Net Worth: 13 Priceless Online Resources to Cover All Your Spanish Practice Needs

You can’t learn to slam dunk just by watching basketball.

You can’t master the guitar just by staring at it.

The same goes for Spanish.

“Practice makes perfect” is a cliché for a reason—it’s true!

Maybe, in an ideal fantasy world, we could just relax with our favorite television programs in Spanish and become instantly fluent.

But of course we don’t actually live in such a world.

Mastering any skill, including Spanish, takes quite a bit of work. Fortunately, there are plenty of places on the good ol’ internet where you can practice every component of Spanish in a fun and productive manner.

And of course, you can do so in your own sweet time, wherever and wearing whatever you want. (Though you can probably take those both too far!)

And when you see your Spanish improve by leaps and bounds, you’ll get that special sense of satisfaction that only comes with hard work, dedication and time.

Practicing doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

To make things as easy as possible, this post is organized into sections to help you practice different elements of your Spanish.

Speaking, verb conjugations and grammar in general tend to be problem areas for learners, so we’ve included one section for each. And to cover all that plus more, we’ve thrown in some all-in-one practice sites, too.

So get comfortable and get going on your journey to mastering Spanish!

Nothing but Net: 13 MVP Resources for Practicing Spanish Online Like a Pro

One-stop Shops for Practicing Every Aspect of Spanish

Of course, we all want to be Jacks and Jills of all trades when it comes to Spanish, right? Well, that possibility is well within reach.

So if you want to kill three (or more) birds with one stone, check out the resources below. After that, we’ll direct you to some sites that are better for fine-tuning certain aspects of your Spanish.

practice spanish online

The resources on this site are varied and applicable to any learning style. There are lessons on specific topics like gender of nouns, definite and indefinite articles and everything in between. It’s fabulous for practicing verb conjugations as well. One appealing aspect is the use of sentences for practice activities as opposed to drills, which teaches you to use verbs in context.

There are nine units that you can move through at whatever pace works for you, and you can test your knowledge with the wide selections of quizzes, tests and other practice exercises. The pronunciation page includes tips on how to get the most out of your Spanish speaking studies. One major bonus is the links in the left sidebar to listen to exactly how Spanish letters are properly pronounced. You can model your own accent after the pronunciations and sound like a native in no time!


practice spanish online

FluentU is unique in that it provides complete vocab and grammar practice for all levels but also lets you get to the fun part of using Spanish right away. The site includes multimedia flashcards, vocabulary lists and grammar explanations, all based around entertaining videos that include tons of authentic content. In other words, you’re watching the same stuff native Spanish speakers watch every day and getting legit Spanish practice at the same time!

You can watch interactive videos by level, and “learn mode” allows you to go deeper into each video and pick up any vocabulary you don’t know. Plus, it’s highly-personalized and keeps track of the words you’ve already learned, ensuring that you’re getting practice in the areas where you really need it. You can check out the website or download the App from iTunes or the Google Play store and bring FluentU’s innovative language-learning experience to your iOS and Android device.


practice-spanish-onlineLingQ is a surprisingly wide-ranging Spanish program that covers too many bases to count. It attacks Spanish from every possible angle: video, audio lessons, podcasts, interviews, audiobooks, word lists, SRS flashcards, progress tracking features, lively community forums and live conversations with native speakers.

There are even some handy browser extensions that help improve your reading skills (providing comprehension support for whenever you encounter unknown language) and import your favorite Spanish materials from online directly into your personal LingQ Spanish materials library.

To get a real grasp of how much is offered here, you should sign up for an account and see it all for yourself.


practice spanish online

For those who like to learn with flashcards, fill-in-the-blank quizzes and essentially any other tried-and-true practice activity you can think of, this site is the one for you! You can practice vocabulary, grammar and verb conjugation to your heart’s content in whatever style suits you best, and there’s a ton of material available.


practice spanish online

A now well-known quiz-format app that you can use directly on the website, Duolingo can be a valuable resource as it provides beginner and intermediate learners with a convenient and reliable way to get regular practice in every area of the Spanish language. It critiques your speaking skills, writing skills and reading skills, so you know what areas you need to work on for each.

