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Who Knew That Chinese Fruits Were Under So Much Pressure

knew chinese fruits pressure

鸭梨(yā lí): The original and literal meaning of the word is a kind of pear grown in the Hebei Province of Northeastern China.

The word has become Chinese slang for “stress” or “pressure.” This is because the Chinese word …

Lessons in Learning Chinese: Ben Charlton

language learner interview series ben charlton

This week on our Lessons in Learning Chinese series, we feature Ben Charlton! On top of living in China, he’s been studying Chinese for a while and offers with some great tips when it comes to this great but …

The Dragon Boat Festival – All the History, Customs, Activities You Must Know

dragonboat festival

So The Dragon Boat Festival. It’s just a day where you have bunch of boats that look like dragons and you race them, right?

Wrong! There’s actually so much more history and tradition behind this holiday, especially now that …

The Business Chinese Vocabulary List for Consultants


Do you know how to say “online marketing” in Mandarin Chinese?

How about “business model” or “tier 1 city”?

If you’re curious, our Mandarin Chinese vocabulary list for consultants (and other business professionals too, of course) has you covered – …

Lessons in Learning Chinese: Brad Calder

chinese learner interview serie brad

This week on our Lessons in Learning Chinese series, we feature Bra Calder! He worked in China for 2 years and just moved back to the states with lots of tips and knowledge about this language and culture.

In …

Chinese Slang 101: A-OKAY

slang 101 top

That nod of approval, the a-okay hand signal .. all these signs that’ll mean the green light.
Whether it’s getting the okay on building a new project you’ve presented to the boss or that new approval on your credit …

Hold住 – What Disney & Spielberg Did To Be Successful


Not many get to where they are without hard work, perseverance and determination. Before Walt Disney became a internationally loved entertainment company, he was fired by a newspaper editor because, “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas