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What’s the Best Website to Learn English? 8 High Quality English Websites You Deserve!

Hey, English learner! You deserve the best.

Accept no less than the best website to learn English.

Or should we say… the best websites to learn English. Honestly, there are several great sites to learn English online.

We can’t just pick one!

So in this article, we’ll show you eight.

Do you know what all of these incredible English learning websites have in common?

They’re interactive.

Why? Because interactive websites will help you practice all of your skills and prepare you to use English in real life.

Instead of just memorizing new vocabulary words or grammar rules, you’ll also practice listening, reading, writing and yes—even speaking!

These websites and app have activities where you will put your new English skills to work.

So get ready to start exploring the best websites to learn English that are fit for a king or queen!

How to Get More Out of the Best Websites to Learn English

  • Know your level. If the lesson is too easy, you’ll be bored. If it’s too hard, you won’t learn. So before you start to learn English online, know your level and be honest!
  • Use a computer or phone with a microphone. Many of these websites and apps have activities where you can practice speaking. You’ll need a microphone for that.

What’s the Best Website to Learn English? 8 High Quality English Websites You Deserve!


best website to learn english

Mobile versions: iOS and Android
Price: $$/month after a free trial

I don’t know about you, but I love learning languages in ways that also entertain me. If you do too, then FluentU is definitely the best website to learn English for you.

FluentU is all about learning with real-world English videos like music videos, TV shows, news, cartoons and more.

Once you’re there, how you learn is entirely up to you. While browsing hundreds of awesome videos, you’ll have the freedom to choose which ones are most relevant to your personal learning experience.

The more you listen to this authentic English, the better you’ll understand how to speak English naturally. As you watch your chosen videos, FluentU’s interactive subtitles let you instantly view the definition of any word that’s spoken in the video.

One of the great things about FluentU is the tremendous amount of context that’s always available. You can always tap a word to see multiple examples of how it’s used, as well as how it’s used in other videos. With FluentU, you’ll be able to speak more like a native because you’ll know exactly how to use any word.

You can even save all the words you learned and keep track of your progress. Keep practicing with FluentU, and you’ll see great improvement in your ability to understand and speak native level English.


Do you want to have business calls with important clients in English? Do you dream of getting a job with a large English-speaking company? What about improving your business English so you can get a promotion and advance your career?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the resource that we would most recommend is Creativa.

Creativa provides premium, highly produced videos for learning English and business communication skills. Creativa provides entertaining videos, useful but unexpected tips, and goes beyond just English to teach you body language, intonation and the correct words to use when writing an email or letter. Creativa is a new product from the FluentU team.

Here’s a sample video from Creativa’s Mastering Business Video Calls in English course, which has tips for expressing yourself effectively:



best website to learn english

Mobile versions: iOS and Android
Price: $-$$

Babbel lets you practice new vocabulary and grammar through interactive quizzes, and is somewhat similar to Duolingo below. However, Babbel allows learners a little more flexibility in choosing what they want to focus on each time they log on. You can choose listening and speaking, reading and writing, grammar or even listen to very detailed lessons on pronunciation.

And then, our favorite features are the travel dialogues and dictation exercises. With the travel dialogues, you can quickly learn essential vocabulary for an upcoming trip. In the dictation exercises, turn on your microphone to practice speaking, and Babbel will help you learn to pronounce new words better!

BBC Learning English

best website to learn english

Price: Free

The BBC always has high standards, so it’s no surprise that they have held these high standards with their BBC Learning English website. Unfortunately, this also means that their lessons are better for people with some previous experience in English, not beginners.

The BBC Learning English site is designed for intermediate and advanced English learners to study English by learning BBC style videos and radio broadcasts. These focus on topics like stories in the news, the latest English words and phrases, and even a series of videos that focus on English pronunciation in incredible detail.

Although there is no interactive speaking feature, each of their podcasts and videos include post-listening activities for you to check understanding. Overall, this is a great resource for practicing listening skills.

British Council

best website to learn english

App versions: British Council offers several mobile apps for different learning topics
Price: Free

Although we’re including this on a list of resources for adult learners, the British Council actually has three separate sections on their website for different ages: kids, adults and teens. Each section features a huge variety of interactive lessons, videos, games and podcasts to learn just about any skill. This means that no matter what level you are at or what topic interests you, you’ll always find something on British Council.

After you are finished listening or watching, each video and podcast has an exercise for you to complete so you can make sure you understood everything. Also, there are discussion boards under many of their activities so you can talk about what you learned with other students. The mobile app version of their lessons lets you learn on the go!


best website to learn english

Mobile versions: iOS and Android
Price: Free

Duolingo helps you learn new vocabulary and grammar through interactive games and quizzes both online and on their easy-to-use mobile app. Duolingo separates each lesson by category (food vocabulary, family vocabulary, the verb “to be,” etc.) and—on the desktop version at least—includes helpful tips and notes in case you need more explanation.

