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5 Real Deal Resources for Teaching Authentic Cultural Lessons in Spanish Class

teaching culture in spanish class

Have you ever gone to a Hispanic or Spanish restaurant and discovered, upon the arrival of your dish, that the “authentic” cooking simply was not quite like it was abroad?

Have you ever seen a replica of a famous

The AP Spanish Literature Reading List, Complete with Texts, Themes and Resources

ap spanish literature reading list

It’s almost that time of year again.

You and your students need to start preparing for the big, bad AP exam.

It’s going to huff, puff and blow your students over—but only if they aren’t ready to give it all …

The Ultimate Guide to Full Spanish Lesson Plans Online

spanish lesson plans

I bet we can guess exactly how you prefer to spend your time outside of class:

Not engaging in your latest hobby or catching up with a childhood friend.

Not getting dinner with your significant other.

And certainly not binge …

16 Sensational Spanish Teaching Books You’ve Gotta Have

spanish teaching books

Apps could freeze.

Websites may not load.

And as fun as your videos are, they rely on an internet connection.

In the age of technology, what’s the one resource you can always count on? Books.

For teachers, there 

9 Fun Spanish Classroom Games for Effortless Learning

spanish classroom games

Is there any sight better than a classroom full of smiling students?

Incorporating things your students love to do into language lessons will lead to effortless learning that may actually be—gasp—fun!

Chances are, the vast majority of them, …

20+ Spanish Teaching Materials for Lesson Planning with Ease

spanish teaching materials

You’ve been looking forward to this moment all day.

School’s over—it’s time to throw aside the papers and textbooks for the evening.

You’ve been daydreaming about this during each of your classes.

You’re about to sit down in front of …

21 Riveting Resources for AP Spanish Language Practice

AP spanish language practice

AP doesn’t have to stand for Apathetic Pupils.

There’s no denying it—advanced placement Spanish is challenging.

After all, it’s designed to be just that.

Teaching students who are preparing for the advanced placement Spanish exam can be a challenge in …