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9 Awesome Blogs for Learning English

What’s the best part about learning English online?

All of the great free stuff you can use for your studies.

This includes blogs for learning English.

So here we go with some fantastic blogs that will get you learning English quicker and smarter.


9 Fantastic Blogs for Fun and Easy English Learning

ESL Hip Hop

blogs for learning english

With hip-hop music and style as its core themes, the ESl Hip Hop blog makes learning fun. This is an ESL blog that is powerfully entertaining and educational. You’ll be glad to know you don’t need to be a rapper to be able to learn from it.

Hip-hop artists are known for their command of language and lyrical freedom. This is well captured in these instructive posts. For example, there is a post on understanding the zero conditional by examining one of M.I.A’s songs.

The past perfect is explored through the songs of A Tribe Called Quest. Many posts feature vocabulary lists, videos and picture dictionaries.

Espresso English Blog

blogs for learning english

Understanding the English language with all its richness is made easier with Espresso English. These lessons are a valuable addition to your repertoire of learning tools. They are clearly presented, cover a broad range of topics and make good use of pictures.

The text is clear and concise with highlighted keywords. Espresso English is run by Brazil-based English teacher Shayna. It is suitable for beginners and intermediates.

RealLife English

blogs for learning english

There is something for everyone at this comprehensive website. It is suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced English language speakers.

RealLife English puts the student firmly in the driving seat of their learning with videos, podcasts and blogs. The blog section is vast and constantly updated with lessons and cultural insights. The sentences are short and to the point.

Each post is divided into a number of bite-sized chunks. This is a smart stylistic form that prevents the student from feeling overwhelmed. The blogs are divided into various categories such as fluency tips, grammar, cultural reflections, slang, swear words and lifestyle English. 

ABA English

blogs for learning english

This is an impressive English learning blog with plenty of opportunities for the learner to hone their English language skills. The posts are a combination of text and video and they cover an eclectic mix of subjects.

For example, there are articles on pronunciation tips, cockney rhyming slang and learning English with song lyrics. There’s even a neat interactive element to some blogs!

The student watches a video and then fills in the missing words of the subsequent transcript. That’ll keep you on your toes!

English with a Twist

blogs for learning english

Passion makes learning fun and a lot easier. If your teacher has a passion for English then you are in for a good time. English with a Twist is a great English learning blog by Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat.

She relishes the opportunity to share her enthusiasm for the English language and literature. It shines through in her informative and entertaining posts that cover many different topics. These include posts about winter, movie genres, aspects of grammar and tips on improving email writing skills. The articles make good use of graphics and pictures, and key phrases are highlighted.

Shanthi has been pursuing a career in languages ever since she left the financial services industry in 2009.

My English Blog

blogs for learning english

My English hooks you right from the start. The blog has a colorful layout that is very easy on the eye.

Once you dive into the content, you are rewarded with a rich mix of articles. They cover every aspect of the language, from grammar and pronunciation to idioms and the common mistakes to avoid.

Some of the posts use high-quality graphics in an engaging and entertaining way. This genuinely helps to cement the learning.

Beginners and intermediates will make the most use of these blogs. However, they can also serve as excellent refreshers for the advanced English language speaker.

Phrase Mix

blogs for learning english

Phrase Mix is a wonderful site that fully examines English phrases. It provides explanations of what they mean and the contexts in which they are used.

The blog section features diverse topics such as how to avoid language mistakes and famous English movie quotes. The tone is warm, friendly and engaging with a nice undercurrent of humor.

The average posts are fairly short at around 200-300 words. All are packed with great information that is neatly presented on the page.

Rolls off the Tongue

blogs for learning english

Learn English and have a good laugh at the same time. Or, “split your sides laughing,” to use an English idiom. Learning and laughter go together well at Rolls off the Tongue.

This unconventional blog for learning English presents a series of jokes and then explains why they are funny. This is a novel approach to language learning that also helps the student learn more about English culture. There are plenty of idiomatic expressions along with the laugh out loud moments.

Interaction is a prominent feature of Rolls off the Tongue. There are quizzes, a “guess the idiom” section and multiple choice games.

English with Jo

blogs for learning english

With posts on business English, phrasal verbs, vocabulary and more, English with Jo is a rich resource of information and learning. This is a fabulous blog series that seduces the language student with well-constructed posts. There is also good use of videos and clear and accurate information.

Many of the posts are divided into short sections. The first one is a paragraph about the theme of the article. This is followed by a video, a vocabulary section and a paragraph on idioms and expressions.

The posts conclude with a series of questions that all use a key phrase mentioned in the text.


So there you have it, nine awesome blogs for learning English you should definitely check out.

From jokes and culture to slang and expressions, blogs offer many fantastic ways to learn English for every kind of student, from beginners to advanced learners.

Not all blogs are for everybody. That is why this list includes examples of different kinds of blogs, so you can choose the ones that appeal to you. Use these resources as a starting point and look for other options once you have had a look at our list.

On top of blogs, you should study with other online resources like Youtube channels, grammar lessons, and apps for improving your pronunciation. Many of these are also easily available for anyone to use. 

It’s a good idea to focus on the study tools that can teach you authentic (real) English, just like the blogs in our list would. Some immersion-based language learning programs can offer this. For example, FluentU teaches with short English clips such as songs and news reports. With tools like interactive subtitles and personalized quizzes, you can learn English vocabulary, slang and grammar in context.

As you explore online resources for your English sessions, you’ll realize that there are a lot of interesting and entertaining learning options out there. Even with blogs alone, you can choose blogs with a more educational tone or follow ones with all sorts of fun personal stories.

Stay curious, my friends, and as always, happy reading!

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