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What You’ve Gotta Know About the Chinese Verb “Shi”

shi chinese

What could be simpler than the little verb “to be”?

A lot, as it turns out.

The good news is that the Chinese verb for “to be,” 是 (shì), isn’t irregular like it is in so many European …

The Definite Guide to the Chinese Ba Construction

chinese ba

Chinese grammar has a way of lulling you into a false sense of security.

No verb conjugation?

No singulars or plurals?

No gender?

Subject-verb-object word order?

Chinese grammar? Easy peasy.

That is, until you’ve built up a solid base of …

7 Chinese Songs for Kids That Your Inner Child Will Love to Learn

chinese songs for kids

You saw the title and you’re already thinking, “hold up.”

Aren’t kids songs a bit, well, juvenile?

Not quite relevant to the life of your typical Chinese student?

Actually, I’d argue it’s the other way around.

Why Learn Mandarin

13 Fresh, Useful Ways to Practice Chinese Online

practice Chinese online

Are you tired of your usual methods of studying Chinese—too many moviesTV shows and pop songs?

Looking for something fresh that will push your Chinese to the next level as you surf the internet?

Or perhaps you’re …

Rockin’ the Keyboard: How to Successfully Write Chinese Characters Online


Learning a language you’ll encounter plenty of questions and straight-up mysteries.

Like, what the heck do people do when they want to write Chinese on a computer?

Spoiler alert: Chinese keyboards don’t have thousands of keys.

I mean, you’re …

3 Pro Tips to Practice Chinese Tones to Perfection


I heard it again just the other day:

“I want to learn some Chinese before I visit China, but I just don’t think I can learn a tone language.”

Not one day later, I read on a local Chinese …