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10 Awesome Blogs for Learning English [2024 Edition]

You know what the best part of learning English online is?

It is all the great free stuff you can study.

This includes blogs for learning English.

So here we go with fantastic blogs in English that will help you learn faster and smarter.


1. RealLife English

blogs in english There is something for everyone at RealLife English. It is suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced English learners.


RealLife English gives you full control over your learning with videos, podcasts and blogs. The blog section is extensive (covers a lot). It is also constantly updated with lessons and cultural insights (thoughtful opinions). The sentences are short and to the point, making them easy to follow.

Each post is divided into bite-sized (small) chunks. This keeps the student from feeling overwhelmed. The blogs are divided into categories such as fluency tips, grammar, cultural reflections (thoughts), slang, swear words and lifestyle English. That means no matter which part of English you are struggling (having difficulty) with, you can find something here to help you practice.

2. FluentU English Language and Culture Blog

What you are reading right now is a blog post from FluentU’s English Language and Culture Blog. This blog is updated regularly and filled with handy tips and great resources for learning English. It is written especially for English learners, so it is easy to understand.


And if you feel you have to take a break (stop to relax) from reading, you can also check out the app and website. This program will immerse you in real English through videos made by native English speakers. Interactive subtitles, video flashcards and other learning tools will help you practice your listening, speaking and reading skills.

3. ABA English

blogs in english This is an impressive English learning blog with plenty of opportunities for you to hone (develop) your language skills. Here, you will find a combination of text and video content. ABA English also covers an eclectic mix (variety) of subjects.


For example, there are articles on pronunciation tips, cockney rhyming slang and learning English with song lyrics. There is even a neat interactive element to some posts.

All you have to do is watch a video and fill in the missing words in the following transcript. That will keep you on your toes (alert)!

4. My English Blog

blogs in english My English has a rich mix of articles. It covers every aspect of the language, from grammar and pronunciation to idioms and the common mistakes to avoid. Some of the posts use high-quality graphics in an engaging (interesting) and entertaining way. 


Beginner and intermediate learners will make the most use of these blogs. However, they can also serve as excellent refreshers (review) for the advanced English language speaker.

5. English with a Twist

blogs in english English with a Twist is a great English learning blog by Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat. Her love for teaching English shines through (shows) in her informative and entertaining posts that cover many different topics.


You can find posts about winter, movie genres, aspects (parts) of grammar and tips on improving email writing skills. The articles make good use of graphics (images designed with a computer) and pictures. Key (Important) phrases are highlighted (emphasized).

6. Espresso English Blog

blogs in english The lessons from Espresso English are a valuable addition to your repertoire (set) of learning tools. They are clearly presented, cover a broad (wide) range of topics and make good use of pictures.


The text is clear and concise (short and to the point) with highlighted keywords. It is suitable for beginner and intermediate learners.

7. Phrase Mix

blogs in english Phrase Mix is a wonderful site that fully examines English phrases. It provides explanations of what these phrases mean and the contexts in which they are used.


The blog section features diverse (various) topics such as how to avoid language mistakes and famous English movie quotes. The tone (way of writing) is warm, friendly and engaging with a nice undercurrent (touch) of humor.

The average posts are fairly short at around 200-300 words. All are packed (filled) with great information neatly presented on the page.

8. Rolls off the Tongue

blogs in english Why not learn English and “split your sides laughing” (to use an English idiom) at the same time? At Rolls off the Tongue, learning and laughter go well together.


Unlike many blogs in English, this one presents jokes and explains why they are funny. This is a novel (new) approach to language learning that also helps the student get to know English culture. There are plenty of idiomatic expressions along with the laugh-out-loud moments.

Best of all, Rolls off the Tongue is interactive. There are quizzes, a “guess the idiom” section and multiple-choice games.

9. Tiny Texts

blogs in english Although this blog has not been updated recently, it has years of posts for you to read. They are so useful that they definitely deserve a place on the list.


Each blog post is a paragraph with words written in bold font. Below each paragraph, you can listen to the post being read aloud. Each post includes a line that says “Read by: [the person’s name] (their accent),” so you know what type of English accent you will hear. Underneath the audio, you will see definitions of the bold words. 

10. James Clear’s Blog

blogs in english If you are looking for blogs in English for more advanced learners, you can go through James Clear’s blog. 


James Clear is an entrepreneur, weightlifter and travel photographer. His posts offer concrete (solid, doable) advice on how to live better, make positive changes and create useful habits in your life. 

The posts are very well-written, cite solid research (he cites his resources at the end of each post), are not too long and are easy to understand. 


So there you have it: 10 awesome blogs for learning English you should definitely check out. Use these resources as a starting point and look for other options once you have had a look at our list. 

Whether you prefer a specific topic or you want to explore beyond your comfort zone, you will find something for you here. Stay curious, my friends, and as always, happy reading!

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