The 8 Best Language Learning Apps (and Alternatives) in 2022

Popular apps for language learners provide a wide array of learning options covering a huge variety of languages, whether you’re an iPhone or Android user.

Language learning game apps provide a fun, interactive way to boost your skills, while other apps guide you toward fluency with the discipline of a structured course.

We’ve picked the best app from 8 different categories such as immersion programs, reference tools, guided courses and more. We’ve also selected several runners-up as alternatives in these categories.

With 39 apps for you to choose from in this list, there’s sure to be something that will serve your language learning needs!


Best App for Structured Courses: Babbel

iOS | Android

best language learning app

Summary: Babbel uses diverse exercises, live classes, and speech recognition to teach practical language in 10- to 15-minute sessions.

Babbel aims to improve your confidence and comprehension through interactive courses for beginning through advanced students. These courses offer exercises for reading, writing, listening and speaking for well-rounded language education. 

Plus, activities are broken down into 10-15 minute chunks to make them easy to fit into even the busiest schedule.

Babbel offers 14 language options. Read our Babbel review to see if this program is right for you.

best language learning app

Other Apps for Structured Courses


iOS | Android

best-language-learning-appsSummary: Busuu teaches you a language through short lessons and personalized reviews, with the option to get feedback from native speakers. 

The Busuu app is a versatile language tool for language learners at any level.

You start by taking a placement test to ensure the lessons you’re taking are appropriate to your current proficiency level. There are 150 units per language, so there’s a strong chance that there’s something that even nearly fluent learners will benefit from.

Plus, Busuu offers you the option of having your exercises corrected by native speakers to give you an edge up.

One study has shown that 22 hours on Busuu is equal to one college semester, so start learning now!

The Busuu app offers 12 language options.

You can see our full review of Busuu here to see if it’s right for you.

best language learning app

Mango Languages

iOS | Android

best language learning app

Summary: Mango Languages consists of interactive, well-rounded lessons that are focused on conversation, with helpful notes about grammar and culture.

The Mango Languages app is a colorful choice that offers a nice array of languages—over 70, to be exact. This makes Mango Languages a terrific choice for students looking to study less common languages.

The app offers all the features a language learner could hope for, including activities, grammar and vocabulary lessons, voice-enabled speaking practice and more.

Check out our review to get to know the program better.

best language learning app


iOS | Android


Summary: Memrise introduces you to new vocabulary through video clips of locals talking and reviews based on spaced repetition.

Memrise offers a fun app for beginning through intermediate language learners.

Through a variety of games, videos featuring native speakers and simulated text-message conversations, you’ll use your target language in a number of different entertaining contexts.

Memrise offers over 20 language options.

To know more about Memrise, check out our firsthand review here

best language learning app


iOS | Android


Summary: Mondly tackles the basics of a language with daily lesson plans along with short lessons arranged by topic.

Mondly aims to help you hit the ground running by memorizing key words right off the bat. By focusing on useful phrases, Mondly’s goal is to prepare you for real conversations with native speakers.

While this makes Mondly an excellent tool for beginners, the app also caters to intermediate and advanced students.

The Mondly app features audio by native speakers, voice recognition for speaking practice, a dictionary, a verb conjugation tool and more.

The Mondly app offers 33 language options. Read our Mondly review to give you a better sense of what the program has to offer.

best language learning app

Innovative Language



Summary: Innovative Language teaches conversational skills with audio and video lessons made by real teachers.

There are over 30 languages offered through the Innovative Language app.

What really differentiates this app from others is the hundreds of audio and video lessons given, not just by native speakers, but by real language teachers.

The Innovative Language app lets you listen to videos of a teacher actually explaining a point of grammar or giving you the nuances of their native tongue. And the videos come with colorful and catchy graphics, making for engaging sessions.

In addition to loads of material already on deck, the Innovative Language team is one of the most prolific producers of new content, promising new lessons each week. This makes your monthly subscription worth it.

best language learning app


iOS | Android

Summary: Coursera is a website and app that provides access to university-style language courses.

Most of the courses are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), meaning they’re made especially for online learners, as opposed to recorded university lectures.

These courses, content-wise, are very similar to a traditional classroom experience. If you like that type of structure, then Coursera will suit you well. The courses are offered by all kinds of accredited universities from around the world.

You can download the lectures and watch/listen to them on your commute or whenever you have a few minutes. Additional features, like teacher feedback, graded exams and certificates to prove you took the course, are available for a fee.

