The 8 Most Fun English Games You Can Download Now and Play Whenever

English learning doesn’t have to feel like a chore!

Today I will be sharing a list of English game downloads to help you practice English and have fun while you are learning.

Games are a great, convenient way to encourage English practice and improve fast.

We will show you our favorite downloadable English games to boost your grammar, memorize new words and practice using words in context.


How Can Games Help You Learn English?

Educational games have been shown to increase language learning. Schools and teachers have been finding new ways to incorporate games into the classroom, because students learn better when they are having fun.

Games can provide the chance for deeper engagement with English. Because they are interesting and challenging, you will be more focused while playing a game than you might be when just reading a book or listening to a lesson. At the same time, games can feel easier than other language learning strategies because they are so fun.

One of the tricks to learning English is to practice consistently, and games are a great way to do that! You will love these downloadable games and you will find yourself coming back again and again for more. English games are a great way to practice alone when you have some downtime anytime, anywhere, or to practice with a group of friends.

Play Your Way to Perfect English: 8 English Games to Download Today

Downloadable Games to Master English Grammar

This first list of games covers English sentence structure or specific English grammar rules, so you can learn a lot through these games or get extra practice on the English grammar rules you might be having trouble with.

MES English


This website includes a list of games that you can download to your computer and/or print to complete by hand. The games have clear instructions and focus on a variety of topics. There are also many different kinds of games, from card games to crossword puzzles. You will never get bored!

A lot of these games are meant for group practice, so if you are learning English with friends, be sure to download some of these English games and then have fun completing them together. Many of the games also work if you want to play on your own.

Downloadable Games to Memorize English Vocabulary

These English game downloads rely on repetition to help you learn vocabulary words. A lot of them focus on teaching you to associate words with images. This is a great way to learn a language, since you are not relying on translations to your native language, and it can be especially helpful for visual learners.

Fun English by studycat


Fun English is an interactive game for kids, but it is helpful for adults learning English as well. The games are separated by theme so that you can focus on areas you need help with.

Fun English uses a lot of pictures to explain what the word is and to help you remember it as you play. Once you download you can play the full game without internet access.



Duolingo is a great way to learn a lot of words fast. It uses a combination of pictures and words to help you understand the new language, and as you progress through the levels it repeats the words you have learned to make sure you still know what they mean.

Though I have found that Duolingo is best for memorizing new words, it also can be a great way to get better at grammar. Duolingo often puts vocabulary words into common sentences and phrases so that you can begin to get a feel for English grammar.

You can download the Duolingo app on your phone, and you can download individual lessons to play offline with a Duolingo Plus account.

Drops English


This is another game that connects words with their picture. The difficulty increases as you play, so that once you have learned a word, Drops will include more words to continually challenge your learning.

This is a great way to learn new words because of the repetition, plus the app has an easy interface and is relaxing and fun to use.

You can download Drops on an iOS or Android device and play without Wi-Fi.

Game Zone


Game Zone has a collection of several games, so you can nail down vocabulary definitions and make sure you understand the correct way to use them. These games are meant to be downloaded onto a computer, and you can download different styles of games such as word searches or word building games.

There are also several vocabulary topics, so if you need help learning a specific category of vocabulary words you can select a game that focuses on that theme.

Downloadable Games to Practice Using New Words

Once you have learned several new words with the games above, it is time to start putting them into practice. These games encourage you to use the words you already know. These require a bit more creativity and practice than the other games, because instead of memorizing new words you are trying to use or apply them correctly.


In this game you are trying to define a specific English word without using several keywords from a list (the keywords are usually obvious synonyms or descriptors). It really tests your understanding of the word and encourages creativity as you try to explain it without using the forbidden words.

This downloadable Android game (which can be played offline) is great for practicing English with your friends, since it is all about trying to help people guess the word.

Word Connect


This game gives you a collection of letters and challenges you to form the letters into words. You have to spell as many words as you can out of the letters. This game is definitely challenging and makes you think a lot about the English you have learned.

Also, because you have unlimited guesses, this game might teach you new words as you discover the right answers.



In this game you are also trying to make words with the letters given. This one gives you several chances to use each letter, and after you make a word you are given more letters to use. These kinds of games encourage you to use as much vocabulary as you can.

You get more points for longer words, and as you play through the game you can collect the “Alphabears” which will give you different point combinations. The bears are cute and add an extra reward for doing well at this game.

There are different styles of play, including a timed version which will help you think quickly and build words as fast as you can think of them.

You can play on your phone or download an enhanced version of the game to your computer via Steam.


If you are feeling stuck with your English practice, try downloading some of these fun English games so you can learn while you play.

Remember to combine them with more traditional learning resources, such as courses or textbooks. That way, you can make sure you’re building your English skills as a whole.

You may even download language learning programs, so that you can play games and get real English lessons all on one device. One such program is FluentU, which lets you learn vocabulary from authentic English videos. The clips come with interactive subtitles, flashcards and quizzes to make your studies easy and engaging.

When you have fun with English learning, you can have an easier time reaching fluency. So, get your game on!

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