Our favorite feature? There is a strong emphasis on pronunciation since you will listen to new vocabulary and then right away practice saying those words. Duolingo also lets you set goals and shows your progress as you use the program. You also have to complete lessons to “unlock” new lessons. All of this is great for lazy language learners who need a little extra motivation!


Mobile versions:  Android

best website to learn english

Price: Free

When you learn English online, it can be difficult to get speaking practice. Livemocha gives you access to English lessons where you can practice reading and speaking (as well as vocabulary) based on different themes.

They take you through the lessons in a logical order, with audio, visual and interactive lessons.

Note: Want to practice what you’re learning with a language partner? HelloLingo is an online language learning social network from the Livemocha team. Please note that HelloLingo is no longer available but Hello

English Central

best website to learn english

Mobile versions: iOS and Android
Price: From $15/month

English Central exclusively focuses on learning through videos.

Each of these videos comes with transcriptions and definitions for words that you may not know yet. Even better, you can choose which video you want to watch based on your goals and interests. Are you learning business English? They have videos for that. Do you want to practice pronunciation? They have videos for that. Or maybe you just want to make friends? They have videos for that too!


best website to learn english

Mobile versions: iOS and Android
Price: Free for some lessons, $12 – 15 USD per month ($132 for a full year)

We love Phrasemix because it simulates how we actually learn languages. Instead of learning new words by themselves, Phrasemix teaches you whole phrases.

Not only that, but the site focuses on phrases that real people use in real conversations. So, next time you go to talk with your new friends in English, you’ll be able to speak like them, not like your high school textbook!

Cambridge English

Price: Free

Cambridge English is a popular resource for students who want to study for an English exam and learn English generally. The website has a large selection of online activities such as writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary activities. These are often mini-lessons and will take between 5-10 minutes. This means you can focus on a specific skill for a short amount of time.

The activities on the Cambridge English website are themed and are given a particular level which means you will find an activity that is perfect for your learning goals. While the activities English exam-focused, they are valuable and will give you a basis in English, especially as a beginner.


Mobile versions: iOS and Android

Price: Depending on price plan between free-$-$$.

Busuu is a website and learning app that will help you learn English in a structured way. This is done mostly with flashcards and mini-lessons introducing you to expressions and English vocabulary.

The app also helps with pronunciation and conversation. This is because through the website or App you can speak and interact with native English speakers. There is a chat function of the resource which allows you to connect with native English speakers.

If you are planning to visit or live in an English-speaking country then Busuu will be a great learning option for you.

This is because there are also cultural tips that will help you understand more native ways to speak in English. What we love about the website is the opportunity to create a study schedule and specifically set some learning goals you wish to achieve.

WordReference (forum)

Mobile versions: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Please note that this section is talking specifically about the WordReference forum. The WordReference website is also a fantastic resource for finding English definitions and incredibly accurate translations from your original language into English.

But there’s another reason why the WordReference website is such a great resource, the forum!

On the WordReference forum, you can interact with English learners from across the globe. You can ask questions about native phrases, idioms, expressions, pronunciation or anything else you can think of related to English.

The forums are organized by language, meaning if you wish to know if there is a phrase in English that exists in your native language, you can post your question or doubt it in the right area.

You then wait for the reply and can practice your English and learn something new. The English learners on the forum are very helpful and friendly.


Price: Free

Lingua is a free website that offers lots of fun activities in English (and other languages). The activities are based on reading, listening and dictation. There is also a business English section if you would like to practice this particular skill.

The activities are often text-based and you can both read and listen to a short text before answering a quiz or completing an exercise. What’s great about the website is that you can listen to the audio recording of a text in more than one accent.

The activities are designed to be done individually. Because of this, is a great resource to use at home. It’s also super helpful for learners teaching themselves English.

Be sure to also check the levels of the activities and pick the level that is right for you. There is also the option of a premium account. However, the amount of free materials available to learners is very generous.

This is a great resource for practicing listening and reading skills.


Price: Free

The website design might appear to be slightly old-fashioned, but we promise this is an awesome resource for studying English grammar. features almost all of the English grammar parts broken down into easy activities. On the website, there are 440 activities to choose from and 88 quizzes.

The website is very easy to use and it is entirely up to you how fast or slow you make your way through the activities. There is also an interactive glossary that then links out to the activities based on the term. This means you can focus on a specific grammar point or concept and learn it properly.

The blog is also updated fairly regularly and is a great place to practice a little bit of daily grammar!