Many courses are offered year-round, but others you’ll have to wait for—and the catalog changes frequently.

best language learning app

Best App for Language Immersion: FluentU

iOS | Android

Summary: FluentU features authentic media clips in your target language with interactive subtitles that explain the meaning of each word.

FluentU New iOS App Icon

FluentU is an immersive app that teaches you a language through authentic videos that native speakers actually watch. These include movie trailers, news segments, and scenes from popular TV series—all with interactive subtitles and word lists for studying the language.

Normally, watching native media can be a bit slow-going if you’re a language learner. With FluentU, you can hover on any word in the subtitles and see what it means right away while watching. There’s a video dictionary too that shows you how the word is used in different contexts, through example sentences and other videos.

Slang and cultural expressions are accurately explained because the subtitles are created by language experts.

For review, the app has personalized quizzes based on each video, with speaking exercises to make sure you’re pronouncing new words correctly. You can also make flashcards, then study them with spaced repetition.

FluentU currently offers 10 languages.

best language learning app


Other Apps for Language Immersion


iOS | Android

best language learning app

Summary: LingQ allows you to immerse in native content such as books and articles while saving new words as flashcards.

LingQ aims to immerse beginning through advanced students in authentic content, including books, podcasts, lessons and more.

Plus, transcripts are available to help you read along with audio content. With integrated dictionary resources, you can even look up words in a flash.

Plus, you’ll never be short on content—LingQ offers thousands of hours of audio that you can download to listen to anywhere.

LingQ offers 42 languages.

You can read our full review of LingQ here

best language learning app


iOS | Android

Summary: Beelinguapp uses bilingual audiobooks, with the narration and text available in two languages and viewable side by side. 

Beelinguapp focuses on language studies based on audiobooks, which can include some of your favorite stories. You can read and listen to a story in different languages, with both versions shown side by side.

While the typical choice would be to have one language be your native one, polyglot enthusiasts can instead practice double-time with two foreign language scripts!

Beelinguapp also features a special audio feature known as “karaoke reading.” This lets you listen to a native speaker narrating the story, while you can follow along with the text.

Currently, Beelinguapp offers 13 languages. New content is added weekly.

best language learning app

Rosetta Stone

iOS | Android


Summary: Rosetta Stone lets you learn a language through immersion, where you pick up vocabulary and grammar in context without translating.

Rosetta Stone is a big name in language learning. And the app arguably lives up to its reputation. The program uses practical scenarios to help teach you usable language skills.

The app doesn’t require a huge time commitment (just a few minutes a day), but there are plenty of language learning options to pack into those minutes.

Plus, speech recognition technology aims to help you improve your accent. A lot of materials can even be downloaded so that you can use them without burning through data.

The Rosetta Stone app offers 24 language options. Check out our review of Rosetta Spanish (written by a native Spanish speaker and long-time teacher).

best language learning app

Best App for Audio-Based Learning: Pimsleur

iOS | Android

best-language-learning-appsSummary: Pimsleur consists of a curriculum of 30-minute audio lessons that revolve around dialogues in your target language. 

Pimsleur is a classic audio language learning program, and this app gives you access to its 30-minute lessons for convenient learning at your leisure.

While it doesn’t prompt you to poke at your screen the way most of the apps on this list do, it does contain speaking prompts in each lesson, building your basic speech skills in a language little by little.

Pimsleur is especially good for travelers or people who need to polish their speaking quickly.

Pimsleur is available in 51 languages, including all of the popular ones you’d expect. The levels and amount of material available vary by language.

Not sure if Pimsleur is right for you? Read our review here. 

best language learning app

Other Apps for Audio-based Learning

Language Transfer

iOSAndroidlanguage transfer logo

Summary: Language Transfer gives you a broad overview of the grammar of a language and breaks it down logically.

If you’re interested in learning the major building blocks of a language, then Language Transfer is probably one of the best resources for that.

It features audio lessons that take you through the core grammar of a language. Instead of spending a lot of time on vocabulary, it gives you a big-picture view of the language so you can construct sentences efficiently and then learn the rest of the language on your own.

There are no quizzes or exercises, so all you have to do is listen to the lessons. Language Transfer uses the Thinking Method, with the audios featuring a student and a teacher and you’ll also be asked to pause and answer questions while listening.

The app is completely free, and its languages include French, Swahili, Italian, Greek, German, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, and English.

best language learning apps


iOSAndroidspeechling logo

Summary: Speechling allows you to practice your pronunciation with different sentences while getting direct feedback from native speakers.

