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As Simply as A,B,C! 5 Amazing Beginner Spanish Lesson Plans

beginner spanish lesson plan

Picture this: you have 25+ beginner Spanish students in front of you.

All eyes are on you as the first class is about to start. You haven’t even said the first word yet.

You panic and pray for this to …

10 Awesome Spanish Verb Conjugation Games for Your Class



(A tumbleweed rolls past and Western music intensifies)

As language teachers, I am sure we have all had at least one moment like this.

You enter your classroom, put a forced smile on your face and say you are …

30 Seconds to Fun! Teaching with Spanish Time Games


Did you know that a year passes 15 microseconds faster on Mount Everest than at sea level?

Or that the strontium atomic clock is the most accurate clock ever built? It can keep time to within a second over 15 …

Christmas-tastic Fun: Las Posadas Activities for the Spanish Classroom


Take a minute and think back to your favorite childhood winter holiday traditions.

Maybe it was decorating the Christmas tree.

Perhaps you loved putting a gingerbread house together.

Or maybe you thought opening presents was the best part of the

Get Crafty: Teaching with Spanish Classroom Decorations


One year, I taught in a classroom the student body liked to call “the dungeon.”

I’ll leave the details to your imagination, but the fact is, we all suffered for it.

The students most of all.

I’ve heard the ideal

A Splash of Color, Culture and Language: 4 Mexican Culture Project Ideas for the Classroom


If you have ever been to Mexico or to an exhibition of Mexican art at a museum or gallery, the colorful nature of the folk art and handicrafts undoubtedly left a lasting impression on you.

The colors, the detail, the

Spanish Practice Your Students Can’t Resist: 5 Fabulous Classroom Games


Practice makes perfect, the old saying goes.

But practicing Spanish isn’t always as easy as this simple statement suggests.

Not every student responds to practice worksheets. Some students shudder at the idea of practice drills in front of the class.…