Using English

Price: Free

UsingEnglish is an English student and ESL teacher website with a large compilation (many different resources from a range of topics) of English learning materials.

What’s great about the website is that they have made many word lists focusing on native English language components of speech such as an idiom dictionary and phrasal verb lists.

These expressions can make a big difference to your use of English and fluency.

Plus, there many free quizzes and reading comprehension activities to help test your level and push your English skills.

Many of the reading activities are followed by comprehension tests to make sure that you are learning as much as possible from the text.

This is a great website for several English skills however it is especially useful for developing reading skills and boosting vocabulary and native English skills.


Mobile versions: 

Price: $$ (free trial available)

Magoosh is a tets-preparation website that helps students develop skills to pass their upcoming exams.

We’ve included this website as it is also a top website to learn and study English! Because the site is academically focused Magoosh is a top website to learn more about English grammar.

You are introduced to the English language forms and grammar with 90 online video-based lessons. The idea is that the lessons are supposed to be very similar to a private tutor introducing you to the materials. For this, they are very well explained and follow a nice pace.

You also have the option of joining a small English-speaking group with instruction from a highly skilled tutor. These sessions run for one hour are a great way to get feedback on your English speaking without paying top-dollar (a high price) for a private tutor.


Price: Free

Knoword is a highly addictive online vocabulary-building game website. While the website is not specifically for ESL learners it is still a great place to practice vocabulary building and word association.

You simply choose from a setting either easy, medium or hard. As the game is for native English speakers it is best to consider the easy level as more of an intermediate level.

You are given a word definition or definitions and the first letter. You must then type the missing word as quickly as possible. At the end of the game, you can view your answers and can summarise the vocabulary.

However, there are also learning packs (over 1,000) that have been designed to help you learn a particular component of English or study in general.

For example, this pack helps you learn irregular verbs in English by playing the Knoword game. You can search through the packs and see if there is one that will help you practice a specific English word skill. We also recommend this super fun idioms pack.


Mobile versions: iOS and Android

Price: Free

TED is one of the world’s largest online educational video websites. TED talks and TED videos are a popular and effective way to practice your English speaking skills.

What’s great is that the videos cover a huge range of topics such as history, finance science and nature (and many others).

To use TED talks as an English learning resource, an excellent strategy to listen to the clip more than once, take notes, research any unknown vocabulary. It can also be helpful to watch videos in subtitles first in your native language and secondly in English.

As an additional tip, try to find videos on topics you’re interested in as this will keep you motivated and interested in the clip.


Mobile versions: iOS and Android

Price: Free (option to pay for a certificate at the end of the course)

Coursera is what is known as a MOOC which stands for Massive Open Online Courses. It means that on this website you will have access to lots of different English learning courses.

The courses range from intermediate English to grammar-specific courses and courses about particular types of English such as business or science.

We recommend Coursera as a website for learning English as all of the courses have been created by recognized institutions such as universities and respected businesses. You can search for a course by level, duration or even the institution which provides the resource.

Be sure to check the reviews before signing up for a course and remember to follow the activities and classes as closely as possible. There are also forums related to the course which I encourage you to actively contribute towards.


Price: Free

ABC stands for Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It is the Australian public news service and has many different media pages, including an English learning website!

On the ABC learn English page, you will discover a full range of English learning activities from articles, video courses and listening activities. Many of the activities are based on current issues in Australia and the world at the moment.

A fantastic resource from the website is BTN which stands for Behind the News. In this section, you can watch short news clips and focus on vocabulary related to the story. There are also follow-up questions to test your comprehension and understanding of the clip.

This is an especially useful resource if you want to develop an Australian accent or have a particular interest in Australia in general!

News in Levels

Mobile versions: iOS and Android

Price: Free

News in levels is a fantastic resource with many different uses for an English learner. The basic purpose of the website is to introduce English learners to news stories in three different levels easy, intermediate and advanced. Please note that on the website these levels are ranked level 1, level 2 and level 3.

You have the option of both reading and watching the original story plus the site provides a definition of interesting or difficult vocabulary.

From there, it is up to you how far you want to take it. News in Levels gives you the option of taking a level test, answering questions related to the text and even speaking live with someone on skype about the content of the page.

Collins Dictionary

Mobile versions: iOS and Android

Price: Free

When learning English online you cannot go past a solid and reliable English language dictionary.

Enter, Collins! One of the most well-known English dictionaries on the market. Along with the dictionary, thesaurus and translation sections you will also find the news,



Which One Is Your Best Website to Learn English?

When it comes to language learning, every day the internet has more and more great resources.

These sites have supportive online communities of language learners, interactive lessons and websites that can hear how you pronounce words. You’re sure to find your own best website to learn English—or websites—to match your learning style and preferences. So go learn English online with these great sites today!

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