Getting the pronunciation right is one of the trickiest parts of learning a language, and Speechling helps you improve your accent using just your phone.

The app takes you through a curriculum of sentences organized by difficulty and theme. Each sentence is read out loud by a native speaker, and then you have to repeat the sentence out loud. You can then play back both of the recordings to hear the difference and then review the sentences using flashcards in the future.

Premium subscribers can even get direct feedback from language teachers on unlimited sentences.

Speechling features around nine languages, with English and Spanish available in different accents. 

best language learning app

Best Flashcard App: Lingvist

iOS | Android

best language learning app

Summary: Lingvist focuses on teaching you the 5,000 most useful words in a language with a flashcard system that constantly adapts to you.

Lingvist is a language learning app with busy learners in mind, whether those learners are beginning, intermediate or advanced.

By focusing on the most common vocabulary, Lingvist aims to equip you with highly usable language skills. Plus, the app adapts to your needs in an attempt to maximize your learning.

The app teaches over 5,000 words in each language, grouped by themes like “hobbies,” “family,” “medical vocab” and much more.

Lingvist offers American English, British English, French, German, Latin American Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Other Flashcard Apps


iOS | Android

anki logoSummary: Anki is a minimalist flashcard app where you can make your own language learning cards and review these using spaced repetition.

Anki is a flexible flashcard app for any material you want to learn. That’s because it allows you to create your own flashcards—perfect for learners who have specific sets of vocabulary words they want to learn.

Plus, you can search decks that other users have created for a huge wealth of options in a variety of languages. Check out the community pages for a huge selection of pre-made decks!

Anki is especially popular with Japanese learners. Check out our guide to learning Japanese with Anki here!

best language learning app


iOS | Android

best language learning appSummary: The Mosalingua app has a flashcard system built on the idea that you should only be learning the most useful words in the language.

At the start, you declare your purpose for using the app (travel, business, socializing, etc.) and the level you’d like to start at. If you’re not sure, you can take a test to determine your level. 

As a flashcard system, Mosalingua covers the different language skills. You’ll notice that instead of words, Mosalingua is more focused on useful phrases.

There is a “Listen & Pronounce” section where you can compare your recorded pronunciation of a phrase with native speaker audio. In the “Memorize” section, you are given an English phrase and you have to give the correct translation. And in the “Write” section, you’ll type out the translation for a phrase.

The app is free to download, with a premium version that contains more advanced levels and costs a small fee.

best language learning app


iOS Androidclozemaster logo

Summary: Clozemaster helps you learn vocabulary and grammar efficiently through cloze exercises that show you words in context.

Clozemaster is an app that takes a unique approach to teach vocabulary and grammar: it combines spaced repetition with exercises where you have to fill in sentences with the right word. 

For efficient learning, Clozemaster has several collections for each language that you can choose from, including lists of the most common words and audio snippets to practice your listening.

Since you’re learning new words in context (as part of sentences), it helps you pick up sentence patterns so you’ll know how to use vocabulary naturally.

The app has a pretty cool retro feel, with daily reviews and a scoring system to keep you motivated.

Clozemaster has collections of more than 50 languages. You’re also not confined to English plus another language–it offers a whopping 170 language pairings.

best language learning app


iOS | Android

best language learning appsSummary: Quizlet specializes in study tools like flashcards, practice quizzes, and games.

Quizlet is a very popular flashcard app that can work excellently for your language studies, especially on the go.

You have two main options with Quizlet. You can make your own language practice flashcards for the vocabulary you want to study, or you can look at the flashcards made by other users.

There are some fantastic and detailed flashcard sets available, so you have a lot of content to look forward to even if you don’t make your own flashcard deck.

Quizlet also comes with many helpful review tools. You can test your knowledge with matching games, written response quizzes, listen-and-spell tests and more!

best language learning app

AccelaStudy Infinite

iOSbest language learning app

Summary: AccelaStudy teaches languages using spaced repetition through flashcards, promising effective study sessions that lead to faster learning.

Over 40,000 words of all difficulty levels are offered in over 65 thematically-grouped categories (over 2,200 words per language).

Plus, audio by native speakers helps ensure you get the pronunciation right.

Since this app only teaches words in isolation, you should pair it with other apps to help you learn how to use the words correctly in conversation.

AccelaStudy apps come in 18 languages, including pairings that aren’t frequently offered, like Italian and Polish.

best language learning app

Best App for Gamified Learning: Duolingo

iOS | Android

Summary: As the most popular gamified language learning app, Duolingo is known for its short, interactive lessons that encourage you to build a daily streak.

