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The 6 Best HSK Apps [2024]

The HSK exam is also known as the Chinese Proficiency Test. It’s an official exam used to test the practical language ability of a Chinese speaker.

If you’re considering taking the HSK in 2024, here are six HSK apps to help you prepare.


Learn Chinese HSK


hsk app Learn Chinese HSK from Chinesimple has a lot of nice features, including:

  • A Chinese-English dictionary that includes English, pinyin and hanzi
  • Hanzi, pinyin and tone-based minigames
  • A progress tracker to help you assess how well you’re doing
  • Handwriting and stroke order practice

This app is unique in that it’s visually pleasing and very user-friendly. It’s a good app to use if you want multiple ways to study for the HSK. Chinese HSK is free to use but does have periodic ads that can be a bit annoying.

The developer has separate Chinese HSK apps for test levels 1-6, so you can easily choose an app that will help you with whichever HSK test you plan on taking.

HSK Chinese 1 to 6


hsk app HSK Chinese 1 to 6 from gab.cue is wonderfully unique in its massive database of over 1,600 words.

This app quizzes you on each aspect of Chinese that you need to know for the HSK, including comprehension, writing, tones and pronunciation. You can create your own lists of vocabulary words to study as well.

Within the app, you can select the appropriate level for whichever HSK test you plan on taking. HSK Chinese is free with minimal ads, which means fewer interruptions while you study.

HSK Study and Exam – Supertest

iOS | Android

hsk app This clean, attractive, knowledge-packed app is perfect for HSK studiers who want a realistic simulation of what the test may actually be like. It also covers each level of the HSK.

HSK Online provides the following:

  • Mock online testing and model exams
  • Simulation exercises
  • Study reports  and a study plan creator
  • An authoritative report with error explanations after you complete mock tests to improve future exam strategies
  • Access to professional tutors and the option for one-on-one tutoring

This app is free to download, but a lot of the bells and whistles (most notably the tutor access) do cost a fee. 

HSK Magic Chinese


hsk app Do you need help understanding spoken Chinese? This app from Intisol covers all the bases of HSK levels 1-4, but it focuses on the comprehension and listening parts the most.

Here’s some of what HSK Magic Chinese offers:

  • A well-programmed flashcard algorithm
  • Explanations of different Chinese grammar rules
  • Tone focus

This app is free to use with no ads. There are some additional in-app purchases you can make for special features, but the free version is valuable for studying for the HSK on its own.

HSK Hero – Chinese Characters

iOS | Android

hsk app Some of us just learn things better if it’s in a game format. If this sounds like you, Chinese Character Hero is the HSK study app for you!

This app focuses on teaching you hanzi and their meanings quickly through a recall and recognition process. This process helps learners retain Chinese characters in their minds long-term.

How it works:

  • Select a group of words at your appropriate level
  • Select the correct hanzi from a list of nine characters

You can also click the “hint” button for a little extra help. 

HSK Simulator


hsk app While this app from Carlos Mucuho could certainly use a bit of an interface makeover, it’s one of the most straightforward apps on this list for HSK test practice. It’s simple with no extra features getting in the way—just plain helpful mock tests.

You’ll select a mock test at your appropriate level from either the Listening, Reading or Writing categories.

Then the app times you while you answer questions. The look and feel of this mock test are almost identical to the actual HSK. You see your score afterward but won’t get an explanation of your incorrect answers, quite like the actual HSK.

You’ll need to download separate apps for your appropriate level. Currently, only HSK 4 and 5 are available. HSK Simulator is free to use with intermittent ads.


And One More Thing...

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