It’s free to use, but lacks the depth of many paid programs—though it’s always a worthwhile supplement to keep you moving forward.

Become a Grammar Guru

Speaking of grammar, many Spanish students associate negative adjectives with it: “grueling,” “boring,” “illogical,” “mentally-draining” and simply “challenging.” If you are one of those grammar haters, it’s time to change that attitude! Learning and practicing grammar can be fun, rewarding and help you develop a closer relationship with the language, especially if you do so on one of the websites below.

The Bowdoin College Website

The creators of the Spanish grammar section on this site, educators at Bowdoin College, are straightforward and get right to the point. The section is mostly comprised of exercises for intermediate to advanced learners to practice their grammar, and organized into categories such as nouns and articles, prepositions, adjectives and pronouns. It’s a fantastic place for more advanced learners to get practice or for beginners to step up their grammar skills.

The National Spanish Examinations Website

The layout of this website is simple, appealing and easy to navigate with to-the-point exercises neatly organized by level and topic. Learners can select exactly the grammar topic they wish to learn about and practice. To the right side of the page is a box with links, one of which is “online practice exercises.” From there, you can select whatever grammar level you wish to practice at the moment and get started.

Master Verb Conjugations

There’s no denying it: Spanish verbs can be tricky. Especially if English is your native language, you can be easily confused by some of the irregularities in the Spanish verb world. Two verbs for “to be”? What!? The following sites will help clarify these issues via instruction and practice.


practice spanish online

This gem of a site could really be placed under the grammar section as well, as it has activities for practicing both grammar and verb conjugation, but the majority of the focus is on conjugation. The site is organized alphabetically into categories, like “adjectives and nouns” and “subjunctive vs. indicative,” and each category contains worksheets that you can do online or print out. In the online interactive activities, there’s a button to “explain accents” in case you desire clarification on the location and use of accent marks.

practice spanish online

There’s an inspiring name for a website, am I right? Once you go through this site’s almost overwhelming amount of exercises, you’ll certainly feel like you’ve absorbed new knowledge sponge-style. Any learners who struggle greatly with ser versus estar should definitely check out the site, as it has over five sections dedicated to practicing just that topic.


practice spanish online

One advantage of SpanishTown is that you can choose activities based on their difficulty level. Underneath the header “Spanish Grammar Tests” are listed many practice exercises for verb conjugation as well as other areas of grammar. The verb conjugation exercises are extremely pertinent and there is a strong focus on issues that many Spanish learners struggle with, such as ser and estar.

Solidify Your Speaking Skills

Speaking Spanish is arguably the most challenging part of learning the language. Often, when practicing in social situations, we get nervous and clam up. All this means, however, is that it is one of the most important aspects of Spanish to practice.

My Language Exchange

practice spanish online

Arguably the best way to practice your speaking skills is to take part in a conversation exchange. The conversation exchanges on this site are extremely customizable. You can choose to speak with individuals in many different countries and converse with them via voice chat, Skype, or text or email if you also need to practice aspects of your written Spanish.

“Learn Spanish (Listening and Speaking)” Practice Video

This YouTube video in particular is helpful for honing your speaking skills as it teaches you the proper pronunciation of words in Spanish and then has you repeat so you can learn to sound more like a native. I will forewarn you—the video is entirely in Spanish, so it is a bit more of an advanced practice resource.

But even if you can’t follow everything, it can always be beneficial to just listen to native speakers. Whether you find this video helpful or it’s not quite right for your level, there are more videos in the same series you can check out on YouTube.


practice spanish online

FluencyProf is fantastic because it actually records you speaking certain words in Spanish after giving you examples of words with the sound on which the lesson focuses. This way, you can get real feedback on your pronunciation, which is key when trying to better your Spanish speaking skills.

So, just repeat this mantra whenever you hit a lull in your Spanish studies: Practice really does make perfect!

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