Duolingo is one of the hottest language learning products on the market and offers over 30 different language options.

The app aims to help you improve your vocabulary and grammar through lessons, which are organized by difficulty and topic. Lessons cover vocabulary recognition, listening activities and even voice-enabled speaking practice.

The app is free to download and use, with a subscription option that removes ads and other limitations.

You can read our full review of Duolingo here.

best language learning app

Other Apps for Gamified Learning


iOS | Android

best-language-learning-appsSummary: Lingodeer features structured courses that cover vocabulary and grammar, with exercises that tackle all of the main language skills.

Interactive lessons aim to help you improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening with a minimal time commitment—just 10 minutes a day.

There are a number of different fun, helpful features to help you get the most out of your learning time.

For instance, LingoDeer offers a placement test, grammar lessons, flashcards, quizzes and more. Plus, with 2,000 words in the app, your vocabulary has plenty of room to grow.

Some lessons are free, but you can opt for a premium account or download the new LingoDeer Plus app which has additional games and activities to help learners remember new words and concepts.

You can read our LingoDeer review here, and see how a complete beginner used it to learn Japanese for a week.

best language learning app


iOS | Android

best-language-learning-appsSummary: Drops works well for visual learners because it teaches many as 3000+ words through five-minute games where you match images and words.

Drops teaches vocabulary through interesting visuals in a laid-back way that makes you feel like you’re enjoying a language rather than learning it.

The free version of the app only gives you five minutes of learning per day (or every 10 hours). The premium version offers the option of more time, but you may be surprised by how much learning you can get in five minutes.

With a heavy vocab and matching-game focus, what you can do with this app is a bit limited, but it pairs nicely with other apps and can be a relaxing way to fit in a few minutes of study.

Drops currently has over 40 language options.

You can read about our experience with using Drops

best language learning app


iOS | Android

best language learning app

Summary: Qlango uses quizzes with customizable difficulty levels to get you from zero to beginner (A1) in your target language.

Qlango offers more customization than your typical language app. You’re able to choose a course (or multiple courses) by language and level. Then, within that course, you can set a difficulty level from one to five.

Like many other apps, Qlango uses a quiz format, but it really forces you to use what you’ve learned. Aside from the usual multiple choice questions, it also asks you to type out translations to whole sentences or to type sentences as dictated.

Not sure if you’re actually retaining information from the language you’re learning? Qlango might be a great way to test your knowledge.

Qlango offers 32 languages, with a heavier-than-expected focus on some lesser-spoken European languages like Slovenian, Lithuanian, Macedonian and Hungarian.

To learn more about Qlango, check out our full review.

best language learning app


iOS | Androidbest-language-learning-apps

Summary: FunEasyLearn covers the top 3,000 words and most useful expressions in your target language, with topics like family, work, and shopping.

FunEasyLearn is a simple but deep vocab-based app.

After selecting a language course, you can choose to either learn words or phrases. Each of these options takes you to a list of topics like food, shopping or education.

Each of these topics leads to a list of subcategories where you can take quizzes that include audio and pronunciation practice.

All in all, this is a great app for learning and mastering vocabulary.

FunEasyLearn offers 34 language options.

best language learning app


iOS | Android

Summary: Studycat is a language learning app that’s geared towards kids, with resources like worksheets, songs, and games for tackling the basics.

If you have a dual passion for adorable animated cats and language learning, there’s finally an option for you!

Studycat fuses conventional course material with learning games to keep you engaged. It might be designed for children, but that doesn’t mean adult learners won’t enjoy any of the learning games offered.

The vocabulary is pretty basic, so this is a good app for beginning learners.

Studycat offers Chinese, English, French, German and Spanish.

best language learning app


iOS | Android

Summary: Luvlingua comes with plenty of learning materials, including courses, memory games, listening quizzes, and flashcards.

This is a basic but solid app that drills you on vocab and phrases.

The design veers more toward what you might expect to see in a children’s educational app, and there’s even a “kids” section, but the functionality is more advanced than you might notice at first.

One big advantage to this app is that it gives you many learning options while still seeming simple and manageable. Its features include a phrasebook, a grammar reference, games, flashcards and courses.

LuvLingua apps are available in 13 languages. You can download separate “pro” apps for a price, but the basic apps are free.

best language learning app

Best App for Language Exchange: HelloTalk

iOS | Android

best-language-learning-appsSummary: With HelloTalk, you can chat one-on-one with a native speaker, be part of group chats, or make public posts for the whole community.

