12 YouTube Channels with Portuguese Lessons for Any Busy Schedule

We’ve all gotten caught in the rabbit hole of YouTube.

You think you’ll just watch one video, then suddenly it’s an hour later and you’re still watching old vine video compilations.

Why not turn your YouTube time into study time?

That’s right: You could be using YouTube to learn Portuguese! That’s because there are more YouTube Portuguese lessons than you can even imagine.

Most of these lessons are engaging and informative, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored.

Besides, if you find your attention wavering, you can always take a break and watch a short cat clip. (But only one!)

Let’s find out why YouTube lessons are effective and how to take advantage of this lesson gold-mine.

What Can YouTube Portuguese Lessons Teach Me?

As you’ve probably realized (maybe more than once), finding time to learn a language is hard. You’re so busy working, making and eating meals, spending time for family and friends, commuting and sleeping, that adding in time every day to learn a language can just sound like a stressful chore.

If you’re honest with yourself, though, you always have time for YouTube. Every day you probably watch at least one video on YouTube or social media.

If you have time to laugh for a couple minutes, you have time to learn Portuguese for a few minutes, too.

Most of the Portuguese lessons on YouTube will teach you the very basics, like common vocabulary and phrases. Others will teach you grammar concepts and let you practice your listening skills and conversation comprehension.

You can definitely find something on YouTube that’ll meet your beginning to intermediate Portuguese level.

More advanced Portuguese learners—or beginning learners who want something more interactive—would benefit from more structured learning and videos actually in Portuguese, such as the ones on FluentU.


FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

Please note that our Brazilian Portuguese program is still in development, and European Portuguese is not yet available.

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These videos are drawn from YouTube but include extra features to help you learn the words you don’t know, like interactive subtitles, video flashcards, personalized quizzes and a number of other language-boosting tools. Try it out with a free FluentU trial—a Portuguese program is currently in the works!

Start your language journey with YouTube Portuguese lessons for a good foundation in Portuguese. These videos will help you begin to recognize words. And since the audio is typically clear, you’ll be able to pick out the words and sounds better.

In other words, you’ll be getting a solid start on listening and conversational skills, with some vocab, phrases and grammar thrown in. Sounds perfect!

Now if only you could find the perfect style of lesson for you…

What Types of YouTube Portuguese Lessons Are There?

There are a few formats of YouTube Portuguese lessons for you to try out. Everyone has a different learning style, so shop around for the lesson structure that works best for you.

Below you can read a little about the YouTube Portuguese lessons that are available to you.

  • The most basic Portuguese YouTube lessons you’ll find are just words written out on a background with accompanying audio. Sometimes these words are in color, other times they’re in black and white, but whatever form they take, they’re pretty simple and not very exciting.

For people who want to study individual words and build their basic vocabulary, this might be the route you want. Just be aware that some of the voices sound more mechanical than others and may not give you the flow of the language that you’re hoping to learn.

  • Other videos include a teacher who either explains what the video is about or pronounces the words for you. When you can see the teacher, you can watch the movement of the person’s mouth as they say a word. Sometimes that can help you learn the pronunciation a little better.

It’s also easier to stay interested when you can see an actual person.

  • You’ll also find YouTube Portuguese lessons that are in the format of a skit or conversation. These videos are great for helping you learn how Portuguese can be used in day-to-day conversation.

Many times these skits include subtitles in case you can’t understand something you hear. This format is also more interesting for someone who can’t focus on five minutes of words on a screen.

  • And finally, you’ll find videos that go in-depth on the grammar and usage of Portuguese words. These videos are great to review no matter what your level of Portuguese is, because they’ll help you speak and write more clearly.

Grammar can be the most tedious part of learning a new language, so these videos will help you build your knowledge in manageable chunks.

How to Use YouTube Portuguese Lessons to Learn Portuguese

Now that you know your options with YouTube Portuguese lessons, you’ll need to know how to use them to actually learn the language.

Of course, you can just watch them on replay, but like we established before, not everyone has time to devote an hour per day to learning a language.

So here are some simple ways to use these lessons, no matter how much time you have:

Create a playlist

The great thing about YouTube is that you can create playlists of videos. Make yourself a Portuguese learning playlist and add videos to it that you’d like to review again at a later time.

For example, if you watched a video about a specific grammar topic and you don’t feel like you’ve mastered it yet, add it to your list. If, on the other hand, you watch a video about numbers and can count to 100 in your sleep, it’s not worth adding.

Repeat all week

Try choosing one video per week to review.

Watch the video once (or however many times you want) per day for the entire week or until you’ve mastered all the vocabulary and grammar in that one video. Then repeat that process with a new video.

Mix and match

You don’t have to just choose one YouTube channel with Portuguese lessons and you don’t have to go in order.

If you start out wanting to learn basic vocabulary about fruit, you don’t have to watch the next video in the sequence. You can mix and match the lessons you want to review and watch whatever you need or want!

Find a language-learning partner

Get someone to take on the challenge of learning Portuguese with you. Choose a YouTube Portuguese lesson that you want to watch together, then quiz each other on the words and phrases in the video.

