect!

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