HelloTalk helps you find and connect with native speakers for language practice.

You can search for your perfect partner by language, location and more. Once you find him/her, the app can also help you connect through text, audio or video.

Plus, you won’t be thrown in without language support—HelloTalk also offers translation, transliteration, grammar correction and more.

HelloTalk offers these features in over 150 languages.

You now also have the option to take language lessons on HelloTalk, with 100s of audio lessons available in 10 languages (including Spanish, Japanese, English and more) but you should note that these are separate from the main app.

Check out our in-depth review of HelloTalk here


Other Apps for Language Exchange


iOS | Android


Summary: Tandem lets you connect with native speakers in different ways, including chat, audio, and video calls.

Looking to connect with a native speaker who shares your interests? Tandem can help you find your partner in crime (or at least in language learning).

You can search the Tandem community for users who speak your target language and share your interests. Once you find someone you match with, you can text or do video chat (or just audio) through the app. You can even send pictures!

If you need more professional help, you can also connect with professional tutors.

Tandem offers over 160 languages. Tandem has its high points and faults, which we detail in our Tandem review here.



iOS | Android

best-language-learning-appsSummary: Lingbe makes it easy to talk to native speakers over call, with an added bonus of receiving feedback after about your language skills.

If selecting a language exchange partner seems too challenging and time-consuming, Lingbe can connect you with just the press of a button.

That’s right: just press a call button to be connected to someone you can practice with right away. After the chat is over, your partner will provide feedback on how well you did.

Plus, you and your partner both have the option to “like” the experience. If you both mark “like,” you can chat again. It’s kind of like language exchange and speed dating had a baby.

best language learning app


iOS | Android

best-language-learning-appsSummary: HiNative takes a creative approach by letting you do a Q&A about language learning with native speakers.

Have a pressing question you’d like to ask a native speaker? HiNative can hook you up!

HiNative is a Q&A app that allows you to ask a native speaker your language questions. Plus, you can post audio, pictures or text-based questions to get the help you need.

HiNative offers over 110 languages and over two million registered users worldwide. Read our HiNative review to see how to optimize the Q & A functions of the program for your learning needs.

best language learning app

Best App for Everyday Vocabulary: Bravolol

iOS | Androidbest language learning apps

Summary: Bravolol is a series of phrasebook apps where you can look through top phrases in your target language by theme.

Simple flashcards teach you common words and phrases of a language. Audio guides, which are provided by native speakers, also have a neat “slow-down” feature to make sure you catch the sounds correctly.

One great feature is the voice playback option. You can record your own voice and practice saying any word or phrase you learn. This is very helpful when you want to practice your speaking skills.

Bravolol currently offers 18 languages. There are also bilingual dictionary apps available that you can (and should!) use in conjunction with the main app.

best language learning app

Other Apps for Everyday Vocabulary 

Daily Dose of Language

iOS | Android

best language learning app

Summary: Daily Dose of Language sends you one-minute lessons that cover common vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

If you want to learn a language but don’t want to put much time into it each day, the Daily Dose of Language app might be your soul mate.

It aims to deliver language lessons in as little as a minute a day. Lessons focus on vocabulary, phrases, slang and culture.

Plus, Daily Dose of Language is an Innovative Language product. The paid premium version gives you access to full Daily Dose lessons and membership to the affiliated Pod101/Class101 website, like RussianPod101, ChinesePod101, SpanishPod101 and many other programs. These memberships come with podcast and video lessons, grammar info, transcripts and more.

The Daily Dose of Language offers 12 languages with many more in the works.

best language learning app



Summary: Awabe teaches you 4000+ common words and expressions using flashcards and helps you improve your pronunciation with its voice recording feature.

Need to improve your vocabulary? Awabe offers over 4,000 common words and phrases.

Plus, Awabe doesn’t focus on flashcards alone. It also offers voice recording to help you practice speaking. Compare your pronunciation to the audio provided to see how you’re doing! There’s even video content to help you upgrade your skills.

Awabe offers over 20 languages.

best language learning app


iOS | Androidbest-language-learning-apps

Summary: 50languages offers 100 language lessons each for diverse language pairs, along with games, crossword puzzles, and quizzes.

The 50languages app is one of the few learning options that allow you to pair whatever languages you wish. This means that as long as your native language is offered, you can receive instruction in it.

Additionally, if you’re studying multiple languages, you might try receiving instruction in one of the languages you’re studying while you take lessons in another.

