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The 30 Easiest Chinese Characters You’ll Ever See


What are the easiest Chinese words you can pick up as you begin your Mandarin learning journey?

We have them right here!

Below …

Your New Favorite Guide to Scoring High on the AP Chinese Exam


Sandals? Check. Beach towel? Check? Sun hat? Check.

AP Chinese practice tests? Got’em too.


That’s right. On top of tanning and chilling

Rock the Clock! How to Tell Time in Mandarin Chinese Like a True Native


When you want to ask someone out on a date, what’s one of the first things you need to discuss?

The time of 

Shortcut to Fluency: 7 of the Best Sites for Reading Chinese Short Stories Online


Stories aren’t just for bedtime.

A good short story can be the perfect complement to a Sunday afternoon or Tuesday work break.

Better …

Color In Your Mandarin: The Mega List of 50+ Chinese Colors with Related Idioms and Cultural Notes


What’s your favorite color?

Do you love pink, gray or gold?

Colors can reflect personal taste, mood, age and culture.

They tell their …

How to Beat the 2016 AP Chinese Practice Test: Follow This Guide with Sample Answers 


Are you considering taking the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam?

The Chinese AP Exam is a great way to earn college credit, and

9 Awesome Websites to Find and Download Chinese E-books


You don’t always have to choose sides.

Whether you’re a reader who loves the feeling of pages beneath your fingers or someone who has