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Teach Spanish from the Heart: How to Truly Reach Your Spanish Students


Has Spanish class become boring for you or your students?

Swap the textbooks for some heart—some real, genuine emotional engagement.

Time to switch it up. Yes, the ol’ switcheroo.

Adiós, textbooks! ¡Que tomen unas vacaciones! (Take a vacation!)…

How to Teach Spanish: 5 Ideas That Make Spanish Accessible for Your Students

how to teach spanish

Teaching Spanish can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

But sometimes, the constant pressure to make a foreign language accessible for your students can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are ways to incorporate new ideas, methods, lessons and …

7 Top TPRS Tips That’ll Change Your Spanish Class Forever

Spanish TPRS

When was the last time you had a lesson that went completely wrong?

The kind of lesson in which even you got bored.

And it’s not that you planned it that way. In your mind everything was going to run …

6 Fresh Spanish Teaching Strategies to Jumpstart Student Listening

spanish teaching strategies

“Nod and smile, nod and smile…”

I felt like I could read her mind. My student just stared.

I looked at her patiently and asked my question again: “¿Qué significa sombrero?”

She smiled and nodded. .”

Does …

4 Spanish Culture Lesson Plans Your Students Will Love

Spanish culture lesson plans

Students cheering, laughing and dancing while learning Spanish.

Don’t pinch yourself—you’re not dreaming.

It’s very possible to have fun with your students and get them to learn at the same time.

The Spanish language is tied to diverse, brilliant, colorful

4 Steps to Achieve 100% Immersion in Your Spanish Classroom Without Bending over Backwards

spanish immersion class

We are not teaching math class, we are teaching Spanish.

Sure, we use tables, graphs, charts and formulas to teach grammar and other language elements.

But when it comes down to it, you simply cannot learn Spanish by memorizing black …

How to Infuse Spanish Immersion into Your Fairytale Curriculum

how to infuse spanish immersion into your fairytale curriculum

Once upon a time, there was a Spanish teacher who wanted the very best for her students.

In fact, each and every one of her Spanish students had the chance to become near proficient in the language.

Speaking Spanish proficiently …