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An Introduction to Modern Chinese Wedding Customs

modern chinese wedding customs

Do you hear that? The ringing of wedding bells in China. The sound of $80 billion being dropped on this booming industry. Cha-ching!

So how much does the average Chinese wedding cost in China? What are some of the wedding …

The Cool Way to Say Help or Support: 顶

give boost lend hand withstanding

Whether stuck in some kind of trouble or on the road towards success, it’s always nice to be able to have a bit of help or encouragement that will get you through and keep you going.

Each presidential candidate has …

Lessons in Learning Chinese: Rebecca Hundley

lessons learning mandarin chinese rebecca hundley

This week on our Lessons in Learning Chinese series, we’ve interviewed Rebecca Hundley. What’s rather interesting about some of her stories and tips is that she’s gotten them from living abroad in Taipei and in rural Yunnan teaching English …

Clearing Up Your Behind: 然后vs之后vs以后

lessons learning mandarin chinese michael knight

Gah, sometimes it can get a bit confusing when the translations are about the same but there is a subtle difference in meaning. With 然后, 以后 and 之后, they all mean “after” or “behind” in English, yet there are

Slang for Feeling Down: 囧


Chinese character or iPhone emoji?

When I first came across this, I couldn’t tell if this was a real character since it looked so different, just like a smiley face (more like a crying face).

For the non-Chinese …

Lessons in Learning Chinese: Michael Knight

lessons learning mandarin chinese michael knight

This week on our Lessons in Learning Chinese series, we’re featuring Michael Knight! He’s giving tips as more of a beginner and has been making great leaps in improving his Chinese. Check it out in his own words:


Lessons in Learning Chinese: Kerrijane Wennberg

chinese learner interview series kerrijane wennberg

This week on our Lessons in Learning Chinese series, we’re featuring Kerrijane Wennberg. In addition to taking Chinese classes, she lives in Beijing now. She gives some great tips with some funny stories about her learning experience.. like what …