The next time you see each other, try to incorporate the words you two learned naturally into your conversation.

Practice daily

Practice the words and phrases you learn from these lessons. When you see an object in your day-to-day life that you know the Portuguese word for, say the word.

This practice will pair the word with an image in your mind, making it more memorable.

Create your own video

If you’re a creative soul, try making your own YouTube Portuguese lessons. Once you learn a concept, make up your own video script, film it and even upload it to YouTube.

Teaching someone else a concept is a great way to make sure you understand it really well, yourself.

YouTube Portuguese Lessons as Addictive as Cat Clips

Here are some YouTube Portuguese lessons to get you started on learning Portuguese!

Click on the channel name to visit the channel, or watch the sample video we included with each to see if the style is what you’re looking for.

Professor Jason

If you’re looking for some in-depth Portuguese grammar lessons, check out Professor Jason’s videos.

Sure, the bright blue screen he uses is awful to look at, but you’ll feel like you’re in a college course on Portuguese grammar.

Each video dives deep into a particular grammar topic—there’s a ton of content in every lesson, so these are must-saves to your playlist for further examination!

Portuguese Pod 101

If you’re looking for a lot of different content, PortuguesePod101 has what you need.

Especially useful are the videos of Portuguese words used by real Portuguese-speakers in sentences (complete with English translations).

You’ll also find plenty of content here for intermediate Portuguese learners to perfect their listening comprehension skills, with topics about everything from calling the doctor to buying groceries.

There’s even a live Portuguese learning TV stream that you can tune into any time or just play in the background as you do other things.

Semantic Portuguese

If you get bored easily, try out Semantic Portuguese. There are many lessons and most of the videos are in skit format, spoken in Portuguese with English subtitles.

Videos cover grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation help. And the great thing about these videos is they show real-life situations where you’d use the newly learned vocabulary.

Travel and Learn

The narrator for Travel and Learn Portuguese lessons is in Goa, India.

The videos are colorful and include written out vocabulary. Most use the “words-on-a-screen” format, but there’s often an introduction showing the narrator and a few cultural tidbits before the lesson begins. These Portuguese lessons are very basic and recommended for beginners.

As a nice bonus, whenever the teacher speaks in English, there’s a Portuguese translation in the subtitles—so even when you’re listening to English, you’re learning!

You can discover the culture of Goa in the other videos on this channel, each of which includes Portuguese subtitles for even more learning.

Portuguese Today

Portuguese Today has videos on grammar, chalkboard renditions of conjugating verbs and animated videos of characters speaking Portuguese (with subtitles to help you learn).

There’s also a web series called, “The Flavor of Brazil” that teaches useful vocabulary while showing you how to cook Brazilian food.


If you just want something fun and silly, then DamonandJo have great lessons on slang and Portuguese expressions.

Instead of using a scripted skit, these videos feature authentic conversations between the two hosts of the channel. This makes them ideal for intermediate to advanced learners, as the format is less like a lesson and more like a vlog, with a few actual lessons thrown in.

Follow this one for a dose of more authentic Portuguese.

Portuguese with Carla

It’s always nice when there’s a person teaching you Portuguese. The charismatic Carla leads these videos classes, which are generally longer than most YouTube lessons, taking up to 35 minutes each.

These videos cover European Portuguese and are intermediate level Portuguese lessons, usually consisting of a discussion in Portuguese followed by an English explanation and examination of the words and grammar used.

Street Smart Brazil

Street Smart Brazil has lots of varied video content. Lessons include explanations of slang and colloquial phrases, vocabulary practice, grammar and pronunciation lessons.

The teacher for Street Smart Brazil also gives tips for Spanish speakers who are learning Portuguese.

Portuguese Lab

The Portuguese Lab covers European Portuguese lessons, including basic vocabulary, dialogues, phonetics (pronunciation) and short texts. 

Videos are mostly audio with a written transcript that you can follow, with translations available on the channel’s main website. Other videos include vocabulary with translations and examples of the words in context.

There are also some videos for intermediate learners that deal with actual conversational Portuguese and colloquial expressions.

Tradutex Portuguese Lessons

Tradutex Portuguese Lessons doesn’t have a huge selection of lessons, but they cover European Portuguese and focus on teaching the grammar and the European Portuguese accent.

You’ll also find reading passages with audio and grammar rules, as well as vocabulary words written on a chalkboard with an accompanying explanation.

Charlles Nunes

If you’re just starting out and want some basic phrases and vocabulary, Charlles Nunes has some useful Portuguese lessons.

A good place to start is the series of 15 lessons, which display a series of common phrases and sentences with translations and audio.

If you only have a minute, try “One Minute Portuguese,” which is similar in format to the series but presented in bite-sized chunks.

EuroPortuguese LA

On this channel, you’ll find more vocabulary with words written on screen with audio.

These videos are just black and white and not very exciting, but they’re extremely useful for figuring out pronunciation. Each word is accompanied by a clear pronunciation, an English translation and, often, a note on how to pronounce it.


Make YouTube your classroom and learn some Portuguese with the lessons above. The world of learning is at your fingertips!

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