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3 Best Chinese Grammar Checkers All Mandarin Learners Need to Bookmark

Chinese grammar is both extremely similar to and ridiculously different from English grammar, which can leave even advanced learners scratching their heads.

There’s a lot to absorb between word arrangement, morphology, sounds, tones, semantics and sentence structure—but it’s not an impossible feat.

To help you on your grammar-learning journey, I’ve put together a list of some seriously helpful (and free!) Chinese grammar checkers available online.


1. LanguageTool

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LanguageTool is a program that allows you to check your Chinese text for any errors, making it easier for you to identify in which areas you are struggling with your writing.

You can download it as an add on for popular programs such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word, which allows you to seamlessly integrate this language checker into your daily routine, for anything from simple notes, to writing assignments in Chinese.

Words that you have spelt incorrectly will be underlined in red, which you can then click on to view possible correct suggestions.

The downside to this tool is that extra features such as synonyms and sentence paraphrasing are not available for Chinese yet.

2. Sentence Checker

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Based on LanguageTools, Sentence Checker has its own unique benefits to suit your needs. Namely, it’s incredibly sleek and simple. If you’re looking for a sentence checker that checks sentences quickly and doesn’t take a long time to load then you should give this application a shot.

You can check, correct, look at or even ignore examples of correct grammar based on what you’ve written. That’s about all this Chinese grammar checker does, but it does it with speed, impeccable precision and a user-friendly interface. If you’re a translator rather than a Mandarin language learner, this is the one for you!

Like all of these great grammar checkers, there are some downfalls to Sentence Checker. It doesn’t have a lot of additional features, and there isn’t an option to report discrepancies within the application. It’s also not the most ideal grammar checker for those who are just starting to learn Chinese, but it’s still quite a handy tool.

3. Sapling

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Sapling is another great grammar checker that you can use to catch errors in your Chinese writing and improve your accuracy.

You can use the text editor on the website, or alternatively you can install one of the platform’s integrations into browsers like Chrome, Firefox and more. This means you’re able to easily apply corrections while completing your daily tasks.

Suggestions will be underlined in red, and you can hover over them to see the suggested correction, with the option to either apply them or ignore them.

As with any grammar checker, Sapling won’t always be completely accurate, so it’s important to bear that in mind when it comes to deciding which corrections to implement.


Don’t feel too down on yourself for needing to use a Chinese grammar checker. After all, learning a language is a long—and sometimes difficult—journey. There’s no shame in needing a little bit of help along the way!


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