Lessons focus primarily on useful, thematically grouped vocabulary. The app also offers games and quizzes to help you practice what you’ve learned.

And, if you were wondering, 50languages does indeed offer 50 languages—and now, even more language options are available!

best language learning app


iOS | Android


Summary: NextLingua teaches multiple language skills using various types of exercises and a visual dictionary.

Nextlingua is similar to the popular language learning app Duolingo (mentioned earlier in our list) since it teaches you through quizzes using a variety of approaches (word jumbles, matching, multiple choice).

However, it’s a little more extensive, offering pages of cloze exercises in addition to the regular lessons.

It also incorporates Games of the World, an extension quiz app that asks you interesting cultural questions on subjects like geography, film and history in the language of your choice.

While you can pay for a premium, no-ad version of the app, you can also access premium content just by watching six short ads a day.

Languages include Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, French and Italian.



Best Language Reference App: Google Translate

iOS | Android

best-language-learning-appsSummary: Google Translate lets you translate between a wide range of language pairs using text, with additional functionality for photos.  

Google Translate might not be designed exclusively for language learners, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge in the fabulous app.

Since Google Translate offers quick, easy translations, it’s perfect to use whenever you encounter a word you don’t recognize in your target language. Using Google Translate regularly might make your vocabulary grow faster than you’d think!

best language learning app

Other Language Reference Apps

Glosbe Dictionary

iOS | Androidbest language learning apps

Summary: Glosbe is a crowdsourced dictionary that covers more than 6,000 languages, with translations and example sentences included.  

Glosbe’s dictionary can let you translate and find definitions for foreign words on the spot without any hassle. This dictionary offers more than just definitions, however.

It has a wide range of example sentences, supporting images and audio pronunciation guides. These are pretty essential when you want to better understand a given word that can have multiple meanings, depending on context.

Glosbe currently has 6,000 languages on its dock, but it purports that it supports all languages, which is likely true since it’s actually community-run!

best language learning app

All Language Translator


Summary: All Language Translator is a translation app that comes with 40+ languages and can translate from audio clips.

This app will instantly translate a word in any language you specify. It covers practically every language you can think of, including Kannada, Haitian and Telugu.

If you don’t want to type the word, you can use the app’s audio capture function and speak or play audio into your device’s microphone. The app will convert was said into text.

And because the app knows a word can mean many different things, it also tries to give you multiple translations where applicable.

The cool thing about it is that it has so many language pairs. So, for example, you can translate French into German, or Spanish into Russian or Persian into French.

For a free app that’s not even 2 MB in size, it’s really punching above its weight.

best language learning app

What to Look for in Language Learning Apps

Every app has something to offer. But the best language learning apps will have certain qualities that make them stand out from the crowd.

When searching for language learning apps to download, look for these features:

  • Interactive functions, including text, audio and video content
  • Review options, such as quizzes, study modes and flashcards
  • A dictionary or translator that can provide definitions for words
  • An appealing interface that’s easy to navigate
  • Balanced language lessons that can teach you more than one language skill

A good language learning app can be your portable, ever-useful study buddy. Take your time exploring your options and fill up your smart device with your favorite apps!

Reading the reviews for an app can be a great help in figuring out if it will meet your needs. And if you’re still not sure if an app will work for you, don’t be afraid to try it out! Luckily, many apps are free or cheap to download, so explore to your heart’s content.

And remember the most important factor: You. No app is perfect; what matters is which one will meet your needs and accommodate your limitations. Your priorities as a learner won’t be the same as someone else’s. And it may take some trial and error to find something that works for you. Don’t give up!

Why Use More Than One Language App?

When learning a new language, pairing multiple apps is both fun and useful. There are many reasons why you might want to try using several apps at once.

Each app has a different focus. Even seemingly similar apps offer slightly different approaches. Some apps may be better for reading practice, others may improve your listening skills while others may help you build your vocabulary.

Using different apps will help you see the language in a different context, making your skills more flexible and applicable in the real world.

Each learner responds differently to each app. Everyone learns differently. Some people are visual learners. Some people prefer audio. Some learners like to study in short bursts while others like longer study sessions.

If you only use one app, you might not ever find your app soul mate, and you might miss out on valuable learning.

Even something as little as not liking an app’s color scheme might make you subconsciously avoid using it. There’s nothing wrong with using multiple apps at the same time to help you find an app you click with on all levels.

Finally, variety is the spice of life. Using multiple apps keeps things interesting.


Don’t leave your language skills out in the cold. Mix and match these 39 best language learning apps to jump-start your road to fluency!

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