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11 Cool Blogs in Chinese for Easy, Enjoyable Reading


Got any favorite blogs you follow?

I do!

Blogs are great for fashion inspiration, home makeover ideas, delicious recipes, travel insights and more! …

9 Great Chinese Facebook Pages to Like and Learn From!


Sometimes we all just want a little study distraction.

We sneak over to Facebook, and after a while we start feeling guilty for …

22+ Basic Chinese Phrases That’ll Let You Relax and Enjoy Socializing


Socializing can be stressful. Not to mention doing so in a second language!

Whether you are traveling to Asia, hanging out on the weekend

8 Cool Mandarin Chinese Video Resources to Transport You to China

chinese videos featured image

Ever feel guilty for skipping over to YouTube when you’re supposed to be studying?

Here’s a slacker’s guide to studying with videos.…

You Already Know Chinese! 27 Chinese Words Commonly Used in English

chinese words used in english

There are many surprises in store for you when it comes to learning Chinese.

But this list below may hold the biggest surprise

Suit and Tie Chinese: 26 Essential Chinese Vocabulary Words You Need for Business

business chinese vocabulary

One of the most practical reasons to learn Chinese is for work and business.

Knowing Chinese as a second language opens new doors of …

Essential Chinese New Year Traditions and 25 Fun Chinese New Year Greetings

chinese new year greetings

The biggest holiday in Chinese culture is just around the corner.

Get ready to wish friends, family and neighbors a Happy Chinese New Year!…